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Thread: Long Distant Bullitin Board Missions. System Overview.

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    Long Distant Bullitin Board Missions. System Overview.

    Ive noticed some interrest in this BB missions.

    Ive bin digging around, so im not the one that disovered these Systems. the systems i did find, ill keep for my self.. lol.

    My advise, use an ASP. You will dock on outposts aswell, so large ships wont work. Make it a hybrid freigther/explorer for you want to have a long jump range. Expect to travel about 800ly after you completed your run. 80t cargo is enough for about 20 - 24 mill run in 3 a 4 hours. You need that extra fuel otherwise you will spent a lot of time feulscooping, specially on the way back with 80t cargo in your hold. never the less, bring a fuelscoop anyway!

    Most of the missions you will get are regular BB mission, most of them are legal long hauling missions with a 900k - 1.2mil pay check. Somtimes if you are in luck, you get a 5 - 7 mill smuggling mission aswell. Move form system to system till your cargo hold is full, then make the travel back to the bubble and deliver at all your merchandise, and cash in.

    You get paid more if you rank up your the minor faction relation. So, you might not get those big paychecks right away.

    Be sure you can finish those missions i one play session, since, mostly you only have like 4 hours time to complete them. So you cant pick them up, and complete them the other day.

    Travel to:

    17 Draconis
    BD+22 4939
    HIP 74290
    HIP 8396
    LTT 9846
    Te Kaha,

    And have fun.

    Seriously, filter out the non populated systems on your galaxy map, scan the galaxy map for more systems in your near area. I found populated systems that wern't even discovered yet. (might wanna slap a advanced discovery scanner on your ship aswell.. extra free cash!)

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    Thanks for the list chap, I have been to few of these. Now I can try out some more

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    You are very much welcome..