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Thread: The 35 Ship Expedition - A Voyage with the FGE Fleet

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    The 35 Ship Expedition - A Voyage with the FGE Fleet

    A full flickr album of pictures of my voyage can be found here

    The 145 Million Dollar Expedition made me wealthy. A race to Sagittarius A* had taken me to the 65,340Ly Destination and the far rim. But what was I to do next? Well as I was pondering that at the IGER Reform Club I learned that was just in time to sign up for the First Great Expedition's expedition to circumnavigate the galaxy. An entire fleet of explorers travelling the unknown together.

    The first leg of the trip, the Sagittarius-Carina Mission; a journey to map the entire Sagittarius-Carina arm starting from the Lagoon Nebula all the way to Beagle Point and beyond. Yep, I was immedietly signed up and heading straight back in the direction I'd just come from. But at least coming at it from a different direction...


    I set off for Sol on 1 Aug 3301 with my new pride and joy, "The Flying Hippo", my brand shiny new Diamand Back Explorer and took my place among the fleet.

    Watch the launch here:

    The Lagoon Nebula

    After gathering at Earth for pictures and questions with the press we gathered into Wings and headed out for the to setup the first basecamp in the Lagoon Nebula. I arrived a little later than everyone else, because 1000Ly in I came to the sudden realization that I absoluletly despised my new ship. Over the past year I've become accustomed to racing around the galaxy at breakneck speed. Waiting on the the 343/sec rate Fuel Scoop was just not working for with me. I rushed back back and switched out for my faithful Anaconda, "The Seven".

    The party at Lagoon Nebula Basecamp started without me but I took a few shots also as I passed through:

    Basecamp 02

    I eventually caught up with the fleet at Basecamp 02 (Blau Eur Li-R C18-41) where I was to learn we'd already taken our first casualty. CMDR Mindwipe's ship had unexpectedly detonated just short of arrival. Not sure where he brought it from, but it just goes to show that you really just can't get the slaves these days! We decided Mindwipe would have wanted us to carry on we plunged in and investigated the area around the basecamp:

    While scouting above the galactic plane I encountered my first ever notable joint discovery of my career; CMDR Dobbo and I encountered an Earth Like World high on the galactic plane. We decided to name it Last Call an account of the planet's positioning in the solar system.

    A number of our crew headed back to populated space after the rendezvous to bring Mindwipe's escape pod to the hospital and to and assist with a crisis looming over at Hutton Orbital. Apparently they desperately required scrap metal to manufacture mugs, the only known MODS. For the children! Ah, those crazy Feds! I heard even my disreputable half-brother Froggit was touched by their plight.

    Eta Carina

    Only CMDRs Reighdar and Dravis were able to gather at Eta Carina at the designated time on this occasion. I got there the day after. The nebula was as beautiful as I remembered.

    NGC 3199

    Our final basecamp of the trip turned out to be NGC 3199. We immediately stumbled upon an Earth Like World we dubbed "The Summer Palace" within the Nebula we gathered for group photos:

    We also got some video footage:

    The Fleet Disperses, Marlon Explores the Perseus Arm

    By this point news had reached us that a consignment of SRVs had arrived at FGE headquarters. Many of us decided this would be a good time to return to collect our new equipment. CMDR Corbin Moran, our chief expedition cartographer recommended crossing the Orion Spur Shallows and heading home via the Perseus Arm as a scenic path home. It was an intriguing idea, but I was decided I wanted to take it a step further. I was suddenly possessed with the desire to find out what is at the end very end of the Perseus Arm.

    My first attempt at crossing the Shallows was unsuccessful but after retracing my steps I was able to find a safe crossing on my second attempt:

    Void's Brink - An ELW at the End of the Galaxy

    Things were quiet on the trail up the Perseus Arm. I was finding more Ammonia Worlds and Earth Like Worlds than usual which I thought was a good omen. However the silence was disconcerting. When I had traveled to the Far Rim earlier in the year I encountered evidence of other explorers all over the place as I neared the journey's end. But at the Perseus tip every was eerily quiet. Eventually on the northern most point, at a point just 6000Ly south of Sagittarius A* I got as far as I was able to reach. Much to my delight an Earth Like World was awaiting me there. The FGE/IGER have decided as a group venture to open an observatory at this location. We now call this world "Void's Brink".

    EDSM Entry:

    Finally on as I approached east side of this tip I finally found evidence that I was not the first to set foot out this way after all. CMDR Allitil had apparently been busy mapping the eastern side of the tip. I even found his tags accross a 40Ly ravine. The jump required an optimal Anaconda with perilously low fuel. On returning I have been able to confirm the furthest eastern point I reached is indeed the furthest Allitil reached as well. According to his journals he calls this point Eastern Promise.

    Homeward Bound Along the Perseus Arm

    Finally I was heading home!

    Along the way I found myself at the Skull and Crossbones Nebula:

    And finally somewhere I've been wanting to visit for a a long time now, The Crab Nebula:

    At this point I had a pretty nice map of the outside of the Perseus Arm plotted out for the fine folks back at the EDSM:

    The Final Stretch

    From the Crab Nebula I headed back north revisiting the Cone Nebula and Barnard's Loop. I had not visited this are since my original shakedown voyage back in December 3300. The Loop was even lovelier than I remembered!

    The Jellyfish Nebula

    The Cone Nebula

    Barnard's Loop

    Even the Planetary Nebulae in this region are exceptional:


    Finally it was time to head back and sell my data. By this point I was carrying a small quantity of rescued data parcels. Some raving bureaucrat has deemed that salvaged data caches counts as theft if you can believe it! And in the last 5,000Ly stretch I was finding them everywhere! I'm not sure if it's because explorers in the region are engaged in open warfare with each other or the fad for Unknown Artifact research is backfiring, but the amount of wreckage is rather disturbing. I decided it was my duty to make sure this all this valuable data was brought back for analysis.

    I just managed to sneak past security on my first stop at Chanyaya. I scraped the ship up a bit in my haste to get past the scanners but landed with a healthy 59% hull integrity. They did manage to scan me as I was pulling away with my low powered exploration issue thrusters. Apparently I owe them 160,000cr. Yeah, good luck finding me and making me pay up!

    My final destination was Lave where exploration data has been in high demand lately. Lave Station scares the crap out of me. Last time I came there I was engaged over intercoms by some deranged asylum escapee screaming "RAMMING SPEED!!!". He the proceeded to, you guessed it, ram me. Repeatedly. I think it must be something they put in the brandy. And of course I was still carrying that illicit salvage with me because Chanyaya has no black market. However it turned out to be a non-event, I slipped in quietly without incident offloaded my salvage and started and started selling up. This time around I made a mere 78.7 million credits. Quite a bit less than my previous 2 trips, but it's a living!

    So what to next on the Horizon? (see what I did there?)

    Well the FGE will continue their mapping project but we're also going put our experience to good use by supporting CMDR Erimus' epic fleet exploration project, Distant Worlds. Come join us for a high paced journey of exploration across the galaxy to far rim with over 200 explorers. With buggies!

    Yep, that's what I'm doing next!

    CMDR Marlon Blake - Dec 13 3301


    Ship: Mostly in an Anaconda (The Seven),,2...I,53mmpa2jw2UI
    Range(max single jump range on Full tanks): 39.40
    Time Traveled: 126 days beginning 1 Aug 3301
    No of Systems: 4,547
    Earth-Like: 25
    Ammonia world(not ammonia gas giant): 22
    Total Distance(LY): ~100,000Ly
    Records: Furthest ELW along the tip (Void's Brink)

    Special thanks the FGE fleet members for letting me use your screenshots in the album!

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    Thanks for the nice report.

    I am just curious of your coloring on the map from EDDiscovery. What does your different colors mean?

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    Very nice! I have added a link to your journal from the main Sagittarius-Carina thread.

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    I painted systems with ELWs as blue, Amonia worlds as briwn and nebulae as green.

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    Lot of excellent photos in there! Well done indeed Commander

    I wonder if parents of young critters on Void's Brink tell their kids not to go out at night when the planet faces away from the galaxy? Or do they just shrug their shoulders and take the brighter of their seasonal flashlights with them? Maybe one day we'll find out

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    Originally Posted by GregMalcolm View Post (Source)
    I painted systems with ELWs as blue, Amonia worlds as briwn and nebulae as green.
    Completely not why I wrote the system colouring, I love it when something's useful in ways I never imagined when it gets out into the wild.

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    Originally Posted by iain666 View Post (Source)
    Completely not why I wrote the system colouring, I love it when something's useful in ways I never imagined when it gets out into the wild.
    Heh heh, what was your original intent?

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    It was a fun experience.

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    Originally Posted by GregMalcolm View Post (Source)
    Heh heh, what was your original intent?
    Just to have my current expedition highlighted differently to previous ones.

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    Originally Posted by iain666 View Post (Source)
    Just to have my current expedition highlighted differently to previous ones.
    Ah, now that is a good idea

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    Nice report! I'm sad I missed that part of the expedition, but I'll see you on Distant Worlds!