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Thread: Delta Squadron

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    Delta Squadron

    Delta Squadron - "What we do in life echoes in eternity"

    The Squadron has finally opened recruitment to anyone over the age of 18... Yes oldies only i am afraid, as comms can get...err.... colourful!

    Whether your an elite pilot or still trying to work out what a kill warrant scanner does, Delta Squadron is the choice for you!

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    Who are we and what are our rules?

    • Delta are independent traders, explorers, miners & mercenaries - guns for hire and bounty hunters.
    • Delta provide security for events such as the BuckyBall Racing Club and organise our own events for our members and the general public.
    • Delta do not pirate or attack innocent CMDRs, we protect the defenceless and release wrath on wanted criminals of all types.
    • Delta arrange real life events for our community, any excuse for a drink and some debauchery (possibly with some discussion on the latest modules, ships and pirate hunting tactics
    • Delta help all pilots to get the most out of their time in space, together we are stronger!

    Having a large number of Elite and experienced pilots on hand; we offer help/advice/assistance to all players to make sure your making the most out of your time in the void, whether that is the best ship load-out or how to make the most profit per hour we are able to help!

    As a team we are not affiliated or aligned with any of the factions, however individuals in our group are free to choose their affiliation or allegiance as long as it is not conflicting Delta Squadron.

    Our organisation is based on vote of majority or consensus whenever possible, no hierarchy and all members are equal (some less equal than others of course... we are not communists after all!).

    Crimes not tollerated

    • Unethical pirating (killing CMDR after the pirate's demands were met - cargo handed over),
    • Extortion for "protection and safety",
    • Combat logging,
    • Griefing and ganking.

    We never let one of our own down in any case or situation.

    In order to become and stay a member a pilot must meet the following conditions:

    1 - Be clean and not reported by any other CMDR for crimes against CMDRs (bounty hunting and self defence does not count as crime) any illegal murder and piracy of innocent CMDRs is considered the worst offence and will be sanctioned immediately. Hacking, combat logging and cheating is also strictly forbidden and any member reported doing that will be immediately banned and reported to appropriate authorities.

    2 - Go to this page:

    3 - Jump on our Discord server and say hi in our public lobby, you will be welcome to apply later if you feel we are the group for you!

    The Discord server is:

    Parental guidance note: Mature language (age under 18 need parent's permission to join - no we are not kidding).

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    I don't get to play much these days, but when I do, I fly with Delta Squad.

    There are a core of players who seem to be on Teamspeak endlessly, and the fringe members like myself who just come on when we get chance. Teamspeak is generally pretty chilled.

    So far, everyone I have met in DS has been really cool, and very helpful.

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    Also you will find me supporting Delta Squadron and we aim to help all who needs it
    You will find a harmonious band of commanders who will support and guide you where you need to be in a good natured and humorous spirit
    We are not like those villianus treachery you find at Moss Isley !!

    Look forward to welcoming you to the squadron

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    What a nice bunch.

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    We're simply the best to be around with. Come join us!

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    Great guys, all ways around if you need a wing or support in a mission and they have your back if your ever in need.

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    Loads of friendly people from all over the world! There's always someone online!

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    New player here, just a month old. You guys seem very well organized. <salute!>

    Just applied to join you. Hope I'm accepted.
    Commander Sniper Wong.

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    <salute!> Sniper Wong be good to see you soon, Let StevieG know when you are going to jump on the teamspeak server he will give you access so you can join us in the main channel (if i see you i will too).

    just remember if your new its cool to ask questions, even after years of playing we still find out new stuff about this game all the time..

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    Just travel 122 LY from Kremainn to Vertanis to join them! The Delta Squadron boys are such a lively and fun bunch with fly with!

    And you know what's really cool - Delta Squadron is a minor faction with our own sector! Our own bases and security vessels, really rocks!

    Had lotsa fun killing pirates to extend our influence.

    Shoutout to Kain (you're the yakkity man, lol), Fatal "Fat" Rabbit, lol... Stevie, Burtonia, J-MK and my wingman last night, Budgie.

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    poor Fat Rabbit and the yakkity man

    but seriously, glad your enjoying your time in the squadron Sniper

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    Originally Posted by Ben'Jamin View Post (Source)
    Delta arrange real life events for our community, any excuse for a drink and some debauchery (possibly with some discussion on the latest modules, ships and pirate hunting tactics .
    Cigar smoking too?

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    dont see why not, it gives off a certain aristocratic excellence....

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    I might just have to pop in and see what it's like.

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