Greetings Commanders,

I'm Cmdr Duita Rider, Ambassador of the Coalition EDFR.

As you may know if you follow the French Galnet News, the Coalition EDFR was founded on 11/11/3301 by uniting of the three Sub Factions, tied by a brotherhood bond, which materializes as an alliance and mutual defense pact.

Here is the banner of this new Coalition:
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This banner represents the color of the three founding groups, their seat around the round table, the community and group geometries and the "C" for Community and Coalition.

Why these groups came together and what was the aim of this alliance?

We live in a Dangerous Universe. Pirates are roaming the universe, bandit cartels are appearing in each area where rich Sub Factions are growing and recently rumors are growing of an unknown enemy approaching our space.
To counter these dangers and protect their people against them, small sub factions have to ally with others to overcome the danger and be prepared for future challenges.
But before I continue and to help you to understand why these groups came together, I will first tell my own story...

Initially I was consul from an independent small mining sub faction in Delkar system.
One day, I returned from a negotiation in the Altair system and discovered my home world in ashes...
I tried to understand who attacked us because we were a peaceful sub faction and didn’t have enemies.
After several months of investigation I discovered that a large pirate sub faction attacked my system, plundered it and killed or enslaved all my people.
From this day onwards, I set myself the goal to find another sub faction like mine, to unite them under a common banner in order to be stronger and help them avoid the same fate as my home world.
My journey through the populated sphere took three years to find the right candidates with the same ideology and views.
It took me an additional year to bring them together and strengthen the trust between them, and to finally bring us to the 11/11/3301, the date of the founding ceremonies.

The three groups are:
BBS - Black Birds Squadron [FR version] [EN version]
ISS - Ice Storm Squadron [FR version] [EN version]
The LOSP [FR version] [EN version]

For those who haven't had the opportunity to join the festivities, please find below some pictures of the founding ceremonies in the capitals of the different sub-factions.

As Ambassador of the new Coalition, I managed the ratification of the pact by the three members.
The first part of the celebration took place in the capital of LOSP.
Consul K. Newton signed the pact in the name of the LOSP people in the parliament building.

Picture author : Copyright Wayne Haag

The second part of the celebration took place in the capital of ISS.
It was this time Consul Z.omb who signed the pact in the name of the Ice Storm Squadron people in the ISS head quarters building.

Picture author : Copyright Killzone Shadowfall (PS4) Screenshots + Cmdr Z.omb

The last but not the least part of the celebration took place in the capital of BBC.
Consul Aymerix signed the pact in the name of the Black Birds Consilium people in the BBC Palace.

Picture author : Copyright Rich35211

The Coalition Ambassador is a neutral element and isn't part of a Specific Sub Faction. This choice was made to avoid any favoritism between the Groups.
Even if the Ambassador is neutral in front of the Coalition sub factions, he will join the battle and fight on the side of his brothers if the Coalition is in danger and a peaceful conclusion couldn't be found.
The main role of the Coalition Ambassador is to be the point of first contact for any major diplomatic activities connected to one or more Coalition Sub Factions.

For minor or usual topics, the Embassy of each Sub Faction stays open.

You will find below the link to the Coalition EDFR Embassy, the Sub Faction embassy and the name of their Ambassadors

Coalition Ambassador contact link :
Link to Embassy
On forum (need to be registered but the answer will be quicker )
On Frontier forum

BBS: Black Birds Squadron
Consul & Leader : Cmdr Aymerix
Ambassador : Cmdr Seb Sheppard
Link to Embassy

ISS: Ice Storm Squadron
Consul & Leader : Cmdr Z.omb
Ambassador : Cmdr Neko
Link to Embassy

Consul & Leader : Cmdr Kurtis Newton
Ambassador : Cmdr Kurtis Newton
Link to Embassy

Thank you Commanders for reading and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.

Fly safe and happy new year