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Thread: C# Libraries for accessing the Companion App Data

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    C# Libraries for accessing the Companion App Data

    I've been working away on EDDI, which is a VoiceAttack plugin that obtains the companion app data and populates a bunch of variables (details are over in this thread)

    As I was doing so I thought that it would make sense to share the code, so I tidied it up a bit and broke it out in to some separate libraries:

    • Data definitions for a command, a ship, a system, etc
    • Access to the Companion App
    • Access to the data provider service (this is my own service)

    plus a simple UI for setting up the companion app and the Voice Attack plugin itself.

    The project should compile easily enough under the latest Visual Studio, and should give people interested in working with the API a bit of a jump start.

    There is of course a lot more that could be done. The data definitions are somewhat sparse compared to the information out there, and there are any number of services that could be written to access other systems out there. I'll happily accept pull requests.

    If you want to take a look then the code is available at

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    Thanks a LOT for sharing this with it. After I've spread some reps I will try again to rep+1. Unbelievable I'm the first one to respond ;-(

    I've taken the liberty of adding it to EDCodex, entry: "C# Libraries for accessing the Companion App Data". It would be great if you would take over and enhance my humble attempt. I know you have already registered, just send me a PM with the email address your registered with - for identification. You used the "claim owership" button for another entry but I missed that one, so a PM is the fastest way ;-)

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    If I could +rep you again jgm I would, but also need to spread some reps.

    Considering the potential usefulness of your Voice Attack Plugin, that can spawn any number of game enhancements for ED, I too am surprised to see your post has attracted so little attention.