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Thread: The Latest Version of the Elite: Dangerous Miniatures game.

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    Exciting The Latest Version of the Elite: Dangerous Miniatures game.

    Hi All,

    As some of you may know. I've had to change the rules because I don't want to step on other game developer's shoes. To that End, I've been collaborating with Dave 'Selezen' Hughes (The creator of the Elite Encounters RPG) in order to come up with a new ruleset.

    So here are some pictures of a Playtest game. The models are unpainted but they are all in scale.

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    Initial Setup.

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    One of two Sidewinders ready to Fly.

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    The Cobra ready for a fight.

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    Turn 1 - And we're Off, All ships Boost towards each other.

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    Turn 2 - The Cobra fires a missile at Long range which almost destroys sidewinder 2. The Sidewinder's return fire but miss.

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    Turn 3 - The Cobra closes and engages with it's main guns, but misses. Both Sidewinder does slight damage to the Cobra's Shields.

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    Turn 5 - After some tight Manoeuvring, Sidewinder 2 manages to get onto the Cobra's Tail. The cobra looses its shields and is now taking hull damage. Sidewinder 1 has been heavily damaged at this point.

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    Turn 6. - The Cobra performs the Flight Assign Off 180 degree flip, fires on sidewinder 1 and destroys it.

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    Turn 7. - Playing chicken with the Cobra.

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    Turn 8. The Sidewinder's nerve breaks and then tries to evade.

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    Turn 9 - The Cobra fires will all power to weapons and Sidewinder 2 disappears in a cloud of dust.

    This game took about 45 minutes to play with the 'Basic' rules and will need more playtesting to obviously work out the kinks but progress is being made.
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    This looks awesome. Will you be doing more models and at some point a sale release?

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    At the moment, I'm awaiting a licence from Frontier.

    The ship's I've got as part of the prototype game are ;-
    1. Cobra
    2. Sidewinder
    3. Eagle
    4. Fer-De-Lance
    5. Imperial Clipper (That one is devestating!!!)

    I'd like to have a starter set with a Cobra, Sidewinder and Eagle included, with the other ships available as expansion packs.

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    Would buy it just to have the Clipper as a desk ornament
    Are these 3d printed models ?

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    Yes the prototypes are ;-)

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    The clipper wiped out everyone's ship in the last game at fantasticon.


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    Fantastic work guys.

    Looks brilliant.

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    Are the rules for this available anywhere?

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    There a two sets of rules in development. One of which will be available in the RPG when it's released (but there will be no plastic models with that one). A licence has been applied for the the second and I'm waiting back from Frontier.

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    I'm interested in modelling my own miniature Elite ships so it would be awesome to have a set of rules to play games with them!

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    Well, I applied for a licence to develop a miniatures tale top game in Elite: Dangerous. Still waiting to hear, what you see above is the prototype.

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    I'm building an RPG basing it on the N.E.W sci fi rule set..

    Less ship based more character driven, would love to get the update when the minis are for sale though.

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    More ships more guns!

    I would love a miniature Elite game! How is the license going? Let me know if you need a prototype miniature painter ! 👍 And how I can order a starter set 😏😜

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    The project is still being worked on.

    At the moment, I'm pulling together the play manual and trying to get it to professional quality. The game plays quite well but the feedback from frontier is that the model quality and presentation need to be as high as the E backer's pack (which was pretty slick actually), so I'm concentrating on making the manual as good as that and sourcing model production that would have that high level of quality and be cost effective.

    The starter set I always envisioned would include the rule book, a couple of scenarios, dice, counters and three models (i.e. a Sidewinder, Eagle and Cobra). The other ships would follow as add on packs and I'd try and keep the scale as well. (imagine an Anaconda about 25cm long and you get an idea of the scale).