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Thread: Premium Beta 2 Now Available

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    Premium Beta 2 Now Available


    Premium Beta 2 is now available. I've copied the change log below, please read the important bit at the top!

    New Content/Features

    - New space station type added (Orbis)
    - Added Hauler ship type
    - 3 x new visitable systems (Styx, Aulin and LHS 3006)
    - German language support added
    - Incremental install added (it will need to do a full install on its first use)
    - Animated pilot added
    - Price item bought for added to trading interface
    - Customisable controls for galaxy map added
    - Rear beacons inside station turned on
    - Hyperspace effect tweaks
    - Anaconda cockpit art improvements
    - Lakon Type 9 cockpit art improvements
    - Audio tweaks for Galaxy Map
    - Additional controllers added
    - Cloud layers use height separation for normals generation
    - Charge bar for supercruise/hyperspace added to left panel
    - High resolution screen capture added (Alt-F10)
    - Art improvements for large docking pads
    - Eagle cockpit art improvements
    - Updated stars with hotspot colours
    - GUI added to aid escaping masslock
    - General audio tweak and balance pass
    - Hyperspace arrive and depart VFX tweaks
    - Add a default joystick device that maps to first available joystick
    - Animation added to opening of star map
    - Default descriptions for populated systems added to galaxy map
    - More individual descriptions for systems added to galaxy map
    - Updated trade goods
    - Added connection stats debug (CTRL+B)
    - Option for pilot gender added
    - SCreenshots now saved in My Documents\Pictures folder

    Crash Fixes

    - Prevent crash when authority change occurs
    - Fix for alt-tab crash
    - Fix for crash in AI null value
    - Fix for nullpointer crash in schematics
    - Fix crash in location lighting shutdown
    - Fix crash in faction interogation for AI
    - Fix softlock caused by LogicTriggerGlitch receiving negative damage
    - Material crash fixed
    - Fix for assert when enabling / disabling SSAO
    - Fix for server island crash
    - Fix for crash spawning AI
    - Fix for ejecting cargo crash
    - When resurrecting, wait properly instead of soft lock
    - Fix to stop crash when quitting the game at the same time as dying
    - Fix for vertex crash in galaxy map

    General Fixes/Tweaks

    - Server moderated docking pad control added
    - Interdiction frequency balancing
    - Fix Anaconda's collision avoidance to prevent flying into asteroids
    - Station name and status information always available
    - Format changed for galaxy map coordinates
    - Apostrophe can now be used in galaxy map search
    - Kinematic optimisations
    - Improved prediction for Oculus Rift
    - Control sticks can now be used in menus
    - Various text fixes
    - Missing texture on capital ship fixed
    - NPCs can now check if another NPC has a bounty
    - Hyperspace exit flash restored
    - Functions panel now indicates that flight assist is in cruise mode and cannot be changed
    - Contacts aren't counted until they are fully resolved
    - Ships no longer need an armour module
    - Fixed X52 controller naming
    - Greebles optimisations
    - Cobra death explosion tweaks
    - In windowed mode, don't update display mode in response to focus events
    - Various trading tweak
    - Better cargo integrity checks
    - General avoidance behaviour improvements
    - Don't make target locking SFX if weapon isn't deployed
    - Stations appear on scanner at fixed distance
    - Ships must be within range for docking request to be accepted
    - Try and reduce AI tendency to ram opposition
    - Move FOV setting out of presets section in options screen
    - Additional safety checks for authority changes
    - Camera lag and orientation clamping for gun and navigation sights
    - LODs for ships and weapons updated
    - Reduce message spam when spamming the supercruise control
    - Fix for gimballed weapon sights
    - Physics around docking port improved
    - Clean up session change in supercruise
    - Network connection and session creation takes into account connection health scoring
    - Star database fixes
    - Assorted audio tech fixes
    - Wait until station voice has stopped speaking before performing the timeout
    - Emergency drops force FAOff which blends out over a duration
    - Stop friction noises continuing when docked
    - Fixed vertical stalk scaling on larger landing pads
    - Emergency drops cause ghost controls to fight with which blend out over a duration
    - Change ship's voice to use the headset effect atmospheric effect setting when at the galaxy map
    - Fix for the flashing black boxes on AMD cards.
    - Collision damage improvements
    - Added a separate row type for toggle bindings to help with the toggle mode confusion
    - Fixed a mouse scroll losing focus bug.
    - Tweaked docking assist params (remove angular help and lowered linear help so docking still requires you to at least roll properly to align).
    - Keep the processing flight scheme active when in the galaxy map to preserve your speed
    - FSD charge rate changes while you're charging, rather than being fixed when you start charging
    - Fix message spam when docking is declined
    - Add '+' to allowable search characters in galaxy map
    - Supercruise speed balanced (Top speed lowered, acceleration lowered, min speed increased, gravity wells shrunk, star mass lock reduced)
    - Fixed hull health discrepency when docked
    - Confirm equipment purchase added
    - Outfitting screen remembers list location after cancelled or failed request
    - Canister infor split into two lines
    - Fighter and large AI behaviour tweaks
    - Fix network token deadlock
    - Fix faction choice in single player scenario
    - Flight assist off warning added
    - Fix beam lasers passing through things and not causing damage
    - Deactivate Proccessing_Flight while docked ('Docked' is now a distinct state)
    - Show the inner-sphere for bodies from further away if you're moving at non-trivial speeds.
    - Fix for trying to access MotionLineInstances before they are created
    - Drop request time from 20 to 10 seconds for docking requests
    - Don't disconnect if other party pauses
    - Set defaults for shadow view near plane bias values. Expose these values as a shadow quality setting.
    - Fix AI idle behaviour after scanning player
    - Upped drop out speed and distance limits by a factor of 5
    - When near a stellar body (within 4x it's "radius"), need to align away from the body to supercruise.
    - Fix mask counter being reset between transitions
    - Fix for motion lines being visible coming directly at the player
    - Changed slice algorithm and shaders on planets to use the proper vertex and texture coordinates.
    - Emergency air timeout now 10 minutes
    - Deploying the cargo scoop or the landing gear will reduce the speed of the space ship
    - Bounty hunter AI improvements
    - Moons can now have moons of their own
    - Prevent the "No fire zone entered" message if you're docked
    - Bobblehead a little less crazy
    - Reduce cockpit jitter in supercruise
    - Cache cockpit blow out state across transitions
    - Correct the firing bones used for the adv torp pylon
    - Updated Advertising Drones beam effect. Fixed alignment of beams in relation to drone beam projectors
    - Added Saitek Pro Flight Rudders to device list
    - Reduced star spin rates
    - Stop NPC Eagle friendly fire making you a hostile
    - Better interaction of FAOff and throttle controls
    - Updated hull explosions, removed spinny spinny smoke and rebalanced the textures
    - The player should stop using the breathing mask once inside a space station
    - The oxygen in the breathing mask should be replenished when docked
    - Emergency drops cause damage to hull and modules
    - Interdiction don't count as emergency drops anymore
    - Ring optimisations
    - Added new death explosion to the Cobra, also rebalanced hangar flares and removed the vertical anamorphic
    - Fix "Don't report crimes against me" not working
    - Damage states added to Anaconda
    - Changed the inertia tensor for ships from a 10m radius ball to a box the size of the ship
    - Fixed "no firegroups set" spam
    - Shadowing improvements
    - CustomiseCrime allowing ships to have bounties in lawless jurisdictions - now converts local to nearby bounty if local is lawless.
    - You can no longer dock upside down
    - Fix for missing activity lead to incorrect UI for railguns when retracting
    - Improved resize handling
    - Red ring of the star lens flare now has a nicer offset so it doesn't linger across the screen
    - Coriolis optimisations
    - Fixed issues with internal cockpit panel not showing proper ship schematics
    - Fix for selecting Anaglyph 3D rendering resulting in nothing being shown
    - Stations no longer show criminal status.
    - Canisters display their contents in the contacts list
    - Clear contacts list on entering supercruise
    - AA modes can now be used with OR
    - Fix for items not showing up in black market
    - Increase spawn radii for scenarios
    - When inside the space station, the ship's heat should increase gradually to some ambient level to simulate the temperature control of the station's atmosphere
    - station interior fog now balanced to reflect lighting better
    - Fix polyTrails for FrameShift arrival/departure
    - Give ai something to do if their drive module is dead
    - Improvements to handling of when mouse cursor shown be shown / hidden
    - Locked exit button after submitting a transaction to prevent money-making exploit from UI side
    - Change to ambient on distant ring cells
    - Improved render rejection and lodding of kinematic models
    - Change checks on values in algorithm getting barycentric co-ordinates from a ray intersection point with a triangle
    - 3D settings in graphics options no longer take effect immediately, only when 'Apply' is pressed
    - Push out shadow cascade end distances to fill available shadow map space
    - Added Beam effects for the hyperspace clouds
    - Fix for scenario initialisation in server
    - Fixes the glitch where shadows flash off for a frame while moving
    - Fix not emergency dropping when 'hitting' stellar bodies
    - AI ships make the same hyperspace clouds as players on arrive/depart
    - Quantise shadow cascade alignment axis by angle rather than quantising the vector directly
    - Local dust cloud models tweaked in galaxy map
    - Absolute magnitude calculation for neutron stars altered
    - Reduce the mass range of the injected massive stars
    - Moved some bones around in the sidewinder cockpit and rebalanced the damage effects
    - Allow players to see unaffordable items when viewing the outfitting parts list
    - Increased the speed at which ice forms on the windscreen when close to 0% temperature
    - Location targeting is now 'locked' while the hyperdrive is charging
    - Detect cases where CustomiseShipCargo is set up with invalid min/max quantities
    - Fix for not submitting rocks that aren't spinning to the renderer
    - Fix bounty min's that are greater than the max
    - Fade Rotation correction out over 2 seconds when you leave the docking bay so it's a less jarring transition
    - Reimplement the atmospheric failure ships voice line to take into account the state of the life support system
    - Changed shadow filter to work in gamma colour space. This reduces blocky shadow artifacts and makes the size of shadows more consistent between cascades
    - Keep the list of the asteroids active when time isn't passing
    - When the shipyard is closing down consider the case that the ship is being destroyed
    - The Local dust now has a subtle gradient at the end of the galaxy
    - High quality shadow settings: Increased resolution
    - Re-implemented gunsights
    - Don't let the hyperdrive ask anything of the MainGameFlow when it's doing something else (anything that isn't InGame or Paused).
    - Commander names that include a hyphen and are 22 characters long now show the last word on the contacts tab
    - Galaxy map rendering optimisations
    - AI ships can no longer jump when mass locked
    - Added more state to SavedGames (heat, power settings, oxygen timer)
    - Fix ship voice talking over itself during hyperspace/supercruise jumps
    - Updated shadow slope scale calculation to be consistent when using orthographic projections. This also makes it more efficient.
    - Fix being able to run out of air when in the station
    - Fixed the label for galactic average column as it wasn't showing the whole text
    - Fix issues with cursor not responding immediately to changes of state
    - Fixed mismatched damage displayed on hull repair screen
    - Fixed Bug With Eagle GUI Schematic Target Panel
    - Missing stars in galaxy map now displayed
    - k-warrant scan and cargo scan gui update from out of range if the fire button is held when flying into range
    - Point defence weapons no longer listed in firegroups, they are activated and deactivated through modules
    - Oculus fix for lens flares not converging properly
    - EjectCargoActivity should only try to queue ejections of cargo units that are not currently ejecting
    - Added density controls to the distant ring cell meshes. The density of the ring is now set as number of rocks per Km^3
    - Prevent the stick-on damage models used in the Anaconda and Type9 from jittering
    - If you respawn with the free sidewinder, bring your money up to a minimum of 1000
    - Fixed panels' popup getting stuck
    - Fixed the cameras in the hanger from focusing on wrong hardpoints on the Eagle
    - Firing in a no-fire zone is now a crime
    - Force Flight Assist on when playing frameshift exit effects
    - Stop AI Ships attacking even when wanted level has been cleared
    - Speed indication bar now "Flips" round when in "Reverse"
    - Improvements to turret behaviour
    - Heat seeking missiles track the enemy ship
    - Added the ability to have modifier keys to input binding
    - Weapons no longer turn on/off as you deploy/stow hardpoints
    - Hardpoints don't draw power unless deployed (effects heat)
    - If you hit an emergency stop but you're going slowly enough to drop safely, just do so
    - Location/target/target location panels are mutually exclusive
    - Distance to target takes target size into account
    - Station shows up with the correct colour HUD
    - Fixed the move-mouse-pointer-off-screen-when-using-the-pad-so-it-doesn't-trigger-rollovers thing
    - Hardpoint modules can be set to "always deployed", so they ignore the player's "Deploy hardpoints" control. They still retract if unpowered
    - Make sure aspect ratio is correctly calculated when Oculus Rift has been selected as an option but the device isn't available
    - Fix for HeatSinkLauncher being usable when unpowered. Now it needs to be powered and deployed, but is always deployed when powered


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    More fixes because there were too many for a single post :-)

    - Using forward/backward thrust resets throttle fixed
    - Fix bounty hunters with no crime scanners - was setting the (basic) scan time to 100s if there was no crime scanner, rather than 3s
    - Once a ships engines are taken offline, AI should flee after a variable period of time
    - If we fail to lock a vertex or index buffer, don't add it to the list of buffers to be unlocked
    - Changed "dumping" price of a commodity from a constant 80% reduction below the galactic minimum to use the per-commodity ReductionBuyHomeGrown scale factor
    - AI improvements for police patrols
    - When buying ships from the shipyard, make sure the logic requests the appropriate state transitions depending on whether Oculus Rift is enabled or not
    - Split bounty hunter state into patrolling and interdiction variants
    - Tweaks to galaxy map for oculus
    - Allow a chance for patrol pirates to jump away after scooping cargo
    - Reduce network debug chatter
    - Allow cargo hatch to begin retracting before it has fully extended and vice versa
    - Fixed the jumping button focus on the cockpit launch/services panel
    - Various WIP changes to get exit/entry into asteroid rings a little more graceful
    - Trade Cargo screen: new tweaks, adjustments, fixes, improvements
    - Removed Planet/Station/Sun initial lock on icons
    - When buying/selling an item, then dropping back to the main page the item I was on should remain the focus
    - Fix for unsynced stellarforge timings causing station rotation issues
    - Background stars not flattened into background
    - Optimisations for damage models
    - Animations for small landing pad updated
    - Don't allow the game to run without an input system
    - Impose some sensible limits on the threading parameters parsed from AppConfig
    - Fixing an in the power distrib that might have been hampering the cobra
    - Clear the "arrive from supercruise" flag when you buy a ship so you don't appear in the hangar with a fantabulous flash
    - Change cockpit glass edges to use different shader that doesn't argue with the background envmap
    - Targeting system does its selection based on look direction rather than ship direction. TrackIR, Oculus & manual headlook now works to select targets
    - Additional checks for missing space station
    - If space station is missing then don't trap the player in a docked state
    - Can now supercruise through rings (clusters that add mass locking to be added later)
    - Added notification that player must sell cargo before selling their ship (when buying a new one)
    - Additional safeguards when receiving authority changes
    - Improved the loading when starting docked, there is no longer 1 frame when the ship is outside the station
    - Don't replicate variables from a bad packet
    - Planets, moons and stars ignores the "amd crash fix" graphic option.They would be rendered even if the amd crash fix is turned on.
    - When testing if we're close enough to the station ot request docking, subtract its radius from the distance in the same way as the target UI so we're consistent
    - Fix a huge missing texture on the corners of Coriolis station
    - Fix for jerky motion in profile builds caused by excessive replication
    - Added a way point between full cockpit control and the galaxy map so the player can't get up to any shenanigans while the galaxy map initialises
    - Fix a bug where sessions do not start up, due to info lost relating to a cancelled message
    - Fix for ship not appearing on other player's scene - due to order of initialisation of components


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    "Server moderated docking pad control added"


    All I wanted to hear.

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    Thanks Michael!

    Ooooh 10 minutes of air! The luxury of it!

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    Impressive bugs solved job

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    I'm in!

    Enjoy everyone! See you in an hour to moan about CTDs

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    Woo-hoo, look at that list of fixes!!!

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    That's one heck of a changelog! Well done on your hard work to all at FD!!

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    "Network connection and session creation takes into account connection health scoring"

    Also THIS.

    FD, you outdone yourself. Again. Thanks.

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    Thanks for posting the changelist MB. Much appreciated!

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    Now *that's* a list!

    Congrats to the team - looking forward to trying it out!!

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