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Thread: 2nd Annual Voyager Challenge!

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    Exclamation 2nd Annual Voyager Challenge!


    * 2nd Annual Voyager Challenge! *

    Discussed this with Zac and Ed. Sadly Ed can't make it. But anyone from the Distant Worlds expedition - there is still time. We have 6 entries so far.

    Do you have what it takes?

    CHALLENGE: 60,000 light years, in under 40 hours. (Last year's record was 38 hours, 44 minutes)

    Starting 9am London time, on 24 March, 2016.

    Departure point is QAUTHAI HV-G C10-3. (Solo or Private Group - tbd)

    Finish: Lyulka Beacon, in Liabeze

    TeamSpeak: EDC TeamSpeak

    [/COLOR]Several live streams (Mine is: )

    Duration: ONE SITTING. OK, you go to the "back room as needed", but once you start, you're in a real race until you finish.

    We will have several people live streaming theirs (I will stream mine). We have about 5 or 6 confirmed entries.

    Anyone else interested, please let me know. Race for fame, race for glory!

    * Prizes ARE available:

    Gaming Keyboard and mouse, mug and some paint packs from the FD store

    More info on the Elite Dangerous Community on facebook (

    A HUGE THANKS TO Cassiano Pinheiro Maciel for this beautiful artwork

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    60 000 light years in one straight 40-hour sitting? I'll pass! But best of luck to those that have that kind of stamina.

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    I did it last year. It was fun, but a little lonely

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    again.. like vins post on a 600km hutton buggy cup , this sounds like a community event. I cant blame you for posting here as discussion has vastly more traffic than community events.
    I just wish moderation actively encouraged cmdrs to use that part of the forum for events and users know that's where you go to join or create events. but they don't..
    good luck with your event OP. I hope no one gets ill doing it.

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    I wonder if that was 40 hours with out sleep?

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    Good luck CMDR. <0.

    Make The Commonwealth proud.

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    Struggling with formatting...

    It was 38 hours, including a 2 hour nap

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    Yeah, no thanks.

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    Originally Posted by Elenar View Post (Source)
    I did it last year. It was fun, but a little lonely
    Was that before or after the divorce?

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    This is awesome!
    I plan on doing the journey.

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    wow! that's going to wear out your J key.

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    Originally Posted by AlanEsh View Post (Source)
    Was that before or after the divorce?
    HA HA! My wife fully supported me. She thought it's a bit mad, but no less than other things I've done - like take Frontier a canvas of my Imperial self, dressed up in person as my Imperial self

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    Originally Posted by Elenar View Post (Source)
    I did it last year. It was fun, but a little lonely
    Am I missing something or you just said that it was fun to do one hyper jump after another for 38 hours? Because that is the way it is done, Am I right?

    Impresive, but not for me...

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    So... how do we sign up for this?

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