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Thread: On the Horizon – Countdown to The Engineers Beta Livestream: Part 1 - Questions Needed

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    Can you please show a video of the "Force Shell" cannon in action, showing how it forces a ship off its course?

    Originally Posted by Newsletter#120
    Also, human-created POIs will also not be encountered as far out from human space as they are at the moment.
    Does this mean human-created POIs will be removed from far away systems completely, or will they just be made extremely rare? I would strongly recommend using the later option, since stumbling upon some crashed Diamondback or Anaconda near Beagle Point would in that case be a very rare and cool event!

    Originally Posted by Newsletter#120
    Scanning a nav beacon will give Commanders the exploration data for the system (if you don’t already have it).
    I think this has lead to some misunderstandings. Can you confirm that the exploration data acquired this way can't be sold, but only gives you the information about the system (therefore imitating the process of buying exploration data about a system from Universal Cartographics instead of imitating exploring as system manually?

    Originally Posted by Newsletter#120
    For Commanders who prefer to roam the galaxy looking for wars, the Pilots Federation has upgraded the GalNet system, so Commanders using 2.1 AND 1.6 will have a ‘state’ filter in the galaxy map which will highlight if a system is at war, or suffering a famine, or some other situation Commanders want information about.
    Have you seen CaptainKremmens proposal to bring a similar filter for security states to the GalaxyMap (and cockpit HUD for that matter)?
    Mockup from that thread:

    This could finally make people actually plan their - trading, smuggling, exploration or whatever - routes when going somewhere, instead of just using the automatic route planner. It would also highlight the different system security levels very nice and make them a more imminent game feature.

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    Originally Posted by Alec Turner View Post (Source)
    - The screenshot of the crashed DBX shows tyre tracks. Are those actual in-game tyre tracks or have they been added to that screenshot in post production?

    Hey, if the question's good enough for Obsidian Ant then it's good enough for me

    The in-game, unedited, images below show a Diamondback wrecked on a planet surface. This is just one example of the new POIs you will encounter.

    Cool, so improved detail and blending around loose surface rocks is confirmed then!

    Actually it was directly answered in newsletter 116
    And finally in this week's double edition Peek of the Week, we're sure you'll be 'making tracks'while exploring planet surfaces in The Engineers.

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    About the new Galaxy map filters:

    Since we will be able to filter for system states (boom/famine/war etc), will these be having more effect on gameplay? I think it may have been mentioned during the Trading livestream that the devs were considering giving states more of an impact on markets and the missions available. Is this the case for 2.1 and can you give a bit more detail if so?


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    A little of topic but : is there a chance to see an equivalent of Glide for when we approach stations?

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    will there be a fix to stop the rescue of human cargo being illegal

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    I have three main questions, I hope at least one can be answered:

    1. Will there be any improvements to the Exploration side to the game. For example, will there be new classes of PoI for explorers to discover outside of the bubble (natural formations & ruins of ancient civilizations come to mind for me ).

    2. Will there be any missions especially for Wings and/or missions that are more likely to succeed with wings?

    3. Are there any plans to overhaul Power Play in this update.....if not, in which update might such an overhaul be likely to occur?

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    What kind of upgrades can Engineers provide for non-combat roles?

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    Originally Posted by CMDR Heisenberg B. Damned View Post (Source)
    Here's to hoping

    I actually think crashed Alien vehicles would make more sense than the huge number of crashed human ships. Maybe not in such large quantities and maybe certain types in certain sectors - the races may not even be around still but on an airless planet a crash site would last a long time. But I guess we'll see what we end up with. Pretty much anything would be better than the long range tea smuggling POI's we have at the moment!

    Indeed. It's a very big galaxy, & it's fair to assume that other space-faring races may have come & gone before humans went out into space. Also, airless worlds weren't necessarily *always* airless......they might once have had atmospheres & have supported civilizations of varying levels of advancement (maybe even the remnants of former off-world colonies for long dead civilizations).

    Another possibility, of course, is rare but naturally occurring geological features whose discovery can earn you exploration points, & which might be the source of precious metals/gemstones; or perhaps biological material that could be worth a great deal to the right buyer. I think there is a lot that could be done to further enhance the exploration of space beyond the bubble......even before we can land on planets with atmospheres!

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    Originally Posted by goosefraba19 View Post (Source)
    What kind of upgrades can Engineers provide for non-combat roles?
    Good question. I'm hoping for stuff to help with smuggling myself!

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    • Laser colour customization was hinted at already. Will this be a thing? And if yes, will it be a cosmetic modification or only with strings attached (i.e. different stats for different colours)?
    • For stat modifications on weapons, modules etc. it was mentioned that there will be trade-offs. Can you give us a ballpark what we can expect for both bonuses and trade-offs? Maybe a few examples like "+10% speed, -20% agility".
    • Will NPCs also have engineer upgrades?
    • Can you upgrade a piece of equipment multiple times, or is it 1 upgrade only? (I hope only 1.)
    • Probably out of scope right now, but have to ask anyway: how does material collecting work, especially in space? Will we have to cargo-scoop around after every fight? Will it go to cargo space or synthesis materials?

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    I only have one question for Michael : Is Ishmael Palin going to be a 2.1 Engineer ?

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    Originally Posted by Soban View Post (Source)
    I only have one question for Michael : Is Ishmael Palin going to be a 2.1 Engineer ?
    Well this was in the newsletter:

    "Professor Ishmael Palin has announced his intention to retire from the research institute he founded last year. In a statement, the professor said he plans to set up a modest research centre on Maia A 3 a, where he will offer a range of engineering services."

    EDIT - Although I'm not sure I'd buy anything from him! FSD boost with 20% chance of being kidnapped

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    Originally Posted by CMDR Heisenberg B. Damned View Post (Source)
    where he will offer a range of engineering services.
    Oooh, thanks, missed that one
    (and that answer my question a bit)

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    Ed, if you can answer, please specify how looting will work - will it be that we will gather materials from wrecks? Will modules be there too (Maybe not in 2.1 but later on)? What will Season 1 owners will get? If you can please specify.

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    - Sounds like there's going to be a lot more activity around surface stations/ports? Any chance of surface Community Goals?
    - A previous newsletter showed a concept piture of an Engineer base. Will Engineers have their own installations or will they be a menu-entry in existing stations/ports?
    - You'll be able to scan signal-sources from supercruise now, how will these be presented? In the Nav view (only place you can see signal sources currently) or will the signal sources be added to Contacts? Or is there a "space wave scanner"?

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    Will we be able to engineer a module to "spoof" our sensor signatures to read as different ships and combat ratings or possibly hide CMDR status? It's been preying on my mind lately as a cool mod which would make griefers think twice about interdicting that harmless Sidewinder in case it turns out to be an A rated Corvette...

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