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  • 01 : Frank : Insert Ship A into Slot B

    4 33.33%
  • 2 : Ian Phillips : The Bargain

    2 16.67%
  • 3 : Psykokow : Splendid Cargo

    2 16.67%
  • 4 : Darren Grey : Theft Of Splendour

    6 50.00%
  • 5 : KalRyper : Dusty Space

    7 58.33%
  • 6 : Zieman : Banquet

    0 0%
  • 7 : Adzour : Under a Cloud

    3 25.00%
  • 8 : Splendour : A Splendid Contact

    1 8.33%
  • 9 : MrMogadon : Best Laid Plans

    1 8.33%
  • 10 : Rog : Paradise Lost and Found

    5 41.67%
  • 11 : Bikky : The Bell of The Ball

    1 8.33%
  • 12 : Erik Marcaigh : "Supremacy in the Skies", a New Brand Coming to a Market Near You!

    1 8.33%
  • 13 : insanephoton : Splendour Trade

    3 25.00%
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Thread: Talc, Splendour, Contacts - Drabble Competition VOTE thread

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    Talc, Splendour, Contacts - Drabble Competition VOTE thread

    YEah yeah yeah I know... long title.. but still less than a drabble.. which is what we are here for.

    PLEASE Vote for your FAVOURITE 3 Drabbles from the 13 on offer, do not pick your own... Right Spangly Jacket on, Disco Ball doing its do...
    Lets Crack ON!!!

    Drabble Number : 01
    Author : Frank
    Link :
    Title: Insert Ship A into Slot B
    Drabble : "Sid was just about to ease his Lakon through the docking slot when disaster struck again. His contact lenses fell out.

    A pilot watched the Lakon lurch into the side of the door. He was expecting the splendour of a massive explosion, which never happened.

    He congratulated Sid, ""That was a close call! It's amazing the way your ship just slid through the slot.""

    Sid sighed, ""It wasn't the only accident on this trip. I got hit by a loose canister when I was leaving Azeban. It sprayed the contents all over my spaceship. I think it was talcum powder."""


    Drabble Number : 2
    Author : Ian Phillips
    Link :
    Title: The Bargain
    Drabble : "Look you, I got it cheap, OK. Spangly onesies are all the rage in Imperial systems at the moment.

    Only one careful owner or at least that's what they said at the market. Finding a Splendour (tm) onesie in a backwater like this is a fantastic piece of luck. And it has mirrors!

    I'm planning on wearing it at this years Lavecon event. I'll be making contacts the whole weekend, if you know what I mean. It's going to be awesome!

    But - speaking of contacts, this thing does need a fresh absorbent insert. Pass me the talcum powder would you?"


    Drabble Number : 3
    Author : Psykokow
    Link :
    Title: Splendid Cargo
    Drabble : "The cloud circled around the pilot, he coughed and choked sending little dribbles of spittle into the cloud collecting the dust and falling to the floor leaving a droplet.
    The door opened and the pilot obeying the customs officers places his hands on the flight conosle.
    ‘Nothing to declare you say?’
    ‘Erm.... nope... just some talc escaped... achooo’
    ‘I’m not sure I beleive you, because our sniffer dog just passed out’
    ‘Wow look at the floating fridge’
    ‘These are not the doobs....’ The officers slump to the floor
    The pilot smiles. ‘Always pass out the first time you try it’


    Drabble Number : 4
    Author : Darren Grey
    Link :
    Title: Theft Of Splendour
    Drabble : "Karie threw talcum powder across the shadowed floor. The dust swirled, revealing the red glow of laser sensors. With careful steps she snuck past them all.

    Her augmented contact lenses scanned for hidden threats. She’d disabled the locks remotely, but getting past Imperial security was never easy. Still, all worth it for the grand prize, that which the Imperial nobles so smugly denied her...

    As she stepped near the final door it opened by itself. A voice called out, “I’ve been waiting for you.”

    She smiled. Inside the princess Isalia awaited, ready for their secret liaison in silken négligée. Splendorous...


    Drabble Number : 5
    Author : KalRyper
    Link :
    Title: Dusty Space
    Drabble : "Joules and Danni shivered in their cockpit, sat on the floor back to back; frost rimmed the canopy segments.

    “How much longer?” Danni said through gritted teeth.
    “Until the scope is clear. We still have multiple contacts.”
    Danni shook her head, “Really? After three hours?”

    She stood up, stiff and cramped, to examine the low-lit console. She paused and then looked closer. Blowing on the display the ‘contacts’ dispersed … all over Joules.

    The scented talcum powder made him sneeze.
    “In future,” he said quietly, “you work on your splendour somewhere else.”
    Danni agreed, intent on raising the power levels.


    Drabble Number : 6
    Author : Zieman
    Link :
    Title: Banquet
    Drabble : "Emerald felt the slightest touch on her elbow. She didn’t look behind, but eased herself to the anteroom. Oh yes, “Merchant” was waiting with a box partially concealed.

    Opening the precious box, Emerald squealed with delight: “Talcum Powder, at last!”
    “Ssshh, it is not easy to come by, not wise to talk about it aloud.”, whispered the shady figure before disappearing behind the curtains.

    You can keep your cheeks soft and smooth if you know the right contacts. You wouldn’t want to look mundane amidst the splendour of the banquet. This is the capital of the Imperial protectorate after all.


    Drabble Number : 7
    Author : Adzour
    Link :
    Title: Under a Cloud
    Drabble : "Confusion reigned down on the ships that entered the Beagle 2 sector.

    The station in all its splendour had gone. Replaced by a large white cloud.

    Radar contacts entering the cloud instantly disappeared.

    Eventually those who requested landing permission were refused due to the cloud and multiple ship debris.

    It was days before the station was visible again.

    All this caused by an Anaconda docking gone wrong. The destruction of the ship scattering its full cargo hold of talcum powder.

    Even as we speak, Imperial scientists are being inspired by this incident to create talc missiles to block enemy stations."


    Drabble Number : 8
    Author : Splendour
    Link :
    Title: A Splendid Contact
    Drabble : "Carla was sweating profusely in front of the bright lights. “Look, I know a man who knows a woman who..”

    “Not in front of the staff!” snapped Derrin, a wave of the hand sending his makeup team scampering.

    With eye shadow not yet applied and his wig only half powdered Derrin was not yet the shining jewel of the Imperial Court he would that evening, but was still every inch the consort of a Senator. Suave, sophisticated, calculating, merciless. Everything Carla wished she could be.

    Derrin leaned back and smiled. “Now, tell me about this pirate ‘friend of a friend’.”"


    Drabble Number : 9
    Author : MrMogadon
    Link :
    Title: Best Laid Plans
    Drabble : "“Quiet, you moron” he thought. His every movement an exercise in stealth, he eased the door open.
    He had remembered to disable the contacts that gave a warning “Beep” when it opened. “This might still work”.
    Light from the hallway cast shadows into the darkened room.
    The splendour of the party beckoned. He edged into the hall, adjusting his jacket. 12 months of planning to assemble all the guests he needed in one place.
    “CRAP” The smell hit him. He turned back and reached for the nappies and talcum powder. “KIDS!! Why did his wife have to be ill tonight”"


    Drabble Number : 10
    Author : Rog
    Link :
    Title: Paradise Lost and Found
    Drabble : "Devastated as it was, Joon could still imagine the splendour of the Imperial outpost in its heyday.

    Picking through rubble she searched, the talc-fine ash (radioactive of course) got everywhere. Cursing, she wiped her visor again.

    The Feds had burned this ball a few years ago. Gods know why. Like quarrelling children, they didn't need a reason and nobody really cared, well not a salvager like her anyway.

    Blasting fallen beams aside, she entered the old Senator's residence.

    Smiling now, she called her partner in high orbit.

    'Terrian? Payday babe. Wake your contacts, we've got solid gold bathrooms to fence.'


    Drabble Number : 11
    Author : Bikky
    Link :
    Title: The Bell of The Ball
    Drabble : "

    “Hi, This is Clare Comings""
    ""and Gregg Goings""
    ""reporting on the annual Impederallinace ball, taking place at Achernar this year. An event where the Crem de la Crem turn out in their finery.

    Federation in their outfits with seams so sharp they'd cut through wood.

    Alliance in their crossbreed fashion of gaudy but utilitarian.

    Imperials, for all their worth trying to be the bell of the ball, Not just happy with outdoing their opposite numbers, but each other.

    Here’s Senator Drew arriving in his antique Eunos Roadster, he’s wearing a very dashing bright orange and dayglo pink Jumpsuit and sneakers."


    Drabble Number : 12
    Author : Erik Marcaigh
    Link :
    Title: "Supremacy in the Skies", a New Brand Coming to a Market Near You!
    Drabble : "Commander Keith Richards the 49th twisted the flight stick, bringing the pirate's Asp into his laser fire. Drilling into it's power plant, the Asp exploded in the splendour of a nova, and Keith grinned and sniffed again. ""I've never flown this well,"" he said as he rubbed some extra talcum powder off his face.

    A new contact he'd made supplied him with a new brand for his sparkly onesie. Some of it was still floating around as he was applying it to the suit when the pirate jumped him. ""Stuff must be lucky. I feel like a million credits today!"""


    Drabble Number : 13
    Author : insanephoton
    Link :
    Title: Splendour Trade
    Drabble : Here I am back in Splendour. What a dump. I guess it's one of those ironic names. Those miners sure have a warped sense of humour. It's the main city on this planet. Well actually it's the only city on the planet and calling it a city is to stretch a point. Truth is it's the only settlement here and is little more than a small mining facility. My contacts in the mining company put me on to this. They only supply the basics. I make my money by supplying little luxuries from the core. This time it's talcum powder.

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    There's some Splendid entries this week

    Are we allowed to canvas for votes at Lavecon this weekend?

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    Of course!

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    Let's get some more votes up in this ol' thread! 7 ain't cuttin' it!

    Comon... if this poll was created in the U.S., I'd understand the low voter turnout. This this is in the UK, folks! Much higher voter turnout!

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    A lot of people are at LaveCon this weekend. The poll should probably have a day added.

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    A special round of applause for you, KalRyper. It's not often that a rookie wins, Splendid!

    So what's the topic for this week?

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    Will post new topic in main thread.

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    Oh man, between work and Lavecon i didn't even get chance to vote, let alone write a drabble!!

    Well done KalRyper

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    Woo, well done KalRyper! Was a very deserving drabble

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    Awesome Job... Well done!

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