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In this post we will detail the current known issues effecting Elite Dangerous, Horizons 2.1 Engineers & 1.6. Please be aware that any issues that are open to exploitation will not be posted here.

2.1 Engineers - Horizons Known Issues

Note - If you find your issue on another thread be sure to add your information to it, doing so will give us a better grasp on how common the occurrence is and it severity level.

We have all the info we need for the following issues. Please do not enter any bug reports or start any further forum threads about these issues:


• Mission avatar may look different to mission board on very rare occasions

• Hera Tani's invitation GUI progress bar is showing that you need double the value in order to complete task • On rare occasions when applying a recipe to an already modified item can cause the slider to overlay values

• When first loading into a ARENA match in VR, you may find your camera is displaced. To fix this, please leave the match and return to it
• Commodities Market UI is not curved like the rest
• Using SLI may hinder the performance of the Vive’s FPS

Planetary Landings
• Some players are reporting being disconnected on approach to engineer base
• Pips GUI may not update while in SRV Turret Mode
• Driving SRV may cause players to get disconnected and fall through the floor upon reconnecting to the game
• Points of interest may react sporadically on the scanner when rolling in your ship
• Players are finding it hard to find the correct buggy bay to return to when going to their ship at a Planetary port /outpost
• SRV chair isn't animating in sync with pilot impact animations


• In Arena the end game credits earned maybe inconsistent within Open/Solo play
• Whilst in Arena the player rank shows combat rating instead of Arena ranking


• Sometimes NPC drop out from SuperCruise in front of player, this can cause a collision
• Asteroid fragments on very rare occasions spawn inside the asteroid
• Illicit Cargo notification may not always be present on the GUI
• NPC power plant may not fail if damaged
• Interdiction vector may stutter and then kick the player back into supercruise

Ships, Weapons and Modules
• LODs for the Federation Corvette can on occasions be transparent in certain sections of the ship
• Players are unable to hand in missions when the Station is in Lockdown
• There have been reports that certain headlight are not working correctly on ships
• Huge weapons are clipping through floor in outfitting area for the Fer-De- Lance
• Paint wear and tear deterioration may not work for some ships
• Imperial Cutter supercruise vector alignment is slightly offset
• Anaconda's top hardpoints may have no doors in cockpit view
• ‘Repair All’ also repairs paint job
• Corvette forward hull is partially transparent when engaging hyperspace
• Exploration Statistics missing unit indicator
• "Main fuel tank drained" voice may play when fuel is still available
• Certain settings in the right side panel may not be saved

Missions, Station Services and Community Goals

• Missions maybe given that are blocked by system permit
• Players unable to hand in some missions if they don't have enough inventory space for the cargo/material or data reward
• Surface Rush comms message might be missing the text description
• In the outfitting screen in the Livery section the scroll bar appears to be slightly misaligned
• Delivery time bonus can be inconsistent 0H 0M
• Players may not receive an inbox message with the location of the Planetary Body after scanning the Nav Beacon


• Li Yong-Rui: bonus CR are not displayed correctly for selling exploration data

Wings and Private Groups

• After being invited to join a private group and leaving the invite idle, the menu Private Group GUI may display incorrectly as “Cancel”

Galaxy Map, Locations and Travel

• On rare occasions there are Systems with no Stations/Settlements but have a high population
• Players may experience low FPS in the galaxy map when close to Sag A and very long route plot times


– If you are experiencing any graphical issues please make sure you have the very latest drivers; this has been known to fix a large amount of issues.

• Ice planet texture can appear less detailed
• Lighting on asteroids is altered when using EyeFinity and NVIDIA Surround
• Players using SLI have reported seeing Pulsating objects on planets
• Some players have reported SLI issues with planetary shaders
• Triple monitors 16:10 setup may not display correctly
• Whilst in normal space planets may appear to sporadically jump
• Orbit and proximity lines may disappear when viewed from a certain orientation


• Cockpit sound temporarily returned to full sound spectrum after canopy blown
• Players have reported hearing a Station audio loop playing after they leaving station

Crashes and performance

• Low performance may be observed on higher end machines when viewing the Galactic Centre

1.6 Engineers Known Issues


• Players may come across skybox misalignment in seams around Barnard's Star

How to aid with our investigation;

1. Be sure to use the bug reporting template provided. More information on the template here.
2. If you find your issue on another thread be sure to add your information to it, doing so will give us a better grasp on how common the occurrence is and its severity level within the community.
3. Be sure to provide as much information as possible such as a Dxdiag and relevant images to accompany the report.
4. Try and keep the report as concise as possible and include a step-by-step guide on how you reproduced the issue.
5. If your comment does not add any useful new information to the report already submitted, please do not post.

“This thread will be populated and updated as the game progresses, so please check back frequently!”

"Why isn't a bug I reported on the Known Issues List, but you have said that you are aware of it?"

The Known Issues list is not intended to be an exhaustive list of every single issue we are currently aware of. Sometimes we may choose not to add an issue, usually when we require further information on the problem in order to further our investigations.

The Known Issues list should be viewed as a guide to those issues we do not require any further reports on. It is a quick way of letting the players know that we're currently working on some of the most reported problems, however it is not a list of every single bug that is currently logged in our system and being investigated.

If you are experiencing spiky planets textures please be sure to check that you have the very latest graphics drivers.

Laptops that have an integrated Intel card - Players with laptops that have an integrated Intel card as well as a discrete Nvidia card: Usually, the NVIDIA chip will automatically kick in when the game is run, but since NVIDIA doesn't recognise our new executable name yet (EliteDangerous64.exe rather than EliteDangerous32.exe), it's highly likely that the game is launching under the Intel chip on High settings and subsequently behaving in a sub-spec manner.

Please go into the NVIDIA Control Panel, add the game's new process, and specify to always use the NVIDIA chip, your performance should return to normal.

We have received some reports from players stating that they cannot access the 2.0 content one in-game. In these cases, we noticed that the reporters were using DirectX 10 compatible graphics cards.

Please note that Elite: Dangerous Horizons requires a DirectX 11 compatible graphics card to access all features!

The minimum specifications are as follows:

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
  • Processor: Quad Core CPU (4 x 2Ghz)
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 470 / ATI 7240HD (DirectX 11 functionality required)
  • Network Broadband Internet Connection
  • Hard Drive: 8 GB available space