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Thread: Saitou's creations

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    Smile Saitou's creations

    Here is my HD screenshots and videos! Screens cropped to 1920x1080.

    Coriolis starport -

    Alpha 1.1 Free flight -

    Resourse extraction site -

    Factions music video -

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    Some really nice captures there. Thanks for posting

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    Amazed and looking for more..keep the goodness coming man...
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    Something new

    Screen from E:D E3 Trailer!

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    Some very nice captures Saitou_san. They help highlight how much detail the designers are putting into the environments and ships.

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    Something new

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    nice work Mr Saitou san

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    Wink Yay

    OK! Just look at this




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    Cool Federal Fighter Showcase

    The first time in history :haha:


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    Great captures, this federal fighter has a really cool aggressive look and is going to be the hero in my next painting.

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    Devs made an incredible awesome detailed job with textures.

    It's a plenty of awesomeness

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