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Thread: Lost Stars - A Distant Worlds Expedition

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    Lost Stars - A Distant Worlds Expedition

    LOST STARS: To The Edge And Beyond

    (Logo created by Qohen:

    Expedition Background:

    On December 16th 3300, the day Elite Dangerous was officially released, a long ranged Asp Explorer, the DSS Beagle, left the Pallaeni star system to begin the first recorded galactic crossing.

    Codenamed 'Distant Suns' the expedition was recorded in a 12-series video log. The mission was to travel to the far side of the galaxy via the galactic core, mapping and documenting all major discoveries made along the way.

    Some 5 weeks later, on January 18th 3301, DSS Beagle reached a star system on the edge of the far galactic rim, 65,279 LYs from Sol. The system (CEECKIA ZQ-L C24-0) subsequently became known as 'Beagle Point'. It marked the end of the line of the Distant Suns expedition.

    One year later, in January 3302, the DSS Beagle and a fleet of over 1,300 brave souls retraced those steps and traveled all the way to Beagle Point, over 65K LY away. Four months later, they succeeded, and the Distant Worlds Expedition became the largest and furthest fleet Expedition in the history of mankind.

    Now, not but two months after their journey’s end, a lone Commander seeks unite Xbox One Players under one flag.

    Codenamed “Lost Stars”, this new expedition tasks participants to travel even farther beyond the stars. Approximately 1,400 LY further. Starting at the very tip of the Orion Nebula’s Two Mass star Cluster, then continuing along the original path taken by both the Distant Suns and Distant Worlds Expeditions, while exploring as many of the planets and stars we come across.

    The Distant Worlds Expedition is open to all XBox Pilots who have the endurance and time to commit to this deep space journey.

    The will have three main goals:
    1.) To first travel to the tip of the Orion Nebula 2Mass star cluster, where we will begin out journey and at the same time scan as many of the 2MASS star systems as possible
    2.) To travel to the outer rim of the galaxy while exploring multiple key astronomical sites along the way and ending with the Planetary Landing at Beagle Point for the first time on Xbox One (Thanks to the June 3rd launch of Horizons on Xbox One) and the subsequent exploration of the surrounding systems.
    3.) To travel the 65,000 LY distance back.

    Just a little update on DWE: After a brief chat with RIT and the leaders of the exploration division of the EC (Thanks forr the advice) and a VERY long talk with my IRL friend who is helping me organize this I have decided to delay the expedition for a month. In part due to the escalation of events in the game it is my belief that within the year we may be facing an encounter of unprecedented proportions and when it does happen, humanity may need all the hands it can get. Another reason for this is because of a need to better organize the event in general. If you were planning to go on the expedition or know someone who is, then please help get the word out The Original Lost stars post will be updated within the week.

    The start date for Lost Stars HAS CHANGED TO AUGUST 12th

    Due to the need for more organization and a lack of preperation on my part I have officially decided to delay it by ONE MONTH. So now the official start date is august 12th. If you cannot make it now because of this, that is perfectly fine and I understand.

    ALSO I am looking for volunteers to help me organize it! IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO VOLUNTEER SEND ME A PRIVATE MESSAGE. The positions are as follows:

    -Basecamp Activities coordinator:

    -Fuel Rat:

    -Rock Rats

    (Rock rats are people that look for jumponium material deposits)

    -Fleet coordinators:

    -And someone that can help me contact various other Elite dangerous organizations

    -Maybe even some forum moderators


    The Plan:

    Departure Point: NSV 2123

    Date : August 12th 3302
    20:00 12th August 3302 In-Game-Time (for USA, Canada and S. American based time zones)
    If you live in a separate time zone then depending on how many people join, I might add more launch days for EU

    Important to note:
    It is possible for a 25 LY ranged ship to cross the Abyss at the Roncevaux Crossing, and travel through the Solitude region towards the Ceeckia sector, but to reach Beagle Point itself, and its neighboring systems, you will most likely need a ship capable of at least a 34 LY standard jump. Ships with less range will need to carry sufficient Jumponium to make it to Beagle Point. Jumponium will be included in the Horizons DLC. AND FOR SHIPS OF A 34LY JUMP RANGE AT LEAST 12 J1 ARE NEEDED TO COVER THE LAST 6 JUMPS

    Routes and Maps:
    Note: The following maps are a part of the original Distant Worlds thread seen here and I do not in any way own them. Full credit goes to Erimus and the Galactic Mapping Project. These are also the same exact basecamps used by the Distant Worlds Expedition and I have been given permission by Erimus to reuse them.

    Also, in order to reach the Orion’s Nebula, it is possible to make it with a frameshift jump range of 17.8 LY. I would know, I made the journey in a Cobra MKIII with a 17.8 LY jump range. So, if you do not have the ability to buy a ship capable of a 34 LY jump, then you can join us for at least the pre-expedition to Barnard’s Loop and back to SOL. This is one of the reason we will do this.


    Waypoint 0 : Alpha Centauri to the Orion Nebula *KEY EVENT – THE PRE-EXPEDITION*

    Before following in Distant World’s tracks by beginning the 85,000 LY journey to Beagle point, a “Pre-Expedition” will be help to explore the Orion Nebula, and the 2MASS star cluster, around our base camp at the NSV 2123 star system. This is being help to not only extend upon Distant World’s original mission plan, but to also give the Commanders that have neither the time or the effort to put into the main expedition.

    Base Camp Designation : "Orion’s Belt"

    Star System : NSV 2123
    Planet/Moon :AB 2 C
    Base Camp Surface Coordinates : -44.62 / -87.99
    Surface Gravity : 0.09

    Approx. distance traveled : 1,400 LYs
    Distance to next waypoint : 1,700 LYs[/TD]

    Waypoint 0.5 : The Orion Nebula to Pallaeni *KEY EVENT – THE PRE-EXPEDITION ENDS*

    Before we set off for Beagle Point, we head back to the bubble and meet up at the Pallaeni system Where the leading CMDR will address the fleet before the expedition begins. This marks the end of The Orion Expedition, and for many people, the end of their journey with the fleet.


    Crossing the Galaxy:

    The following maps were created during the Age of Pioneers era, when the first explorers began leaving the confines of frontier borders and headed out into the unknown depths. More maps and details of each point of interest that are planned to be visited along the Distant Worlds route can be viewed in the Galactic Mapping thread.

    The Route Maps :

    STAGE 1 MAP : Leaving the Orion Spur

    Waypoint 1 : Pallaeni to the Fine Ring Sector (Shapley 1)

    Leaving Pallaeni we cross the Frontier to the Shapley 1 region. Shapley 1 has no landable planets so we would look for airless worlds close to the Wolf-Rayet system and capture some great vistas with the gas cloud in the backdrop.

    Base Camp Designation : "Laika's Rest"

    Star System : Fine Ring Sector JH-V C2-4
    Planet/Moon :A 1
    Base Camp Surface Coordinates : -19.15 / 85.02
    Surface Gravity : 0.09

    Approx. distance traveled : 1,000 LYs
    Distance to next waypoint : 3,800 LYs

    Waypoint 2 : The Lagoon Nebula

    From Shapley 1, we travel across the Sagittarius Gap and avoid the Aucocks Pocket by plotting a route around 100 LYs above or below the galactic plane. Onwards to the Lagoon Nebula with an optional excursion to Thor's Eye en-route, (although this black hole system has no landable worlds). The Lagoon Nebula is one of the most colorful nebulae so far charted. Its a large nebula offering plenty of systems with airless planets and moons to make planetfall on.

    Base Camp Designation : "Tinné's Endevour"

    Star System : NGC 6530 WFI 16706
    Planet/Moon : A 1 A
    Base Camp Surface Coordinates : -12.71 / 70.28
    Surface Gravity : 0.16

    Approx. distance traveled : 4,800 LYs
    Distance to next waypoint : 1,300 LYs

    Waypoint 3 : The Omega Nebula and The PW2010 Super Cluster

    From the Lagoon its a short haul to the Trifid Nebula that sits between our previous waypoint and the Omega Nebula - two nebulae of similar appearance and both of which can be visited en-route to the Eagle Nebula.
    The Omega Nebula base camp is situated between the nebula itself and the neighboring PW2010 Super Cluster, making it the ideal location to begin expeditions out to these two prominent locations.

    Base Camp Designation : "Camp Baatuta"

    Star System : Omega Sector EL-Y D60
    Planet/Moon : 2 A
    Base Camp Surface Coordinates : 18.44 / -139.30
    Surface Gravity : 0.15

    Approx. distance traveled : 6,100 LYs
    Distance to next waypoint : 1,600 LYs

    Waypoint 4 : The Eagle Nebula

    This nebula contains one of the most closely compacted star clusters known, with some stars within it less than a light year apart. After making planetfall inside the Eagle Nebula and exploring some of its worlds, we'll head across the Sagittarius Arm to NGC 6357.

    Base Camp Designation : "Mt. Magellan"

    Star System : Eagle Sector EL-Y D203
    Planet/Moon : 6 A
    Base Camp Surface Coordinates : 40.36 / 167.04
    Surface Gravity : 0.11

    Approx. distance traveled : 7,700 LYs
    Distance to next waypoint : 3,300 LYs

    Waypoint 5 : Skaudi AA Nebula

    This is it. 7K light years from home, and we finally begin our journey to Jaques. Take a good long look back, because you won't see it again for a long time. Skywalker Landing however, is a beautiful location in the Skaudi AA Nebula. Positioned at the top of a canyon, this basecamp has a beautiful view of a ringed, purple gas giant only .5 light seconds away and the combination of the nebula and the star light illuminates the atmosphere with a bright orange glow.

    Check the waypoint out here:

    Base Camp Designation : "Skywalker Landing"

    Star System : Skaudi WP-Z B58-4
    Planet/Moon : 2A
    Base Camp Surface Coordinates : -16/112
    Surface Gravity : .07

    Approx. distance traveled : 11,000 LYs
    Distance to next waypoint : 4,300 LYs

    STAGE 2 MAP : Crossing the Norma Expanse

    Waypoint 6 : The Grae Hypa H23 Nebula

    More information coming soon

    Base Camp Designation : "Honor's Edge"

    Star System : Grea Hypa ZY-S D3-112
    Planet/Moon : A 2 A
    Base Camp Surface Coordinates : 0/-77
    Surface Gravity : 0.08G

    Approx. distance traveled : 15,300 LYs
    Distance to next waypoint : 4,300 LYs

    Waypoint 7 : The Eephaills Nebula

    More Information Coming Soon

    Base Camp Designation : "Point Lookout"

    Star System : TBA
    Planet/Moon : TBA
    Base Camp Surface Coordinates : TBA
    Surface Gravity : TBA

    Approx. distance traveled : 19,600 LYs
    Distance to next waypoint : 4,200 LYs

    Waypoint 8 : Jaques Station

    After the recent discover of Jaques station Commanders around the bubble rushed to it's aid. Jaques station symbolizes the closest populated area of space to Beagle Point and for many of us, our last chance to associate with people other than each other.

    Base Camp Designation : "Jaques' Rebirth"

    Star System : TBA
    Planet/Moon : TBA
    Base Camp Surface Coordinates : TBA
    Surface Gravity : TBA

    Approx. distance traveled : 23,800 LYs
    Distance to next waypoint : 3,400 LYs

    STAGE 3 MAP : The Galactic Core Regions

    Waypoint 9 - The Stellar Graveyard

    More information coming soon

    Base Camp Designation :

    Star System :
    Planet/Moon :
    Base Camp Surface Coordinates :
    Surface Gravity :

    Approx. distance traveled : 27,200 LYs
    Distance to next waypoint : 3,000 LYs

    Waypoint 10 - The Amethyst Cloud

    This is one of several close proximity stellar remnant ejecta nebula within the Myriesly Sector. The Amethyst Cloud being one of the most colourful. We're less that 600 LYs from Sagittarius A* now so our stay at this nebula will be brief as we prepare for the galactic core gathering.

    Base Camp Designation : "Tereshkova's Ridge"

    Star System : MYRIESLY EC-B C27-381
    Planet/Moon : AB 3 B
    Base Camp Surface Coordinates : -70.26 / 47.59
    Surface Gravity : 0.03

    Approx. distance traveled : 30,200 LYs
    Distance to next waypoint : 600 LYs

    Waypoint 11 - Sagittarius A*

    Here we visit Sagittarius A* - the famous supermassive blackhole at the centre of the galaxy. The closest star systems are less than a light year away and it is at one of them where our core base camp is situated - an ideal staging post to prepare for the exploration of the Milky Way's heart. A trip to the roof of the galactic core awaits after this!

    Base Camp Designation : "Armstrong Landing"

    Star System : STUEMEAE KM-W C1-342
    Planet/Moon : 1 B
    Base Camp Surface Coordinates : 57.25 / 78.06
    Surface Gravity : 0.08

    Approx. distance traveled : 30,800 LYs
    Distance to next waypoint : 2,000 LYs

    Waypoint 12 - Altum Sagittarii

    We're heading to the roof of the galaxy, some 2,000 LYs directly above Sag-A*. From our base camp vantage point we get a spectacular view of the expansive galactic core regions below us. An awe-inspiring site that only a few have witnessed first hand. For larger FSD-ranged ships with J3 Jumponium, an optional excursion to Altum Sagittarii "Prime" is available for those who have the time. Sagittarii "Prime" is situated a further 870 LYs above our designated Waypoint 12 base camp system!

    Base Camp Designation : "Gagarin's Reach"

    Star System : NYUENA JS-B D342
    Planet/Moon : 4 F A
    Base Camp Surface Coordinates : -66.88 / -96.00
    Surface Gravity : 0.06

    Approx. distance traveled : 32,800 LYs
    Distance to next waypoint : 2,900 LYs

    Waypoint 13 - The Phipoea Nebula

    Leaving the galactic centre we head across the core regions to The Phipoea Nebula, with an optional trip out to the Scaulo-Systimbu Stellar Graveyard. The graveyard has one of the highest concentrations of black holes throughout the known galaxy. From here its onwards to the The Dryao Chrea Stellar Remnant.

    Base Camp Designation : "The Needle"

    Star System : PHIPOEA DD-F C26-1311
    Planet/Moon : 3 E
    Base Camp Surface Coordinates : 24.58 / -178.40
    Surface Gravity : 0.30

    Approx. distance traveled : 35,700 LYs
    Distance to next waypoint : 1,300 LYs

    Waypoint 14 - The Dryao Chrea Stellar Remnant

    Here we arrive at another colorful planetary nebula, but this one is illuminated by the light of a hundred billion star systems in all directions! The primary is a Black Hole that is at the heart of the blue glowing ejecta nebula. The sheer luminosity of the gas cloud gives all the worlds in this strange system a perpetual twilight of blue and purple.

    Base Camp Designation : "Chrea Cauldron"

    Star System : DRYAO CHREA VU-P E5-7481
    Planet/Moon : B 3 A
    Base Camp Surface Coordinates : -19.63 / 39.73
    Surface Gravity : 0.15

    Approx. distance traveled : 37,000 LYs
    Distance to next waypoint : 1,000 LYs

    Waypoint 15 - The Rose Nebula

    We're now in a region of stunning ejecta nebula, many with vibrant colours. The Rose Nebula is no exception with its red and green dust cloud giving off an eerie glow on all worlds that sit within it.

    Base Camp Designation : "Gemstone Canyon"

    Star System : EORLD BYOE YA-W E2-4084
    Planet/Moon : 1 B
    Base Camp Surface Coordinates : 7.70 / -103.58
    Surface Gravity : 0.09

    Approx. distance traveled : 38,000 LYs
    Distance to next waypoint : 500 LYs

    Waypoint 16 - The Green Crystal

    This is probably the most stunning planetary nebulae throughout the region. The sheer brightness and vibrant shades of green that make up the dust and gas cloud make it a sight you will never forget. Stunning! From here we begin one of our longest treks so far, a 6,000 LY journey out to the Magnus Nebula on the Bleia Permit Zone frontier.

    Base Camp Designation : "The Mound"

    Star System : EOK GREE TO-Q E5-3167
    Planet/Moon : 2 D
    Base Camp Surface Coordinates : 26.63 / -120.95
    Surface Gravity : 0.16

    Approx. distance traveled : 38,500 LYs
    Distance to next waypoint : 6,000 LYs

    Waypoint 17 - The Magnus Nebula

    Less than 1,000 LYs from the mysterious Bleia Borders, the Magnus Nebula is one of the largest so far discovered on the far galactic core. Embedded within are several thousand star systems - including several neutron stars.

    Base Camp Designation : "The Sacagagwea Tundra"

    Star System : PHEIA BRIAE DK-A E303
    Planet/Moon : 8
    Base Camp Surface Coordinates : 83.40 / 35.45
    Surface Gravity : 0.77

    Approx. distance traveled : 44,500 LYs
    Distance to next waypoint : 4,000 LYs

    STAGE 4 MAP : Traversing The Aphelion Bleak Lands

    Waypoint 18 - The Greeroi Veil

    After an arduous journey across the uncharted Perseus Stem, we reach Greeroi Veil. A small nebula that can be tricky to reach due to it being high above the galactic plane. The view from the Veil as you look out across the galactic core is one not to miss. Ships with less than 30 LY range will struggle to reach this base camp, and only ships with 34 LYs or more will be able to actually enter the nebula itself. Our base camp sits on its outskirts. The Greeroi Veil marks the final nebula along our route. After this we begin the long trek across the Aphelion Bleak Lands.

    Base Camp Designation : "Camp Amundsen"

    Star System : GREEROI MD-Q D6-5
    Planet/Moon : B 1
    Base Camp Surface Coordinates : -38.05 / -82.51
    Surface Gravity : 0.18

    Approx. distance traveled : 48,500 LYs
    Distance to next waypoint : 4,900 LYs

    Waypoint 19 - Rendezvous Point

    Rendezvous Point has some airless worlds - giving us a chance to explore this famous system in some detail. As some of you may be aware, this system made the GalNet News in March 3301 when the first recorded deep space meeting occurred there, 43,000 LYs from Sol. A brief recording of the event was made at the time :
    A Distant Rendezvous. Leaving Rendezvous Point we cross the Cygnus Arm and head into the Scutum-Centaurus Arm.

    Base Camp Designation : "Columbus Basin"

    Star System : EACTAINDS GN-W C1-6
    Planet/Moon : 5 A
    Base Camp Surface Coordinates : 9.58 / -35.59
    Surface Gravity : 0.41

    Approx. distance traveled : 53,400 LYs
    Distance to next waypoint : 4,200 LYs

    Waypoint 20 - Oupailks Furnace

    We're now deep in the Bleak Lands. Stretching across 20,000 LYs of the Aphelion regions, the Bleak Lands are an enormous expanse of sectors that contain very little in the form of nebulae and star clusters. It is a conundrum that has baffled astronomers since the early days of deep space exploration as to why this part of the galaxy is in stark contrast to the beauty and content we enjoy throughout the Orion Spur region. Here we make base camp in 'The Pit' - A 1.12G High Metal Content World orbiting its parent star at a mere 8 LS away. Surface temperature on the daylight side of this world can reach up to 1,534K. This is an inhospitable place in a desolate region and it is from here that we begin one of the longest treks between waypoints; 8,700 LYs across the Scutum-Centaurus Arm.

    Base Camp Designation : "The Pit"

    Star System : OUPAILKS BB-M C8-5
    Planet/Moon : 1
    Base Camp Surface Coordinates : 3.73 / -135.70
    Surface Gravity : 1.12

    Approx. distance traveled : 57,600 LYs
    Distance to next waypoint : 8,700 LYs

    STAGE 5 MAP : Beyond the Abyss

    Waypoint 21 - The Roncevaux Crossing

    Before heading out across the Abyss, we gather at its southern edge and stock up on Jumponium fuel as this will be essential the closer to our final goal we travel. When crossing the Abyss, we skirt around the Chiea Pocket badlands and begin the final leg of the outbound journey - crossing the inhospitable Solitude Void and edge our way to the distant Ceeckia star systems.

    Base Camp Designation : "Shackleton Plateau"

    Star System : QAUTHEIA BA-A E0
    Planet/Moon : A 1 A
    Base Camp Surface Coordinates : 74.07 / 141.47
    Surface Gravity : 0.10

    Approx. distance traveled : 66,300 LYs
    Distance to next waypoint : 5,200 LYs

    Waypoint 22 : The Sublustris Beacon

    Situated on the far edge of the 'southeastern' part of the Abyss, this system acts as a 61,000 LY distance marker and a navigational waypoint for starships heading out to the galactic rim from the Roncevaux Crossing. It is almost exactly 10,000 LYs to Beagle Point from this beacon star system. This is our penultimate base camp gathering before we set off across the vast Solitude Void... a lonely journey out on the galactic fringe - through ever sparser star systems, beyond which awaits our final goal.

    Base Camp Designation : "Desolation Ridge"

    Star System : CHEAE EURL AA-A E0
    Planet/Moon : 7
    Base Camp Surface Coordinates : -48.63 / 108.72
    Surface Gravity : 1.20

    Approx. distance traveled : 71,500 LYs
    Distance to next waypoint : 10,000 LYs

    Waypoint 23 : Beagle Point

    Finally we arrive at Beagle Point. A star system on the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy offering all who reach it a real sense of remoteness as you look back at the very distant core regions, 35,000 light years away, and realize home is yet another 30,000 light years beyond that! There are not many places in the galaxy that can give an explorer that sense of scale. Outwards looking you see nothing but the vast inky blackness of the intergalactic void. Here at Beagle Point, at least one airless world and several airless moons await our exploration. A 1,200 LY excursion to explore The Moons of Podar can also be planned at this point. Podar is west and south of Beagle Point and sits on the northern edge of the Abyss. It is a ringed Earth-Like World that has 3 airless moons orbiting it - ripe for exploration.

    Base Camp Designation : "Darwin's Legacy"

    Star System : Ceeckia ZQ-L C24-0
    Planet/Moon : 2
    Base Camp Surface Coordinates : 48.56 / -35.57
    Surface Gravity : 0.17

    Approx. distance traveled : 81,500 LYs
    Direct Distance to Sol : 65,279 LYs

    Details on each point of interest mentioned above can be found in the Galactic Mapping Thread.

    Approx. distance traveled: 84,700 LYs
    Direct Distance from Sol: 65,279 Lys

    The Itinerary:
    August 12th 3302 Ummm
    Alpha Centauri 2042 L1 New World Crest 26.75/90.84 0.09 C
    August 13th 3302 0 – THE ORION NEBULA NSV 2123 AB 2 C Orion’s Belt -44.62/-87.99 Unknown C
    August 15th 3302 0.5 - PALLAENI Pallaeni A 1 Brook's Point 58.01 / -145.51 0.06 C
    August 23th 3302 1 - SHAPLEY 1 Fine Ring Sector JH-V C2-4 A 1 Laika's Rest -19.15 / 85.02 0.09 C
    August 27nd 3302 2 - THE LAGOON NEBULA NGC 6530 WFI 16706 A 1 A Tinné's Endevour -12.71 / 70.28 0.16 C
    31st Aug 3302 3 - THE OMEGA NEBULA Omega Sector EL-Y D60 2 A Camp Baatuta 18.44 / -139.30 0.15 C
    5th Sept 3302 4 - THE EAGLE NEBULA Eagle Sector EL-Y D203 6 A Mt. Magellan 40.36 / 167.04 0.11 C
    10th Sept 3302 5 - Skaudi-AA Nebula Skaudi WP-Z B58-4 2 A Skywalker Landing -16.00 / 112.00 0.07 C
    15TH Sept 3302 6 - Grea Hypa H32 Nebula Grea Hypa ZY-S D3-112 A 3 A Honor's Edge 0 / -77 0.08G IC
    20TH Sept
    7 - Eephaills Nebula Will be announced at WP6 -- --------- ---------------- ---- IC
    25TH Sept 3302 8 - Jaques Station Will be announced at WP7 -- --------- ---------------- ---- IC
    30TH Sept
    9 - THE ATHAIP WISTERIA NEBULA Optional Waypoint -- --------- ---------------- ----- IC
    5TH Oct 3302 10 - THE AMETHYST CLOUD MYRIESLY EC-B C27-381 A B 3B Tereshkova's Ridge -70.26 / 47.59 0.03 IC
    10th Oct 3302 11 - SAGITTARIUS A* STUEMEAE KM-W C1-342 1 B Armstrong Landing 57.25 / 78.06 0.08 IC
    15th Oct 3302 12 - ALTUM SAGITTARII NYUENA JS-B D342 4 F A Gagarin's Reach -66.88 / -96.00 0.06 IC
    20th Oct 330 13 - THE PHIPOEA NEBULA PHIPOEA DD-F C26-1311 3 E The Needle 24.58 / -178.40 0.30 IC
    25TH Oct 3302 14 - THE DRYAO CHREA STELLAR REMANT DRYAO CHREA VU-P E5-7481 B 3 A Chrea Cauldron -19.63 / 39.73 0.15 IC
    30nd Oct 3302 15 - ROSE NEBULA EORLD BYOE YA-W E2-4084 1 B Gemstone Canyon 7.70 / -103.58 0.09 IC
    4th Nov 3302 16 - THE GREEN CRYSTAL EOK GREE TO-Q E5-3167 2 D The Mound 26.63 / -120.95 0.16 IC
    9th Nov 3302 17 - THE MAGNUS NEBULA PHEIA BRIAE DK-A E303 8 The Sacagagwea Tundra 83.40 / 35.45 0.77 IC
    14th Nov 3302 18 - THE GREEROI VEIL GREEROI MD-Q D6-5 B 1 Camp Amundsen -38.05 / -82.51 0.18 IC
    20TH Oct 3302 19 - RENDEZVOUS POINT EACTAINDS GN-W C1-6 5 A Columbus Basin 9.58 / -35.59 0.41 IC
    25TH Oct 3302 20 - OUPAILKS FURNACE OUPAILKS BB-M C8-5 1 The Pit 3.73 / -135.70 1.12 IC
    5th Nov 3302 21 - THE RONCEVAUX CROSSING QAUTHEIA BA-A E0 A 1 A Shackleton Plateau 74.07 / 141.47 0.10 IC
    15TH Nov 3302 22 - THE SUBLUSTRIS BEACON CHEAE EURL AA-A E0 7 Desolation Ridge -48.63 / 108.72 1.20 IC
    23nd - 30TH Nov 3302 23 - BEAGLE POINT CEECKIA ZQ-L C24-0 2 Darwin's Legacy 48.56 / -35.57 0.17 IC

    Comments with your thoughts and opinions are welcome.

    EDIT:Was just looking at the OP and realized it was kinda confusing for some people to clarify:
    In the itinerary, the date that is posted directly next to the system name, is the date that you should ARRIVE there and also the day we will LEAVE FOR THE NEXT WAYPOINT.

    So for those wanting to come along from Alpha Centauri to the Orion Nebula, we LAUNCH August 12TH and will ARRIVE AT NSV2123 on the 13TH
    and then if you are also wanting to come to beagle point from the orion nebula, then WE LEAVE FOR PALLAENI ON THE 13TH, and will ARRIVE ON THE 15TH

    Then we will OFFICIALLY LAUNCH FOR BEAGLE POINT ON THE 15TH FROM PALLAENI. After that, the itinerary should be pretty explanatory.

    Just remember that if you want to group up with he main group at each waypoint, then you must arrive on the date specifically listed next to the star system. Sorry ffor any confusion this may have caused.

    I also HIGHLY recommend this ASP Explorer build if you're a beginner such as myself, it will give you enough power to get to beagle point and back,but if you can afford more, then do it.
    Ship Build:

    Permission to use the maps, itinerary, logo, and mission background has be given by Erimus & Dr Kaii.

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    Note: in order to have your name listed on the roster, reply with a post that is similar to this (Note that this expedition is open to both xbox and pc players:
    Note 2: Feel free to add me or anyone else on this list and talk to them about the expedition or message me any questions you might have.
    P.S. If anyone wants to help me get a lot of credits so I can fully upgrade my asp, lemme know, we'll bang okay? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Platform: Xbox
    Commander Name/GT: JumpStart57
    Ship Type: ASP Explorer
    Ship Name: IDK BRUH
    Jump Range: 34LY
    JumpStart57 ASP Explorer The Althalos 32LY
    Mobius the Crow Anaconda Millenium Hawk TBD
    VTEC DRIFTER667 Imperial Cutter Xenokaze TBD
    Helitony ASP Explorer Pheonix 34LY
    Soulless DCLXVI ASP Explorer ASC Nightmare Moon 32LY
    ParoDaryl ASP Explorer Darollz 27.75LY (36.57)
    LyonsJ0001 ASP Explorer Unknown 27.49LY
    Xta80 Anaconda Valkyrie 36LY
    RITMoon Anaconda ECS Carl Sagan 34LY
    Almaryn DB Explorer Unknown 33LY
    XxKB523xX ASP Explorer Cliodna-1 30LY
    Evolvesatlvl18 Anaconda Jupiter-3 39.40LY
    PBSF Stingray Anaconda Unknown 34.5LY
    Altheaus1 Anaconda Boundless Horizons 35.98LY
    MOTORHEAD1981 Anaconda Medusa 36LY
    GrotesqueAbyss Anaconda Heart of Gold 37LY
    jdm2104 ASP Explorer Unknown 32LY
    GJGeraldy ASP Explorer Altair's Hope 44.47LY
    Shadowy Reaper ASP Explorer Reapers Sin 25LY
    Pirate0r ASP Explorer Gremlin 34LY
    PATMAN returns ASP Explorer The Creepy Uncle TBD
    DeNzAck ASP Explorer Unknown 32LY
    xscapingReality ASP Explorer Good Fortune 32.76LY
    ste1623 Anaconda Big Bird 36.25LY
    Emporer Anaconda Lady Macbeth TBD
    Raptain Con Anaconda Song of the Mandate Schoolman TBD
    frezzo Anaconda TBA TBD
    L Bodom L ASP Explorer Roxanne 33.55LY
    CrunchyBaton955 Python MSS Viator 32LY
    Spuddies101 ASP Explorer ECS Viatori 31LY
    oxx UNKNOWN xxo ASP Explorer ASP Wipe 41.92(45.92)LY
    HARLAN09 ASP Explorer Robert Digital 31.43(33.75)LY
    Albie175 Anaconda Venus Rising 34LY
    SeraphimNeeded Asp Explorer The Last Star 38.68LY
    TEQUI1A SUNRIZE Anaconda Defender 1 41.18LY
    DEF Frigate ASP Explorer The Spook TBD
    Fhallopian Anaconda Glory Tube TBD
    GoinXwell ASP Explorer The Flying Dutchman TBD
    Lansher ASP Explorer Delphine TBD
    Tervaskanto ASP Explorer TBD 31.42LY
    zzUrbanSpaceman ASP Explorer A Ship Has No Name 34LY
    PerryThePyjack Python Morelia 35LY
    Forgotten abiss Python Maelstorm 35LY
    planting42 Anaconda Merry Muchroom 37LY
    JdoxRox DiamondBack Explorer
    Tazerh2 Type 6 Hope 25Ly
    The Quiltless ASP Explorer It Was Like That When I Got Here 37LY


    Announcement 1: Once the expedition launches, at each waypoint I will make a live twitch broadcast from the waypoint basecamp recapping the trip and describing the next leg of the trip.


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    Question 1: What does this expedition do that Distant Worlds didn't? It looks like all of the waypoints (and most likely the surrounding systems) have been well visited before by Distant Worlds

    Question 2: This is the first mention of it on this forum - do you think it would have been a good idea to see what the XBox community would like to do before coming up with an all-inclusive package holiday to the far-galactic rim?

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    Originally Posted by JT442 View Post (Source)
    Question 1: What does this expedition do that Distant Worlds didn't? It looks like all of the waypoints (and most likely the surrounding systems) have been well visited before by Distant Worlds

    Question 2: This is the first mention of it on this forum - do you think it would have been a good idea to see what the XBox community would like to do before coming up with an all-inclusive package holiday to the far-galactic rim?
    Also see Deep Recon X. Only a week old and still learning, but we're doing our own thing.

    DReXers please note you will NOT be considered traitors if you want to go with DW. lol (though Gord might strip your badge!)

    - - - - - Additional Content Posted / Auto Merge - - - - -

    PS. PCs and Xbones are VERY different beasts so good luck with instancing and comms.

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    Safe travels to any CMDR that heads off on the DWX

    It looks like a very interesting route, and takes in some amazing sights. (Things I've yet to see myself).


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    Best of luck CMDR's!

    Remember that the most dangerous thing that could happen to Explorers was Horizons (erhmm, that and 2.1)

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    Interesting, but I'm already at Rendevoux Point. I went alone on my own Schedule with extra waypoints. Jonking to waypoints now so will be at Beagle soon.

    Hope you have a decent turnout. Will be hard since some Xbox players already did it.

    If by some miracle Jaques makes it to Beagle and has planet landing modules then maybe I'll meet up with the fleet somewhere on my way home.

    P.S. You should consider a list of optional/minor waypoints along the way to freshen things up. They don't have to have landable worlds or be in range of every ship (hence the "optional" part). I've a list of my own I can take from since I've been doing the route.

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    1: The point of this isn't really to be different, the point is to bring together a community that until now, has remained largely separate from the rest xbox players have kinda done there own thing and nobody has really asked them to come together to achieve something like this, as a community. The main difference is the addition of the Barnard's loop expedition which is primarily to bring newer, in experienced players on their first journey with multiple people to help them along. I made the journey after my second week ingame, and I died five times before I finally made it. Maybe giving these players some support will encourage them to travel farther than ever.

    2: I'm not sure what you mean by all-inclusive but yes i see your point, perhaps people could leave suggestions as to some optional waypoints we could stop at along the way? One of the reasons I've extended the time between each waypoint is to encourage commanders to take their time and stray of the beaten path if you will,

    very good questions and I'm glad you care enough to ask

    - - - - - Additional Content Posted / Auto Merge - - - - -

    I like the idea, I'll add something to the post asking for suggestions

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    OP you are a bit late. Some of us have done it.
    Sorry! forgot to wish you Good Luck with your journey its a fantastic thing to do. Fly Safe Cmdr!

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    yep... thanks, but no thanks. Its been done before, and with such a big galaxy, why not do something which hasn't been done?

    You'll get the guys who didn't do Distant Worlds, and who aren't doing Deep Recon X, but I think that packaging an already planned expedition as something which has been crafted to bring in the XBOX outcasts is a little unfortunate.

    Not many of the XBoxers visit the main forums and would most likely have missed any planning discussions which might have taken place in the Exploration threads. More and more are venturing in there now since we're almost caught up with PC.

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    Originally Posted by JT442 View Post (Source)
    yep... thanks, but no thanks. I want to explore, not go on a bus tour. Its been done before
    If you think going to Beagle Point using the Distant Worlds waypoints is a bus tour YOU! are very much mistaken.

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    Thats why I removed it... it was a little harsh.

    Anyway, a better way of phrasing the OP's first post would be:

    There's a new expedition in the to all. details here:

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    Sounds good but I'll be going out alone on my own schedule. Though, I do hope to meet other explorers out there by chance.

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    lol yes I know I'm a bit late but either way, it's not as if people hadn't gone to beagle point on pc before distant worlds. It was a way to bring people together, and take people to places they haven't necessarily been. Distant Worlds was what made me buy the game, and I've been itching to go ever since, all I want is to have some people along for the ride and maybe even mix it up a bit

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    Ok so I have a proposition, how about instead of taking the exact route DW did, starting at barnard's loop, we branch off towards the elephants trunk neb, ngc 6820 and take a westward approach around the galactic core then cutting through the center, stopping at saggitarius and then completing our s-shape with an eastward approach to beagle point through hypio prao neb, pheia auscs neb, scheau blao aa-a h513, aemonz black hole, hyuqu neb and finally ending back at hypuae briae for the approach to beagle point. Or we could completely skirt the galactic core and continue westward around the galaxy and end up at hypuae briae for the final approach

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