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Thread: CH Products HOTAS Layouts

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    CH Products HOTAS Layouts

    If anyone is interested I've published my mappings and configuration for my CH Products Fighterstick and Throttle combo. There's also a handy printable layout guide covering all three (yes, three! ) modes. Full details over at

    Do bear in mind that I've been using these sticks for space (and flight) sims for quite a while, so the layout is more what I'm used to (especially in terms of where the targeting and system control mappings are) rather than being based on anything that FD setup with their default maps - you can't beat a good bit of muscle memory

    I should point out that this works with Beta 2.02, but I have found that with every major release I need to tweak the maps somewhat, and rebind all the settings because something has changed so YMMV if you're on a later version in the future. I'll endeavour to update things if/when the current map/bindings get broken.

    Quite happy to answer any questions about the layout, or to give pointers on configuring CH Product devices (my original alpha map, before FD put in much of the new mapping goodness like toggling axis, was a few hundred lines of CMS script ).

    -- Cmdr Davis

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    Nice one. I'll have to take a look at everything tomorrow after work. I've mapped my CH HOTAS controls in game, but haven't made a profile with the CH software since Alpha. Looking forward to checking out what you got going on here.

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    Hi Davis,

    Just wanted to say thanks for putting this together. I actually use a customised Left Handed setup so I needed to reverse a few of the buttons and axis settings, but apart from that it's working great.


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    Thanks from myself as well. Gave me a great reference and starting point. The software manual could be improved (in new-to-concept areas); this helped immensely.

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    Thanks Dom, I have downloaded and am testing your layout. I got my CH Fighterstick and Throttle today and to say I was a little overwhelmed as to where to start in mapping it was an understatement.

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    I just want to thank you for the Profile it's great
    A perfect reference for my own profile!
    I have one question is there a reason why you preferred the mapped mode for your profile ?
    I have to be honest I'm not sure what the differents between mapped mode and direct mode is besides that mapped mode shows the Hotas joystick as one stick for windows and the game !

    But thank you for your time and effort creating this profile !



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    If I understand it correctly direct mode simply presents the CH Products devices as is, so one will appear as DirectX device 1 with (I believe 3 axis and 16 buttons) and the other as DirectX device 2, again with 3 axis and 16 buttons. These will have the default assignments of X Axis, Y Axis, R(?) Axis and buttons 1-16.

    Not all games will support two joysticks and quite often I want more than 16 buttons on each stick, so you need to go to mapped mode which allows you to map different actions to different buttons. The profile I use for Elite combines the two sticks into a single DirectX device with 32 buttons (the maximum you can have on any given DirectX device), 5 Axis, as well as a whole bunch of key presses mapped to button presses and some scripting to alter the behaviour of the stick under certain circumstances.

    Hope that makes sense