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Thread: Frequently Asked Questions- Elite: Dangerous

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    Frequently Asked Questions- Elite: Dangerous

    FAQ- Elite: Dangerous
    Where can I pledge to Elite: Dangerous?

    You can pledge to Elite: Dangerous on Kickstarter here or by PayPal here

    Can you release “Elite” on the (iPhone/iPad/Console/Mac/Linux/Oculus Rift/Raspberry Pi) platform?
    Yes. It would be great. The PC version comes first though, and then we will look at the demand for other platforms. If the game exceeds its target, then there will be scope to increase the number of platforms. We will discuss with the backers in the design discussion forum, and how to address the issues that will arise, but I have every hope that we will cover some or all of these platforms. (Link)

    Will you have Newtonian physics in the game?
    Yes. The degree of the fly-by-wire to override the feeling of skidding is something we will carefully tune.(Link)

    Will I be able to speed up time?
    No, not in the sense that “Frontier” allowed you to travel huge distances in a short period of time. Instead we plan to use ‘local hyperspace’ travel. This is because time has to stay locked between the players (otherwise multiplayer doesn’t work). (Link)

    Will space be blue?

    No, it will be black, with a rich, realistic-looking star field and other background objects. The reason I had the background blue in “Frontier” was so that the planets could be seen as dark against a brighter background – but on some people’s screens it looked awful. It was supposed to reflect the rich mass of background stars. (Link)

    How will single player work? Will I need to connect to a server to play?
    The galaxy for Elite: Dangerous is a shared universe maintained by a central server. All of the meta data for the galaxy is shared between players. This includes the galaxy itself as well as transient information like economies. The aim here is that a player's actions will influence the development of the galaxy, without necessarily having to play multiplayer.

    The other important aspect for us is that we can seed the galaxy with events, often these events will be triggered by player actions. With a living breathing galaxy players can discover new and interesting things long after they have started playing.

    Update! The above is the intended single player experience. However it will be possible to have a single player game without connecting to the galaxy server. You won't get the features of the evolving galaxy (although we will investigate minimising those differences) and you probably won't be able to sync between server and non-server (again we'll investigate).

    Does the £750 tier include a +1 to the UK launch party?
    Yes it does!

    How will the Star System named after me work? Will there therefore be five star systems with the same name?
    For those who get to name star systems or space stations, the name will be your choice, within reason. It does not have to be precisely your name – it could be your nickname or something else (within reason). So if your name were John Smith, it could be Smithworld, John Smith, Smithy’s Station, JS Station, and so on. Some have asked if it could be named after a relative who is no longer with us. All these things are possible. It should be something that isn’t offensive, or legally we cannot use without permission, or has some other problem (so if your name is Coca Cola, then maybe you might want to use your nickname!). If you are naming multiple systems, then we ask that you choose a different variant – so they are not identical. For the star systems there will be scope for a sentence, appearing on the system information in the game – for example “This system was first discovered by the famous explorer John Smith, who came from Paris, Texas, Earth”. This sentence should be no more than about twenty or so words, and should fit the character of the game, and will be agreed with you. If we cannot agree then a standard sentence (like the one given here) will be used.

    Will the game br DRM-free?
    Yes, the game code will not include DRM (Digital Rights Management), but there will be server authentication when you connect for multiplayer and/or updates and to synchronise with the server.

    Speed of Communication
    Players will be able to communicate directly with each other. This has to be done instantaneously, otherwise we think it would be very frustrating. Space is truly huge, so an inter-system distance would mean delays of several years or more if we were being realistic!

    How does multiplayer work?
    You simply play the game, and depending on your configuration (your choice) some of the other ships you meet as you travel around are real players as opposed to computer-controlled ships. It may be a friend you have agreed to rendezvous with here, or it may be another real player you have encountered by chance. All players will be part of a “Pilot’s Federation” – that is how they are distinguished from non-players – so you will be able to tell who is a player and who is a non-player easily.

    You will be able to save your position in certain key places (probably just in space stations, but possibly while in hyperspace too, if we feel it is needed). A save-and-quit option will be freely available at those points, as will the subsequent reload, but there will be a game cost for a reload following player death. Your ship will still be intact in the condition it was when the save occurred, but there will be a game currency charge (referred to as an insurance policy) for this. This is to prevent the obvious exploit of friends cooperating and killing each other to get each other’s cargo. If you can’t pay, then it will accumulate as an in-game debt, and the police may chase you!

    There are no multiplayer lobbies, and the game will be played across many servers, augmented by peer-to-peer traffic for fast responses. Session creation and destruction happens during the long-range hyperspace countdown and hyperspace effect (which is a few seconds only), so is transparent to the player.

    We have the concept of “groups”. They can be private groups just of your friends or open groups (that form part of the game) based on the play styles people prefer, and the rules in each can be different. Players will begin in the group “All” but can change groups at will, though it will be possible to be banned from groups due to antisocial behaviour, and you will only meet others in that group.

    How do we plan to address PvP (player vs player) “griefing”?
    An obvious danger is an advanced player with a big well-armed ship in a busy system spends their time just picking off beginners, for fun.

    To understand how this will be stopped requires a little bit of understanding how real player ships will be treated slightly differently to non-player ships. Players will automatically be part of a “Pilot’s Federation” and will be identified as such, together with their ranking and name. Bounties are paid by this Federation – something that is therefore much higher for those that kill other Federation members. It will be balanced so that this cannot be used as an exploit (so a beginner killing a beginner is taken less seriously than an Elite pilot killing a beginner – it will be based on the ranking difference).

    There are four separate ways we will address this:

    1. The offender will very quickly get a serious price on their head (bounty) and criminal record. That price on their head will attract bounty hunters.

    2. Local police or military will respond very quickly and strongly to them.

    3. It will be legitimate for other players to attack them for the attractive bounty without attracting a bounty for themselves, as once there is a bounty on their head they are officially a pirate and ‘free game’ for everyone.

    4. If enough players complain about the offender's behaviour in a certain time, then they will be banned from this group


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    Sorry Paden, I'm hijacking your post- Ashley.

    What does is mean to be a founding member of 'The Elite'?
    “The Elite” are a secretive group of intrepid pilots. Throughout human space, there are a great many people that have been helped by “The Elite” over the years, and because of this “The Elite” are treated well, wherever they go. Whether it be discounts on buying special items or repairs, and the small number of founding members even greater benefits. Other benefits include a greater likelihood of being offered rare missions or opportunities. Membership is offered to pilots who have proven their ability by reaching “Elite” rating within the Pilot’s Federation, but the founding members are not put through such an indignity. All “The Elite” are entitled to display a special silver “Elite” emblem, and the founders a golden one with the word ‘Founder’ beneath it.
    Will the game be free-to-play after the initial purchase?
    We do not plan to make it subscription-based. Once you have purchased the game up front, you will be able to play thereafter for no further cost. Everything in the game will be purchasable with in-game Credits, earned from trading, bounty-hunting, etc. We will probably allow the supplemental purchase of Credits with real money, for those who want to accelerate their progress through the game.
    We do plan to charge for additional updates, to be available sometime after the original release. These will offer additional content, features and gameplay.
    Can I destroy planets?
    No. Think how quickly we’d be planet-less in the core systems in a multi-player game!
    How many craft types will you be able to fly?
    At least 15 at launch, and we plan to add more after launch.
    How many types of goods will I be able to trade in?
    A huge number. You will trade in goods classes, but now we will have variants too – based on location of origin (creating a rarity factor based on distance away) and quality – so you might have Lavian Brandy in the category Liquor/Wine.
    Will there be missions? What kind of missions will they be? How will they be generated (procedural or scripted)?
    Yes. There will be both scripted and procedural missions. Some missions will be implied rather than explicitly signed up to – ie you will simply encounter something and you can choose to engage or not. An example of this is an incoming distress call or a derelict ship. They might be what they seem, or they might not…
    Will you be able to script your own missions, for your friends to play through?
    It's something I'd like to see, but supporting dev tools externally is not something we'd want to do on day one. Down the line, maybe...
    What happens if I successfully raise the funds for the 'Writer's Pack' pledge. but then Elite: Dangerous doesn't get funded?
    Firstly, we are confident that we will reach the funding level. However, in the very unlikely event that the funding level is not met, at the end of the funding period we will be happy to make a deal outside Kickstarter for half the pledge level (ie £2,250), available to all those who have 'Writer's Pack' pledges at the end of the funding period, which will grant all the rights you need, and a license to use the relevant materials and imagery, so the book publishing can still go ahead. This should address the concern about a writer achieving funding via another route (eg from a publisher, or from another Kickstarter project), and ours not succeeding, leaving the potentially difficult situation where the writer cannot deliver on their promise.

    Are there additional rewards for upgrading my pledge?
    Pledge upgrades are unlimited and available to all tiers of £40 or more. Simply up your pledge by the total of the items you would like (including additional postage for each item if you are outside the UK), but keep the same tier on the “Manage my Pledge Screen”.

    Please note: each of these items is separate – it does not include all the previous items.

    Once the Kickstarter campaign for Elite: Dangerous has completed successfully we will ask you how you want the additional funds allocating (ie the amount over and above your selected tier), and then provide the additional items as described on the dates described.

    • +£15* Have a physical paperback copy of the official sequel to “The Dark Wheel” (Delivery March 2014)

    • +£20* Have a physical CD of the “Elite: Dangerous” music (Delivery March 2014)

    • +£25 Have an additional digital copy of the game

    • +£50* Have an “Elite: Dangerous” mug and “Elite: Dangerous” T shirt with “I backed Elite: Dangerous” on the back shipped to you (Delivery February 2013)

    • +£50* Have a signed (by David Braben) physical hardback copy of the official sequel to the Dark Wheel (Delivery March 2014)

    • +£500* Have a physical 3D model of a Cobra Mk III to scale (approx. 15cm) shipped to you (Delivery March 2014)

    • +£700* Have a physical 3D model of an Anaconda to scale (approx. 35 cm) shipped to you (Delivery March 2014)

    • +£400* Have a physical 3D model of a Viper Mk II to scale (approx. 10 cm) shipped to you (Delivery March 2014)

    • +£700* Have a physical 3D model of a partial cut-away (revealing the interior) of a Cobra Mk III to scale (approx. 15cm) shipped to you (Delivery March 2014)

    • +£950* Have a physical 3D model of a partial cut-away (revealing the interior) of an Anaconda to scale (approx. 35cm) shipped to you (Delivery March 2014)

    • +£550* Have a physical 3D model of a partial cut-away (revealing the interior) of a Viper Mk II to scale (approx. 10cm) shipped to you (Delivery March 2014)

    *UK shipping is included, please add an extra £15 for international shipping for each item category.

    Gift pledges can also be made for any pledges that are not limited in availability (for example the £20 pledge cannot be pledged as an gift). To add a gift pledge follow the same procedure as for the pledge upgrades.

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    I'm pretty sure that the network connection (ISP, distance from your exchange, noise on the line, local internet traffic etc...) would be the main factor in determining in affecting the client-side effect on multiplayer, but if one person's system is struggling to run it, then it may add in some degree of input lag which will be reflected on multiplayer.

    I don't think others will notice it too much, but the person straining to run the game will really struggle to compete in such a scenario.

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    Originally Posted by Paden View Post (Source)
    Hope it's the right thread to post on, but I have a question...

    I'm sure it's way to early to confirm minimum specifications, but if it's only available on the PC to start with, what's the general aim in terms of what we'll need to run it?

    I know that you guys want to push the boundaries, as did Elite and Frontier in their time, but will we need a monster system to run it?

    I'd like to be able to play it on a stock laptop (please don't shoot me!) - and there is obviously a commercial / accessibility issue here. I'm sure on the other hand, people with high spec machines would like to access enhanced graphics. Is that something you can build in, and would any of that affect multiplayer (sorry, I'm no techie!)?
    This would be the right place to post this, unfortunately it is way too early for us to discuss any technical requirements the game may need.

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    Be looking forward to more info as the scope to what you could do with this game is limitless. As I once said to Ian Bell a new Elite on a persistent Universe were everybody played in the same space would be amazing, yes you could daisy chain servers from one part of the system to the other but if it would seem like one big play area. Computer power is a million miles from the BBC model B I played this on and it was a marvel at how much they packed into that one disk.

    Great stuff, Customisable ships, space station sponsors, Career paths including police, Pirate, Smuggler, Bounty Hunter, Basic good to honest trader, Escort ships and hired hands to protect your Massive slow moving trade ship. Its endless!

    As players we have played this game already for the last twenty years in our heads wishing it would be realised!

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    As a lifelong fan of the Elite / Frontier series, I'm absolutely thrilled that there's a new one in the works.

    Will it be possible to fly down and land on planets like in Frontier Elite II and First Encounters? To me, that was the one thing that set Frontier apart from everything else.

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    Thanks Ashley - the Newtonian question was pretty high in many peoples minds. I think combined with a mechanic that makes combat a little less like jousting would be nice as well. Excellent to see these things coming from the 'horses mouth' as it were. Great to hear that space will be 'spacey'

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    One thing that I'm sure the members here would likely love to know.

    If any of the ideas pitched here or here over the years make it into the final game, will the forum members responsible for first posting it get credit for it?

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    Originally Posted by barcode View Post (Source)
    As a lifelong fan of the Elite / Frontier series, I'm absolutely thrilled that there's a new one in the works.

    Will it be possible to fly down and land on planets like in Frontier Elite II and First Encounters? To me, that was the one thing that set Frontier apart from everything else.

    I'd be amazed if you couldn't land on planets. That's what set FE&FFE apart from all the others.

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    Now that the new game has been announced, does this mean that yourself and perhaps other frontier staff (devs?) can discuss the games progress openly on this forum now?

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    Originally Posted by deej View Post (Source)
    Now that the new game has been announced, does this mean that yourself and perhaps other frontier staff (devs?) can discuss the games progress openly on this forum now?
    Progress reports is one of the things you get as a kickstarter backer if you pledged at the 10 pounds level, it says digital newsletter and progress updates. I'm sure they will let us know things here as well to a degree.

    As for the posts above regarding getting credit for putting in an idea on here I doubt it. It would be a minefield. Sure there are posts by dates but people would squabble because some people are like children.

    I am really hoping when some people post suggestions in detail that that does not automatically go on the DO NOT DO list because it was unsolicited. I hope not, it would not make sense else why have a thread asking for things like this.

    If there is anything I'd say it would be something like "Thankyou to all the members in our Elite forums".

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    Does anybody body know if the £750 tier includes a +1 to the UK launch party?

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    Originally Posted by rgmarett View Post (Source)
    Does anybody body know if the £750 tier includes a +1 to the UK launch party?
    If it does, who you gonna take? Me? T.j? Geraldine??

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    Originally Posted by Steve View Post (Source)
    If it does, who you gonna take? Me? T.j? Geraldine??
    I was actually thinking my wife would like to come! Maybe I should ask if the £750 tier includes a +4

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    If I may ask, is there anyone on this thread that pledged 100 + ??

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