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Thread: Elite Anthology: Tales from the Frontier

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    Elite Anthology: Tales from the Frontier

    Alright, this is a working title. Please help to fund, contribute a story or artwork if you can - and lets make a great book.

    Your money and your creativity are needed; but if we get funded, all of the money that isn't needed to pay KS fees or printing costs (if we can print) will go to Elite: Dangerous at the writers pack level.

    Right at this moment - there's no option to get a printed copy, but if the demand is there - I will work out what the costs are and add it (the most important thing is that we get the 4,500 for E: D)

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    OK, I pledged at 50 (I am fairly sure my finances will work out)
    and I intend to be one of the writers.
    In the event we don't get 15 different writers,
    I am planning on writing up to 3 short stories.

    May I suggest that a print run be a stretch goal?
    And for costs of that, see one of Drew's updates.

    I'd also like to suggest some updates,
    Say do an update about each author (1 author per update)
    Start with you Kipper, then maybe me
    Talk about the author themselves, what experience they have as a writer,
    what story (or stories) they are planning on etc

    I am also willing to do some proofreading

    EDIT: Michael's going to have a field day with this one

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    Well it turns out we don't need a print "run" so to speak - we can print on demand, so nothing need be printed that isn't sold.

    Saying that however, I'm unclear how that works out if we sneak over the line but some people have pledged to printed copies, so I guess its something we'll need to add as we get toward the end.....

    This is going to be exciting, I think!

    So Alien - if you can PM me a synopsis of your preferred story and a bit about yourself, we can start thinking about those first updates?

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    Print run / print on demand ... I have no idea what I am talking about

    Synopsis and Bio ... Which idiot suggested that? ... OH right, I did
    OK, boss ... I'm working on it right now
    (switches to solitaire when the boss isn't looking)

    Edit : PM sent.

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    Project backed at writer level. I'm also prepared to "fill in" for any missing authors towards the end if that becomes necessary.

    I'll see your examples on the bios etc. before I write mine. I'm a humanist (teacher educator) by trade and we tend to get long-winded with our assignments if they have no word limits...

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    Oh, and I'll start marketing this as much as I can today when I get off from work. Already let my FB friends know...

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    I think Kipper has some questions for the Bio & synopsis ...
    He'll probably send you a PM when he sees this.

    You are welcome to see what I did for Kipper if you want an example

    OH and welcome onboard

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    I sent you an Authors QA.

    One more thing to add for all authors/illustrators - if you want to link back to a personal page or twitter account, just make sure to add that somewhere and I'll put it in.

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    Good luck all of you!!

    I don't really have enough faith in my literacy skills to write anything of worth, but i'm behind you and applaud the commitment... you have my pledge. Looking forward to receiving my warm fuzzy feeling

    (don't worry i pledged more than a measly quid!!)

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    Thanks for the pledge

    Originally Posted by cassius5000 View Post (Source)
    I don't really have enough faith in my literacy skills to write anything of worth
    But you could think of this as a self-help group for people like you! I think for most of us, this is going to be our first time writing 'properly' - so you're in good company and just need a good story!

    With around a year to put it together, I'm hoping that with everyone helping everyone else out - we'll produce some good quality stuff!

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    By the way: How strict are we going to be about the length of the entries? If I say I'm looking at about 20k words, will I be tossed outside to cool off and try again?

    I'd assume that very short novellas (which is what I'd consider a 20k story) would not be that bad to have in the mix...

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    Unless Frontier themselves put any restriction on it, as long as its all relevant to the story - I don't see a problem with it being longer, especially since its digital.

    If we print, that might be different. I just don't know yet, but it could be that we end up printing 2 volumes.

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    Only 7 author slots left.... Anyone up for a writing challenge in 2013?

    Anyone want to do some illustrations? Plenty of room still there, 13 left...

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    Do you want me to do yours?

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