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  • 01 MrMogadon :- The Souvenir

    2 11.11%
  • 02 Bikky :- Opportunity Knocks, Into the side of the station.

    1 5.56%
  • 03 Rog :- Career Move

    10 55.56%
  • 04 Falkenherz :- Dangerous Wildlife

    5 27.78%
  • 05 Ian Phillips :- Wait For It

    6 33.33%
  • 06 KalRyper :- An Offered chair

    1 5.56%
  • 07 Erick Marcaigh :- Bad Jokes & other Knick-Knacks

    2 11.11%
  • 08 GT :- Ode to the Opportunist

    5 27.78%
  • 09 Scorpio :- Fools gold

    3 16.67%
  • 10 Splendour :- Golden Ticket

    5 27.78%
  • 11 Surfer :- Caught between the stars

    1 5.56%
  • 12 Frank :- All That Glisters

    6 33.33%
  • 13 insanephoton :- Gone in 60 seconds

    3 16.67%
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Thread: Drabble Poll: Opportunity

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    Drabble Poll: Opportunity

    Welcome to this weeks Abraka Drabble. The show where the general public get to pick the stars of tomorrow. In the past we've had big names such as Cathy, DaddyHoggy, Darren Grey, and Berni Flint.

    We've had a lot of talented entries this week. People who I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of in the future, and I do mean that most sincerely.

    The Clapometer was just a bit of fun, but it's now make your mind up time. Just tick three of the boxes in the list above to cast your votes. Anyone caught voting for themselves will be handcuffed to a chair and forced to watch reruns of "The Little and Large Show". For any of our cousins from across the pond watching, I can assure you that you should be very careful with your mouse.

    If you tune in on Sunday night you can find out who received the most votes, and will appear next week as the topic setter.

    * ** * *

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    Here is a little reminder of all the Drabbles we've had tonight, but do come back soon for a link to the audio versions of these entries. I myself am looking forward to hearing the poems.

    Edit: <reads a piece of paper that's just been past to him>
    I've great news folks! You don't have to come back to hear the Drabbles read out to you. There are available here:-

    Yes! We are indeed living in a world of modern miracles. No longer do we need to use out eyeballs to ingest the words. We can enjoy these stories in glorious... sound.

    01 MrMogadon :- The Souvenir

    The choral curtain sank on a fantastic evening of music at the Current Gardens School of Music.

    Having completed all four parts of the The herRing Cycle, famous basso-profundo, Jacques, retires to his dressing room.

    Event organiser, Barrack Oodah, checking on the maestro, finds him with a glass of Jim Bream.

    Jacques. Another triumph, you were fantastic

    Jacques replied “Please, call me Skyppe. I noticed everyone, at least in the first 5 roes, wore likenesses of me on narrow neckerchiefs emblazoned with my nickname. Can I have one, please?

    Barrack nodded and shouted “Get the Maestro an Opera Tuna Tie!!

    02 Bikky :- Opportunity Knocks, Into the side of the station

    Commander Herdie had requested assistance, he was new to spacefaring, and having difficulties with flight, combat and manual docking.

    Bikky showed off some skills, entering docking stations at odd angles, and shooting down some Feds at Eranin, before handing the controls to Herdie. Taking this opportunity to make some extra Creds, Bikky loaded up his cargo hold to maximum.

    Herdie then headed out to the next system. He fumbled around trying to dock, when he mistook an engine boost control for a reverse thrust, into the side of the station. Bikky was dumfounded, he didn’t have enough for the insurance.

    03 Rog :- Career Move

    "Think of it as an exciting new opportunity to meet people..."

    Vint's gaze drifted back to the muzzle of the weapon pointed squarely at his chest, and wondered if his day could deteriorate further.

    "...extremely violent people, of course."

    Station security was not a healthy career - especially out here on the ragged fringes of the Empire.

    "Yessir! Thankyousir!"

    "Splendid, knew you'd agree, off you go now..." The Station Commander indicated the door. "And no getting killed on your first day."

    Emerging onto the busy dock, he approached a likely looking pilot.
    "You! Stoways?" He demanded.

    "No officer!"

    "Ya want one?"

    04 Falkenherz :- Dangerous Wildlife

    After about 20 Minutes boredom, the Eagle spots a Cobra trailing slowly through the nightsky, and nosedives for it. Multicannons spit and spark and the Cobra hisses in pain and meets its demise, however, not after biting painfully back with a pair of railfangs, scraping away some skin from under the Eagle´s feathers. Here, pick a 650 Credit voucher. Not long after, another Cobra manages to slide away in time, but spills its entrails after being slashed by the Eagles claws. Great, sugar and mineral oil; I can probably mix it and sell it as Coffee on the black market!

    05 Ian Phillips :- Wait For It

    I have travelled the lonely road twixt the stars, waiting for that day when lady luck winks my way. I have searched for riches and sworn away at misfortunes ludicrous tricks.

    I have lost more ships than I care to remember, and forgotten more sweethearts than you could name. This uncaring universe ignores my plea's and the silent darkness swallows them whole, unheard and unheeded.

    All I have ever wanted has proved to be the most elusive of things. The seductive wink of my lady as she extends her hand, inviting me to accept her gift with open arms. Opportunity.

    06 KalRyper :- An Offered chair

    I've explained and shown him the wire-framed game I'd played at his age. He has poured over the original 'Space Trader's Flight Trading Manual', heavily thumbed that it is.

    Now he hovers, not quite docked to my shoulder but close enough.

    I yield the cockpit and he is straight in, full speed and weapons deployed. He leans with the turning ship, remembering to throttle back to get the cross hairs on target.

    "Dad, you need lots of rockets!"

    He wants the Anaconda but not to fly it; he has a "Big Score" to claim.

    Frontier, this game is already future-proofed.

    07 Erick Marcaigh :- Bad Jokes & other Knick-Knacks

    Knock, knock.
    Who's there?
    Opportunity who?
    That familiar music... Ah, per th' tune, it ties ya into the dock!

    Knock, knock.
    Who's there?
    Liar! Opportunity only knocks once!


    The Elite are given
    An opportunity
    To meet Jameson.

    The monks are solemn.
    Leading the Elite down the hall
    Into the dark tomb.

    On the pedestal,
    The coffin lays cloaked in dust
    Except the window.

    As I peer inside,
    The pillow remains vacant
    And my brain ponders.

    Our true faith dictates,
    Release the material,
    Believe in the myth.

    Leaving behind credits
    And adorned with the emblem
    I fight for justice.

    08 GT :- Ode to the Opportunist

    Glowing stars and shades of hue,
    Breathless skies and darkest nights;
    The villain hides and waits for you
    To find yourself between his sights.
    Glint of steel, a finger pauses,
    You're getting closer now
    Keep coming, yes you're nearly there;
    Strange absence of any noises,
    No idea or understanding how
    You're trapped inside the hunter's lair.

    A flash of light,
    The cockpit shakes!
    Cold fear grips, to run or fight?
    Surrounding asteroids block and makes
    Escape impossible; a fight he'll get!
    The odds are stacked against your favour,
    His trigger squeezed, the die is set,
    Another victim to his laser.

    09 Scorpio :- Fools gold

    Like a magnesium flare, the Cobra sped through Lave's thick cloud's then disintegrated . A dozen jettisoned cargo
    canisters appeared on Commander Moss's scanner, and were promptly identified as gold bullion. Moss finished scooping
    and turned away from the planet with joy in his rapidly beating heart as he calculated the enormous value of the cargo. Another blip appeared on the scanner. A FerDeLance was cutting through the atmosphere towards him. A hellish voice crackled over the intercom, colder then space itself.
    ' Don't be a fool . Abandon that cargo and go before I change my mind and hurt you. Run, and I'll find you !'

    10 Splendour :- Golden Ticket

    It was the opportunity of a lifetime. A cluster of white points on the scanner, one hundred and eighty seven canisters lazily spinning in open space, light-minutes from the nearest rock, light-years from the nearest settlement.

    Dia checked the readout again, Gold, Rubidium, Platinum. Nervously she double checked the instruments for any sign of other ships.

    "Please don't let this be a trap" she prayed as she flipped a switch dumping the Lakon's cargo of grain and cheap plastics into the void as though they were toxic waste, before aligning the now empty cargo scoop with her ticket to riches.

    11 Surfer :- Caught between the stars

    In a pilot seat he sits while many others destroyed by faith stay still and commander now thinks how lucky he is in this harsh universe. He was there at the edge, he will come and he will destroy those who try to demolish commanders faith in a right ruled and freedom state, a state where everyone will be free and everyone will have what suits them the most. The rulers will come and go but the commander is here to stay forever. The opportunity and the opportunist always had way of challenge through history from the ancient times up.

    12 Frank :- All That Glisters

    Tallig the merchant played with the sand, trickling it from one hand to another.

    Even with all the other weird sights of this far off world, Jake found Tallig's fascination with the sand odd. "As you can see it's top grade sand. How much are you willing to pay?"

    "Naw my dearrest acquaintance. You telling how much?"

    Jake knew he was on a winner. He opened with a ridiculous amount. "7000 a canister?"

    Tallig's eyes flew wide open. You could almost see the Credit signs in them. He shook Jake's hand, "Done!"

    Jake smiled back. He thought to himself, "Damn!"

    13 insanephoton :- Gone in 60 seconds

    To be a successful ship thief you need contacts, nerve and luck. The first two I have, it's just the third that can be tricky. Then I see my opportunity, an unlocked Viper. I enter the ship and start it.. I hit 'Return to Surface' and the lift carries the ship forward and up. This is it. Will 'Launch' work?

    It does, I hear the docking clamps release and watch the ramp lower itself. I lift off and it's a clear run to the entrance. I raise my gear and throttle forwards. Boost, clear mass lock and then jump. Success.


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    Nice collection of drabbles this week, and great to see new names joining in.

    Anyone can vote for their favourite three...

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    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, please do vote

    Yes sir! That is correct. Absolutely anyone can vote for their favourite three Drabbles. In fact it's positively encouraged.

    We don't pick our stars using panels of celebrity judges. We use you humble folks at home, sitting on your couches eating your KFC food out of your buckets.

    So try not to get your mouse too greasy when you push it to the Drabbles of your choice and click to vote.

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    Good man Kow!

    My generic MP3 player is uploading the file as I type.

    Rog, it looks like there's a good chance you'll win this week's Drabble this week, what with the fact you've got an excellent Drabble and you're leading the pack an' all.

    Of course I wouldn't want to tell you what topic you should pick, but I would like to point out how much fun it would be if Psykokow had to read out a bunch of Drabbles which each featured his demise in various unsavoury and comical ways.

    <deadpan face>.

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    Great audio work chaps, enjoyed that.

    Frank - It's a long way until the finishing hanky is manfully waved, and I feel sure that whoever receives the imaginary victor's tiara wouldn't be so... impolite as to suggest such a topic.

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    Originally Posted by Rog View Post (Source)
    Great audio work chaps, enjoyed that.

    Frank - It's a long way until the finishing hanky is manfully waved, and I feel sure that whoever receives the imaginary victor's tiara wouldn't be so... impolite as to suggest such a topic.

    The audio is great. It does make the difficult job of picking my votes easier.

    Yes Rog it is true that no gentleman would suggest a topic as barbaric as the death of Psykokow, but I would like to point out at this juncture that a vote for me would be a vote for such a topic. <politician's false smile>

    I say let the galaxy decide.

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    We could do with a few more of the galaxy deciding: 13 entries and only 12 voters so far.....

    Anyone can enter, anyone can vote!

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    Too many choices.

    Vanity request: I totally like how you read mine. Can I have the sound file, or how do I exctract mine from it?

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    Good to see many different stories in this week's contest, although Rog seems to have quickly cornered this week's vote.
    As a recent new boy, welcome to our new contributors.

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    Great job on the audio guys, really enjoyed listening to all the entries, adds another dimension to it, reading is easy but voice is excellent.

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    I told Rog I was going to cast all three votes for his most excellent story!

    They're all great, as usual and the choice (except Rog's) was difficult. I love being able to read all these every week. Definitely a highlight to look forward to!

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    Congrats on a great Drabble Rog!

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    That's a fantastic win Rog, a great Drabble!

    Well folks! The shows over bar the shouting for the next topic. Well done to everyone who took part. A special thanks to the extra five people out there who showed their appreciation by voting. <stops to ponder for a second> assuming all the contestants voted.

    Thanks also to Ian Phillips and Psykokow who spoon-fed us our words in tasty dollops of audio.

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