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Thread: Commander Boz's Book

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    Commander Boz's Book


    I'm the artist formerly known as Boz. Apparently I'm going to write a book.
    Join me here for discussion pertaining to that thing.

    Chad Baxter

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    hi Boz.

    i remember you on the kickstarter

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    Hello Mobius,

    Ah, those were the days, were they not? This forum rather lacks the free-for-all manicness of the Kickstarter comments, I miss it a bit.

    Anyway, what gives?

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    Hi 'Chad',

    Another KS refugee (and Boz backer) here.

    One thing I like about this post-KS world is that the ED pledge amount is static (which of course means it isn't going down )

    I sincerely hope you're not more stressed that your KS succeeded than you were worrying about whether or not it would succeed ...

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    Stickied for future discussion, good luck Captain Chad!

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    well you have arrived at the party a bit late, we have already had a few members disapear because they couldnt handle negative comments, we have threads being closed and merged, and we have all had a debate about a word that was used during kickstarter with half the people wanting the meme used in game while the other half thought it was just plain stupid to use a kickstarter word( I would have to agree with the people who think its stupid). since the excitment of a sucsessful kickstarter as died down and people have gone back to work, the forum has now settled down a bit.

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    Hello Fermat's Folly.
    Hello Ashley.
    Hello Mobius.

    Thanks for backing, hope you're looking forward to the book. Stressed? Me? No way!
    Thanks! And double thanks!
    Really? I'm guessing that was 'Jonty'. I'm happy keeping it on Kickstarter. I'll bet Jonty ends up in there, somewhere.

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    Hey Boz,

    I'm still watching, but resisting my natural impulse to respond to every post (just a lot of them). Hope the book is going well

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    On the Elite: Dangerous Wiki, we have a Fiction page. On there we have a link for "Commander Boz's Book" (linking back to this thread) but no information.

    Once there is more information, please let us know.

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    Hey Hamerstein,

    Thanks for checking in! The book is in a healthy place, just on ice at the moment while full-time job commitments take priority. Hope to be able to put in some writing hours very soon...

    JazHaz - Thanks for adding my book. All the information I am willing to share with those who've not backed the project is in the public domain already, so the entry looks fine as it is

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    Hi Chad/Boz, I'm keeping track of all the Elite books I pledged for during the Kickstarter for Elite Dangerous. I'm missing one or two snippets of info on yours:

    - Would you be so kind to let us know a (working) title for your book?
    - What is your planned release date if other than March 2014? (Just for bookkeeping, I'm not going to hold it against you... yet... owh, and others might! )
    - Do you have a personal hyperlink for the book (AKA a webpage) other than this forum?

    Happy writing!

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    I appreciate that "work comes first" but you seem to have vanished.

    - Emailed you via Kickstarter .. nothing
    - You haven't posted in the forums for over a month

    Are you ok ?

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    Originally Posted by Chad Baxter View Post (Source)
    Hello Mobius,

    Ah, those were the days, were they not? This forum rather lacks the free-for-all manicness of the Kickstarter comments, I miss it a bit.

    Anyway, what gives?
    People are still putting comments on the kickstarter

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    Originally Posted by Jason S View Post (Source)
    People are still putting comments on the kickstarter
    Including Commander Boz on Feb 24th (

    Hello everyone, sorry for having been AWOL. My last planned update was a slightly tongue-in-cheek piece of work which I think would go down like a Led Zeppelin right now, but I'll post it in the 'later' folder. I've not run away to Jersey with everyone's money, just been snowed under with things, but fear not, the Dude abides. By which, of course, I mean that Chad Lives! Still on course. Apology update soon! Boz

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    Is the title actually going to be "Commander Boz's Book"?

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