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Thread: Playing Elite with Google Cardboard

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    Playing Elite with Google Cardboard

    Ok, time to update this. Trinus has come a long way since my original post.

    If you have a newish Android smartphone, I can confirm that Elite works with Google Cardboard! So you can now try the full VR experience with headtracking for about 20!

    I haven't tried an Oculus Rift DK2 yet, but positional tracking is absent (rotation only) and performance is surely worse. I'm using a Nexus 5 phone, so the resolution is the same as the Oculus DK2 (1920x1080), but my graphics card is too weak.

    The glorious software to make this happen is Trinus VR:

    Elite, Android phone, Google cardboard or similar

    Install software
    Install Trinus on your phone from the Play Store (start with test version):

    Install Trinus server on PC. Download:

    Start the Trinus server on your PC and the app on the phone. I prefer the Advanced menus, but you might be able to get the Basic version to work. Input your PC's network IP on the phone. On my system, they connected without any problems, but you might need to fiddle around a bit here. Open firewalls as needed, etc. See Trinus website and forum for help. The USB tether option gives better performance than any wifi connection option.

    On the Trinus server's Main tab, select "Freetrack" for sensor type. Set "Rotation Sensitivity" to about 1/3 along the slider. Under the Sensors tab, select a key for "Reset" - I use F12. You'll start the game looking in a random direction, so remember this key.

    Install SweetFX lens correction shaders:
    The aspect ratio in 3D SBS is currently for TVs, not VR headsets. Instead of 16:9, we need the aspect ratio per eye - 8:9. This can be resolved with SweetFX shaders. Instructions and download here:
    Copy the files to your Elite programme directory. Read OculusDroid_README.txt for further instructions and setup.

    Running it all
    Start Trinus server and app. Connect them.
    Start Elite. In graphics options, select windowed and 3D side by side.

    Marvel at true VR. Personally, I cannot play with this continuously. I can barely read UI text, framerates drop, and my old computer is rather suffering. But it's fun to play around with, it really works, and it's an incredible experience the first time.

    Video by Phoenix_Dfire:

    EDIT: TrinusVR can now be run with SteamVR. It is a better option than Freetrack and removes the need for SweetFX.

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    Good testing sir, had not heard of Trinus Gyre beforehand

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    Just ordered a Cardboard kit from Amazon for $20 for use with my old HTC One X+. I don't know how well it will work but for $20 VR I'm willing to take a chance.

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    One thing to keep in mind is that while Cardboard does WORK it is far from perfect. My lenses may be the wrong size or something but they are hard to use for extended periods because of how my eyes adjust. This is even more difficult for people who have trouble with 3d in movies etc... its a much stronger effect. So if you find yourself irritated when seeing movies in 3d you're probably not going to be able to even use Cardboard.

    That said, they work quite well for gaming! I was playing Skyrim the other day and I hadn't thought of doing it here.

    Sadly my Wifi is busted on my Nexus 5, may need to get it replaced or do a reset.

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    I have heard (cannot confirm as I have not tried) that it is not great for gaming purposes unfortunately which is a shame.

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    Can I use it with glasses?

    Does it not use the gyro sensors from the phone itself?

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    Originally Posted by hydraSlav View Post (Source)
    Can I use it with glasses?

    Does it not use the gyro sensors from the phone itself?
    I gave the software a test a few days ago (demo Android app) and it worked ok on my Nexus 4, but I don't have google cardboard so can't tell if everything will be 100%

    But it did display a split 3D image for each eye.

    The software maps the phones sensors to Mouse, TrackIR etc depending on what you want (might need the base software to work).

    Just ordered a cheap Google cardboard kit on a slow boat from china so will give it a better test when that turns up.

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    Nice post!

    Guess I'll have to try this with the LGG3 (3GB ram and 1440 x 2560 res)

    Edit: Whilst looking over the website for Google Cardboard I read through some FAQs and here's the last one:

    Q: Can I use a pizza box for the cardboard?

    A: Yes. Make sure you order an extra large.

    Good to know

    Also, where's the best place to order the google cardboard kit?

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    My gosh, this is some news. Thanks for this OP. Will have a quick test tomorrow.

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    That's amazing! I will try this!

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    Originally Posted by hydraSlav View Post (Source)
    Can I use it with glasses?
    Does it not use the gyro sensors from the phone itself?
    There is unfortunately no room for glasses as the Google cardboard lenses are placed right in front of the eyes. I'm mildly nearsighted and it works fine without glasses for me. My wife - strongly myopic - needs to use contacts. Trinus Gyre also has lots of settings for lense adjustment. I have no idea if they would help.

    Yes, it does use the gyro sensors from the phone.

    I picked up my kit from Search "I AM CARDBOARD".

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    Might be interesting to try this with the larger phones ( I use a note 3)... *googling for cardboard kit to suit*

    ETA: Found one. Ordered it. Let's see how the "poor man's oculus" works

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    Well, I can get the little quid thing in Opentrack to move about, but I can't get ED to recognise the movement to set the up/down axis or left/right.
    Any ideas?

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    > Well, I can get the little quid thing in Opentrack to move abou

    Read the FAQ. Second link in sig.


    With regard to Trinus Whatnot:

    Talk to loxai, the author, somewhere else, he can't even see your comments here. So if there are bugs (like lack of wakelocks, etc) it's pointless to mention them since he can't fix them.

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