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  • 01 - TJ - 30 years on…

    10 50.00%
  • 02 - Mr Mogadon - Stretching Things to the Limit

    3 15.00%
  • 03 - Frank - Traveller's End

    8 40.00%
  • 04 - Erik Marcaigh - Infestation

    9 45.00%
  • 05 - Kalryper - Shelved Memories

    6 30.00%
  • 06 - Splendour - History in the making

    4 20.00%
  • 07 - Galactic Midden - A New Beginning

    5 25.00%
  • 08 - Insanephoton - A Long Journey

    5 25.00%
  • 09 - Ian Phillips - The hole in my life

    8 40.00%
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Thread: Drabble Poll: Discovery & 30 Years On

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    Drabble Poll: Discovery & 30 Years On

    Welcome to this week's Drabble Poll.

    Pass over your polling card. Go to the above voting booth and vote "yes" to three of the above Drabbles. Anyone discovered spoiling their ballot papers by voting for themselves will put away for a long time.

    To accommodate people who work, the polling booth will remain open until Sunday night. The results of the ballot shall be announced immediately afterwards.


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    Please Read This to Understand Your Options

    01 - TJ - 30 years on…

    These young whippersnappers don't know they're born!

    It's just me now.

    Psykokow exploded from excess gas during a Haggis binge.
    BrettC choked on Gwens Cobra.
    TLG shot himself.
    Jenner's operation went wrong (not a good idea to lie upside-down on the operating table for a joke.)
    The Ian's merged themselves accidentally,
    Kerrash is still demoing the game somewhere.
    Styggron is still downloading the game.
    Michael shouldn't have been standing so close to Kow...

    The others won't be forgotten. RIP Guys.

    I've my fresh colostomy bag, let's go do some moderating.

    Anyone seen my banhammer, I'm sure I left it somewhere?

    02 - Mr Mogadon - Stretching Things to the Limit

    Looking at ways to reverse the decline in IQ, scientists had created an artificial womb that played music to the developing child to enhance brain development. Sister Sledge and Donna Summer were found to be most efficacious.
    Unfortunately, some yellow rodents who had been bred as part of an experiment to add flavouring to livestock, had been affected by the music and, with their enhanced IQs, had managed to escape from their cages. Overcome with emotion to be free, their crying caused an electrical fire which destroyed the womb.
    Yes, the dirty tears of sour mice ruined the disco ovary.

    03 - Frank - Traveller's End

    It took thirty years of searching but there it was. A beacon announced the name of the system and the habitable planet of the system confirmed its legendary moniker. Two planets had collided and squished together resulting in something that resembled a peach floating in space.

    Jake's expression betrayed his mixed feelings; that was it!, all the money he earned, all the adventures he had, to get him to this point. But then he realised that was not the point. It's the fun he had on the way.

    He picked another four-letter word and launched himself into the starry abyss.

    04 - Erik Marcaigh - Infestation

    "Good thing you discovered this fairly quickly. Might be able to get 'em out," said the exterminator.

    "But what in the world are they?"

    "Rootsrats. Local varmint. Tunnel an' screw like crazy. They'll multiply'n destroy your crop 'fore long." He grabbed one and ripped it's head off. Plucking out a little gland in the skull, he squished it and gave it a sniff. "That's rank! They're attracted ta this smell. Know it?"

    Kalran sniffed, "Oh yes, that's the Psykokow dung I am using as the fertilizer."

    "Gotta get rid of it. In 30 years, these rodents'll completely destroy this land."

    05 - Kalryper - Shelved Memories

    Spittle flew from Ben’s mouth, adding the necessary sound effects for the crash landing. Bits of Space Lego scattered across the carpet. The yellow pilot rolled free then lay still, face frozen in a smile: it had been an epic battle.

    “Happy birthday son,” his father disrupted the scene.

    Paper tore. A cry of joy. An empty box, announcing ‘Elite’, fell as its contents were rushed to the computer. Scrabbling legs kicked more Lego. The yellow spaceman disappeared.

    The bookcase moved, shredding thirty-year old cobwebs.
    “Want to fly in a Cobra?” an older Ben grinned.
    ‘Epic’, the pilot smiled back.

    06 - Splendour - History in the making

    Recent analysis of the fragmentary records that survive from the infant years of space travel has thrown new light on the catalyst for the birth of interstellar space travel.

    Not the founding in 2044 of COLSYS, the organization behind the first Lunar colonies, but the proliferation 30 years earlier of recreational software that popularised the concept of space travel.

    There are references in the literature of the time to buying virtual spaceships in something called 'Star Citizen', a bloodthirsty simulator called 'EVE', but most intriguingly, and even cited in a number academic papers, 'Elite' features heavily in those nascent years.

    07 - Galactic Midden - A New Beginning

    "Too young for the military!" they'd said. 'Anyone can run missions' thought Jay, stealing his dad's treasured sidewinder. 'I'll make my own, I'll show them!'

    Hiding he headed into the system's remote asteroid belt. Jay relaxed, daydreaming... 'I'll become commander and be the best'

    <emergency stop! proximity alert> Fearing an asteroid impact Jay was overjoyed to have stumbled across what looked like a forgotten military training base. 'This looks old' thought Jay as docking completed.

    "Interface connected"
    [Load New Commander (Y/N)?]

    'Commander!?' shouted Jay triumphantly, 'Yes! Begin the first Jay-mission'

    "Biological sample accepted. Lockdown initiated. Commencing 30-year pilot obsession programme"

    08 - Insanephoton - A Long Journey

    It hasn't been easy to get here. The planet Erey is in a system far from the core. We're at least five jumps from civilisation. I've waited most of my life for the opportunity to see this, it's hard to believe that I'm finally here.

    I first heard about it when I was a kid. Thirty years ago, the Braben-Bell expedition found something mysterious. A huge metallic disk. No one knows what it's for or even what it's made of. Some say that it's dangerous. I'll find out soon enough.

    At last I can see the fabled Disc of Erey

    09 - Ian Phillips - The hole in my life

    I've been orbiting a black hole in my life all this time, but didn't know it! I filled my time with all sorts of quests, keeping myself busy. I've travelled the stars, both known and unknown and seen wonders that you could never even dream of.

    But something was missing and I have now discovered what it is and what I have unconciously longed for these past thirty years.

    I'm going home. To Terra. Because I cannot continue with this companion I have dragged around with me all this time.

    Space is big, vast, beautiful, dangerous and I'm so lonely.

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    Only three votes so far

    Are people taking their time with this week's drabble and giving it the serious consideration it deserves or is it just that everyone posed for the audio Drabbles?

    You can tell it's a slow day at work

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    Waiting for the audio.

    Not really, I already voted. I normally wait til Sunday, but I'd already picked during the week.

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    got some audio on its way... soon TM

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    Originally Posted by MrMogadon View Post (Source)
    Are people taking their time with this week's drabble and giving it the serious consideration it deserves or is it just that everyone posed for the audio Drabbles? )
    Oh my this is a close one this week. I'm voting early. I like to base my decision on the literary merits of each drabble and my own interpretation of the text. Plus I can then sit back and enjoy the audio repertoire with all the bells and whistles Psykokow throws at it. Very immersing.

    Also I am then immune to any manipulation Psykokow sneaks in and tries to corrupts our minds with

    I found choosing my top 3 particularly difficult this week and it'd be nice if more people drop in to vote over the weekend. Well done drabblers and good luck.

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    Double Elite Global Moderator Sir.Tj's Avatar
    Still deciding, but it's a 4 way split atm.

    Now that's close.

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    Audio version is up... It has some extras to enjoy at the end...

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    "I don't speak Swedish.
    I barely speak English."


    EDIT: I was hoping for some great commentary in the Extras! And I'm certainly not disappointed!

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    Originally Posted by Erik Marcaigh View Post (Source)
    "I don't speak Swedish.
    I barely speak English."


    EDIT: I was hoping for some great commentary in the Extras! And I'm certainly not disappointed!
    Psykokow had to have the last word, and boy! what a word.

    Talking of words


    I anticipate a fulmination of circumambages to...<flicking through thesaurus> obfuscate next week's orthoepy

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    I wonder if the theme was ever "Foreign Languages", that most drabbles would be written in Pig Latin?

    ykokowPsay ouldway umblestay overyay evenyay oremay ordsway anthay ormalnay.

    Alternatively, we could perpetually come up with innumerable ways to make this more arduous for the tenacious Psykokow by necessitating overuse of a Thesaurus, compelling entrants to avail themselves of singularly voluminous words.

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    Originally Posted by psykokow View Post (Source)
    Audio version is up... It has some extras to enjoy at the end...
    That was a lovely reading of my drabble, thanks 'Kow. In fact it was intriguingly good, genuinely!

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    i dont know why i couldnt get it

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    Originally Posted by psykokow View Post (Source)
    i dont know why i couldnt get it
    you made me google it because I thought it was spelt wrong and then I couldn't pronounce it either lol

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    The 30th anniversary is happening during this poll.

    Jameson's had to make an appearance somewhere.

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