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Thread: Beta 2.02 incoming

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    Beta 2.02 incoming

    The servers will be going down in about 10 minutes time to allow us to apply the update. Beta 2.02 should be available by 20:30 BST.

    Once again, the team would like to thank everyone who waited so patiently for this update. The beta testing you do on E: D is incredibly important.

    If there continue to be issues with the build, please keep in mind that this is the nature of beta tests. There are more updates to follow.

    Here’s the change log for 2.02:

    - Multithread crash in stellarforge fixed
    - Make each of the disconnects from missions have their own unique reason
    - Turn off date stamping of log files for beta 2.02
    - Don't let overachieving AIs send cargo collect requests
    - Fix flipping direction on supercruise entry
    - If we get a call to disconnect from main game flow then write the reason into the network log file
    - When entering new location expect the PrimaryServerLink may be in Disconnected state for a few frames, only give up if it stays that way for a few seconds; add more explicit logging if giving up here
    - Fix for AI group duties crash
    - Tone down star streaks - halved the number of star streaks and reduced their opacity
    - Scratches on sidewinder cockpit are overpowering - reduced dirt intensity
    - Fixing naming error that was stopping a medium hard point door from opening
    - GUI fix for missing rating on modules
    - Distance on purchasable data now displayed
    - Fix for network MTU size mismatch
    - Prevent crash from network stall and resulting replication errors
    - Force requests closed on shut down

    Enjoy Cmdrs

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    Thanks for keeping us updated

    *fingers crossed*

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    Excellent work again!

    Thank you all so much

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    Superb work again guys well done.

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    Pretty impressive to turn these fixes round so fast, thanks for the hard work!

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    Nice, thanks!

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    Great stuff.

    Even if this doesn't fix the login/startup issues, go home, have a drink - get some sleep - and look on the problems with new, fresh, less-tired eyes in the morning

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    Do you know if this fixes the Black Screen load error?

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    FD are TOO awesome!

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    Oh good - I need a bio break.

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    So if you are "toning down the star streaks" then I guess we will actually be able to see them again instead of just the galaxy and darkness?

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    Hopefully I should actually be able to connect to the server after this

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    Just one simple question:

    I wanst able to bind the upgraded D-Scanner. Bug or me doing something wrong?

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    Amazing work, thank you!

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