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Thread: Elite Encounters: The Elite Dangerous RPG

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    Elite Encounters: The Elite Dangerous RPG

    Hi everyone.

    I have just launched a Kickstarter to fund a Writer's pack pledge to develop a pen and paper roleplaying game based around ED.

    The kickstarter page is here:

    Any support, pledges or publicity you can spare would me much appreciated. This is something I've dreamed of doing since I started roleplaying in the early 90s. I dabbled with an Elite RPG while I was at university but this promises to be exponentially better.

    Thanks for reading.


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    I'm in.


    • Drew wrote Elite: Reclamation during 2013 and the new official Elite Dangerous novel Premonition during 2017 •


    • Drew no longer regularly posts on this forum, but if you're looking for an answer you're are welcome to contact him via PM or via his website should you wish to do so •

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    I've stickied and pledged. Good luck with the Kickstarter.


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    Hi mate good luck with this project. I will defo back it on Friday after pay day.

    I would love to be a play tester but won't be able to pay that much. Due to having a small family etc.

    We run very regular rpg games weekends for a group of 5 40 something role players who have been playing together for over 30 years.

    Current games being played - Delta Green, Traveler, CoC, Atomic Highway, and in 3 weeks about to embark on The One Ring. One of our team often submits stuff to Chaosium and we play test a lot of their products.

    If you need any help in any area including hosting and website creation would love to help in anyway I can.


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    looks like FD rolled out the red carpet for you, the RPG is first up in the new kickstarter update from them

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    Good luck Dave! Pledged for a copy. Would be willing to contribute artwork also, but will not pay to do so.

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    Originally Posted by AndyB(EDB50) View Post (Source)
    looks like FD rolled out the red carpet for you, the RPG is first up in the new kickstarter update from them
    I am a soft touch.


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    Wow, it's been a hell of a first day: £1835 at last visit and 102 pledgers!

    What can I say: the Elite community again proves that it's the best. And Michael, you rock - without that mention in the update things would be a lot slower than they have been

    Comments have been supportive and helpful - the amount of people offering help and services is awesome and there are several ideas there for stretch goals and new pledges.

    @Out2lunch: thanks for the offer but I already have a series of websites!

    @Nvmb3rth30ry: fully understand, the artwork pledge is a longshot, but with the tie-in to official Elite : Dangerous stuff it might be good exposure for a budding artist, which is why I included it. More importantly, thanks for the pledge!! :-)

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    Originally Posted by Selezen View Post (Source)
    What can I say
    How about "But we need another three-and-a-half grand"

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    Well done Dave, awesome idea and great to see it so successful already!

    Do check your email too...
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    You'll have my pledge before your KS closes for sure, I have dreams of kickstarting my fan fiction into a writers pack so it will be nice to see how fast your funding comes in.

    OK so realistically my idea is only a dream but with nearly to grand already it looks like your dream will soon be a reality!

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    Great first day, Sel... the time-line wizard is rolling!
    The only good fnord is a dead fnord!

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    Have to say, I'm really excited about this. Hopefully it makes pride of place on my favourite shelf. No pressure!

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