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Thread: Complete Maps of the Bubble

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    Complete Maps of the Bubble

    I took a dump of system coordinates kindly provided by one of the devs, and turned it into a set of maps which you can refer to offline.

    XY XZ YZ

    The links shown are those which form a "fuel efficient network", based on the power-law relationship between jump distance and fuel consumption. Coincidentally, it seems to be an effective way to deal with the spiderweb problem, without restricting you to viewing the links from only one system at a time.

    The colour-coding is such that brighter colours represent shorter jumps. Pure cyan is for the shortest links, up to 5 ly, which any ship should be able to traverse. Deep blue is used for very long jumps, over 20 ly. The overall structure of the network stands out nicely this way, and should be useful to owners of both short and long-ranged ships.

    By way of comparison, here's the same rendering technique applied to the old Beta1 systems:

    XY XZ YZ

    The third version is now up, adding several dozen previously unknown systems from crowdsourced data.

    The second version added:

    - Several uninhabited systems from Beta1 have been added to the Beta2 maps.
    - Several systems located through crowdsourced distance measurements have also been added.
    - Local maps are now provided in a zipped bundle.
    - A colour-coded scale has been added, so you can more easily work out what colour links represent which distances.


    Shortest 10 links:
    ('26 Draconis', 'LFT 1361') 0.328 ly
    ('36 Ursae Majoris', 'Ehlangai') 0.418 ly
    ('Caer Bran', 'Connla') 1.403 ly
    ('LP 27-9', 'WREDGUIA DO-O B47-1') 1.454 ly
    ('Dharai', 'LP 45-128') 1.688 ly
    ('Ads 10329', 'Ao Qin') 1.694 ly
    ('Cr Draco', 'Cr Draconis') 1.728 ly
    ('LP 322-836', 'Nanauatzin') 1.782 ly
    ('G 230-27', 'Vetr') 1.962 ly
    ('LHS 2126', 'LHS 256') 2.081 ly

    Longest 10 links:
    ('NLTT 47491', 'Taurawa') 34.883 ly
    ('HIP 2453', 'San Guaralaru') 29.531 ly
    ('LP 71-157', 'Ross 210') 29.018 ly
    ('Ba Bhumiang Ku', 'Tring') 26.354 ly
    ('WREDGUIA VM-Q B46-3', 'WREDGUIA WH-Q B46-2') 26.043 ly
    ('LTT 14761', 'Thaumas') 25.288 ly
    ('HR 8474', 'Jaoismonjin') 25.267 ly
    ('LHS 2651', 'Rahu') 25.031 ly
    ('LHS 2651', 'WREGOE SB-N B48-1') 24.896 ly
    ('LHS 250', 'Mullag') 24.701 ly

    Most isolated 10 systems:
    Hera 11.475
    Tring 11.333
    Chirichianco 11.039
    HIP 113477 10.657
    WREDGUIA YC-Q B46-4 10.657
    Altais 10.532
    Kulkanabossongma 10.417
    Killke 10.15
    BD+65 1846 10.11
    LP 320-359 9.967

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    Great work - thank you!

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    Nicely done ;-) (sorry, out of reps @ the moment, but did 5 star the thread)

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    A couple of caveats:

    1) I had to manually delete the "Training" and "Destination" systems from the data dump. They don't seem to be accessible within the main game, and they were positioned close enough the core to disrupt the fuel-efficient network in the i Bootes / Styx region.

    2) It's likely that there are entire undiscovered systems further out - notice how the stars tend to get further apart as you go towards the "outer" end of the bubble. It's even possible that some systems relatively close to the familiar core are not represented in the dump.

    If you discover a system which fits that description, then you can give me enough data to add it to the map by taking distance measurements to about half a dozen systems that *are* on the map from within the unmapped system. Stick them in here: Distance Measurement Submission Form.

    3) The network is based on the power coefficient quoted for the Cobra Mk.III some time ago. It might not be strictly accurate for every ship in the game. It probably doesn't matter very much, though.

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    This is awesome - you talked about data dumps. Out of curiosity how did you get the data?

    "live" scraping? Parsing the OVLs? Something else?

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    A spreadsheet posted by one of the devs. Nothing underhanded.

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    Nice work, thanks a lot

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    Can you share the spreadsheet?

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    Originally Posted by clinton View Post (Source)
    Can you share the spreadsheet?

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    Nice work!

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    Mmm, there are *definitely* some stars out there that are not on the map. Keep those measurements coming in; I'll incorporate them into the next version.

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    Originally Posted by Chromatix View Post (Source)
    I took a dump of system coordinates kindly provided by one of the devs, and turned it into a set of maps which you can refer to offline.
    Whoa... Impressive

    May I ask what software you used?

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    Wowser. Am I the only one who finds that completely unhelpful? Kudos for doing it though.

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