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Thread: Beta 2.03 incoming

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    Beta 2.03 incoming

    Good evening Cmdrs,

    Beta 2.03 will be available by 19:30 BST. Thank again for your patience and your continued feedback. This game wouldn't be able to happen without your input.

    The team will continue to iron out any further issues - we will keep you updated on their progress.

    Change log for beta 2.03:

    - Fix the MTU discovery code
    - Reduced mission system causes for kicking players from game while in hyperspace
    - Prevent the client from dropping connections with an ED server while we are waiting on responses from the server
    - Crash fix for some cargo drops using the wrong symbols
    - Stopping the divide by zero when the light is obscured by the planet
    - Crash fix for text box list
    - Prevent star system errors clogging the server
    - Cut down the logging of overdue machines to avoid making an overloaded server any worse
    - Fix players not being rewarded (and not punished) for killing wanted ships
    - Stop the galaxy map binding while in a hyperspace transition
    - Some guards for entering bad star names into the galaxy map nav bar which end up being interpreted as generated names
    - Ensure that objects shut down cleanly when closing down ships and stations
    - Clear AI groups before destroying them
    - Enable mouse headlook while docked
    - Fix for missing stars after opening galaxy map and main menu during same transition
    - Handle the case where a StellarForge request times-out but something else has already generated the same star system
    - If a get star system request fails the signal we’ve been disconnected from the server
    - Right hand HUD element sometimes displays blank now fixed
    - Prevent Cockpit panel focus when we're in the preflight check
    - Limpet network fixes
    - Update patrol paths around stations
    - Prevent spurious first disconnect if it isn’t really a disconnect

    See you in space Cmdrs

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    Thankyou guys. Can't wait to play, sorry "test"

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    Thank you guys!
    *fingers crossed* again!

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    aye well done guys, cant wait to play.

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    I hope there's a fix for the menu freeze as well.
    fixed great.

    Just getting client to new now.

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    excellent ! did you find the "too bright" bug ?

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    Yay!!! Thanks for info!!! Maybe I can finally play the game..

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    Great stuff once again guys, see you on the other side!

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    Ooooh! Hopefully i can finally get in the game, thanks guys in advance

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    Woohoo, changelog time ! Thanks for the update guys !

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    Thanks, Edward, for the update. I'm sure it was worth the wait. Thanks, team, for your efforts.

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