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Thread: Supercruise "Time To Destination" info = genius

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    For destinations with a letterbox, always approach the station from the nearest planet. This will usually give you a decent alignment to the letterbx.
    I usually aim for 0:06, try to get a good angle on the destinations orbit, top/down with a nice circle drawn around the planet is perfect. Then I aim the ship between the planet and station. Full throttle at about 1350ish KM/s, this usually drop to under 1000 when in range.
    If I see I am about to overshoot, I just drop nose, get destination at a good angle and circle it until 0:06 again. If this happens when closer to station, I try to do a circle 90 degrees on station and planet, inside the stations orbit. This makes it easy to align for entrance once speed bleed off.

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    Can someone confirm for me, are the concentric blue rings around planetary bodies the gravity well? I find if I steer just outside of those I can approach at a faster speed, as I suspect that I'm not experiencing any acceleration due to gravity and overshooting.

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    While it is possible to "exploit" the eta as the OP described, the feature itself is broken until it factors in the automatic speed adjustments by the computer.

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