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  • 01 azdour - Would you like ice with that?

    2 12.50%
  • 02 Darren Grey - Ice Sculpture

    2 12.50%
  • 03 Frank - Dicing with the Law

    9 56.25%
  • 04 Ian Phillips - Ice Cold Mystery

    1 6.25%
  • 05 Galactic midden - The Butcher

    1 6.25%
  • 06 MrMogadon - The ICE Man Cometh

    4 25.00%
  • 07 W4rSkuLL - Lost in ice

    2 12.50%
  • 08 Bleke - A cool safe haven

    6 37.50%
  • 09 Splendour - Golden Oldies

    1 6.25%
  • 10 insanephoton - Ice cold in Alexa's

    3 18.75%
  • 11 Psykokow = Deep Space Mayday

    9 56.25%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Drabble Ice Poll

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    Drabble Ice Poll

    It's Thursday evening and so it's time for the ice poll. Last week's winner, Darren Grey had chosen "ICE" as the topic, and we now have a bunch of cool Drabbles to vote on.

    We'd like to hear you opinion of the stories we've put forwards for this contest, so get your mice out and start clicking on the above poll.

    Psykokow has made it easier for you to absorb the stories by reading them out to you.


    It's a multi-choice poll, but please only choose up to three entries. Anyone caught voting for themselves will be encased in ice and sent off to Jabba the Hutt.

    The poll closes on Sunday. The winner is announced

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    For those of you who prefer choosing by eyeballs instead of earholes

    01 azdour - Would you like ice with that?

    The visitors on the stations main viewing gantry gasped as something started to eclipse the main star in the system.

    The level of nervousness started to grow on the gantry. An eclipse was not due for many months.

    The stations speakers chirped loudly into life.

    “We apologise for the temporary absence of the star, normal service will be resumed shortly”.

    As the star emerged from its hiding, it revealed the source of the darkness.

    A small fleet of Anacondas dragging a large ice asteroid towards the station.

    The stations barkeepers were always good at making best use of local resources...

    02 Darren Grey - Ice Sculpture

    'Why you staring at that scanner so much, guv? It's just a comet.'

    Archie huffed at the pilot’s ignorance. 'It’s not just a comet! Each one is a unique sculpture, a beautiful artwork crafted over eons. And this… this one seems strange.'

    Madison shrugged. 'Just a lump of ice to me. And the sooner we're outta here the better. I've heard some weird stories from this system.'

    'Bah, overblown rumours. Now, let's get a look… oh.'

    They stared as the high-res scan revealed a thousand faces trapped in ice, a thousand bodies mangled into a grotesque sculpture spinning through space.

    03 Frank - Dicing with the Law

    Galcop Sergeant Sharp eyed Mr Midly as he checked the itinerary "I know you're up to something. The profit from that fish wouldn't pay for your fuel."

    Midly smiled "Gravity! It makes my ship feel different." He opened a Janx, poured it down into a glass, and dropped cubes into it. "You care for a drink officer?"

    Sharp ignored the offer. "Once a smuggler, always a smuggler!"

    A constable poked his head round the door, "We've searched from top to bottom, sir. Just ice-packed fish."

    Sharp gave a baleful look before leaving.

    Midly fished the sparkling cubes from his drink.

    04 Ian Phillips - Ice Cold Mystery

    It was the wierdest scan result she had ever found, even counting all the years she had been prospecting.

    It had been a routine scan of an ice asteroid field, but it showed a high concentration of metal in one region.

    Carefully she threaded her way through the brilliantly glittering obstacles, hunting for the anomaly with her scanner.

    Even thought the asteroids were mostly ice, they all held impurities and were smoothed surfaced, the result of millions of years of the star's energy melting the surfaces.

    Out from a shadow the ice asteroid lazily turned, revealing the entombed ship within.

    05 Galactic midden - The Butcher

    T'tikal-ya leaned heavily against the restraints, bracing for another delivery of agonising pain. The metal construct of blades above the table was nicknamed 'the butcher' by the brutal slavers here on Ry'ni's-9. Understandably feared, it's purpose was to viciously punish any disobedience.

    Her name meant 'Ice Empress' and T'tikal-ya justified this label with cold indifference. She had known far greater suffering in the mines of the beryllium ice fields.

    T'tikal-ya slowly smiled as she activated 'the butcher', watching as saws tore through the slave's naked flesh. For she was Ice Empress owner of this system and all her property within.

    06 MrMogadon - The ICE Man Cometh

    The Cobra’s cargo door was open and mist slithered down from the dimly lit interior.

    Psykokow edged closer to peer in.

    “Come in. Have a proper look” a voice said.

    Psykokow boarded and was soon firing out questions

    “Is that a helium-cooled plasmoid amp? Yes, with active fibre crossovers? I didn’t think they actually existed.

    What else you got?

    Direct neural optical and aural interfaces. Immersion suits.

    Oh my farking god, a neural net predictive, preloading sequencer and holographic crystalline 100 Shilentnobyte storage system.

    The works.”

    Psykokow was almost tumescent** with delight.

    “You’re definitely the ICE* Man”
    (*In Cobra Entertainment)

    ** Copyright Stephen Fry

    07 W4rSkuLL - Lost in ice

    A lone drunk man and his Sidewinder drifts along an ice asteroid field.
    Old Wobby sings snuffling, "My whiskey, my whiskey dont let me down, yehaaa".

    He just emptied his second bottle, and his memory is failing.
    Looking out into the sparkling field, something is missing. "Ice, for my drink" he shouts.

    The canopy opens with a "wosh", and out drifts Wobby like a leaf in the wind, totally out of control.

    The ice pick gets a hold on an asteroid and he sits down.
    The bottle of booze is
    with him.

    "Ohh hell yeah, its whiskey on the rocks."

    08 Bleke - A cool safe haven

    A shockwave tore the last enemy apart as her lasers sliced through his powerplant. "Now quickly before their main artillery arrives!"
    Svetlana headed for a nearby planet and let her ship drop like a rock, braking only as it became absolutely necessary.

    Steam hissed and erupted as the red-hot hull touched down and began to sink through the surface. Soon there was no evidence that anything had happened except a puddle of water which was freezing over fast.

    The engineers had thought she was crazy installing a system to feed waste heat into the hull.

    Down below she smiled smugly.

    09 Splendour - Golden Oldies

    The lights dimmed.

    An expectant buzz rose from the thronged amphitheatre, relic of the first days of the colonisation of Mars.

    Tickets for the universe’s largest ancient music festival had been changing hands for thousands of credits, people had travelled hundreds of lightyears to see the stars of the 3300’s revive the old masters.

    A sudden crash of fireworks and strobe of lasers brought wild cheers from the crowd as, resplendent in mustard pantaloons and lime blouse, Susan Boils descended onto the stage.

    The speakers throbbed out an unmistakable rhythm.

    ‘Dum Dum Duhduh, Dumdumdum duduh duhduh. ‘

    "Ice ice baby!"

    10 insanephoton - Ice cold in Alexa's

    I'm in cosy bar in a quiet backstreet. Alexa picks up a tall glass and offers it to the pump. The golden nectar of ice cold lager pours into the glass with a foamy white head on top. She places it on the bar and I pause. I watch the head settle and observe droplets of condensation form on the glass.

    Sadly it's only a dream, a vision to keep me sane. Something to aim for. If we ever get off this god forsaken hell-hole of a planet I'm taking the crew there and we're going to have that beer.

    11 psykokow Deep Space Mayday

    deep space mayday, deep space mayday
    OK stop, when you see them glisten
    Iceteroids and their deadly mission
    Something to avoid while sprightly
    Pirate chasing you day and nightly
    Will it ever stop? Yo – I don't know
    Turn ship to silent, no shields and no glow
    To the extreme dodging rocks like an elite pro
    Fire up those shields, show the pirate a low blow.

    Damn, He got you with his salvo
    Taken out your sheilds like they’re made outa sour dough
    Deadly, your ships dyin with no power
    Send the distress call maybe, get some help in an hour?

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    Frank you missed my drabble!!

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    I took a quick glance at the main Drabble thread. I couldn't see it. Did you post it there?

    I'm glad you made it into the contest. I'll be listening to the audio... soon(tm)

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    Originally Posted by psykokow View Post (Source)
    Frank you missed my drabble!!
    See what happens when you let the EmCee loose around the Janx before polls are posted?

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    I hid it in a spoiler :d

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    I guess my cunning plan to eliminate the competition backfired on me <embarrassed grin>

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    I think the voting this week will largely be a formality.

    Might as well say congratulations to Psykokow right now, that was a great drabble.

    And I haven't even heard the audio yet.

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    Well, 'Kow... I played your rap for my daughter (who loves Vanilla Ice so much that she dressed up like him last Halloween). You earned her seal of approval.
    "That was really good!"

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    High Praise indeed, thank you both very much..

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    Originally Posted by Bleke View Post (Source)
    I think the voting this week will largely be a formality.

    Might as well say congratulations to Psykokow right now, that was a great drabble.

    And I haven't even heard the audio yet.
    If you thought Psykokow's rap sounded good before you heard it, then wait until AFTER you heard it!

    Agent P, you should be thinking about what topic to choose for next week.

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    'Kow absolutely fantastic performance.

    If we ever start an International Song Contest set in the Elite Universe called something like the DrabbleVision (TM) Song Contest, you've got my vote.

    As indeed you did this week.

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    Yay, I got a vote. I really must get around to voting sometime soon. It was a tough topic this week which is why I had to resort to classic British war movies for inspiration.

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    Deep Space Mayday. UK no.1. I predict it.

    Seriously though, that last song needs to be made into a full parady video for Elite: Dangerous!

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    To warm up the icy conditions with a few rubbish puns

    Well it's starting to look like a 2 horse race, and some of us old nags appear to be frozen stiff as we aren't even off the starting line yet! But we're only just past the first jump with 2 days of this horse race to go so perhaps it won't remain so glacial.

    Will we see voters droving in to vote with the herd?
    Will everyone be able to pull themselves away from racing their prime stallions to the padDock?
    Will you watch to see if PsychoKow slips on an un-gritted part of the course to meet another untimely death at the hands of the pollmaster?
    Or will Kow bullishly sing his opponents stone cold dead as he deftly manoeuvres his mobile disc-jockey-space-cow through the asteroid field to be first across the line?

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