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Thread: Buckyball Run 5: If you've got the soul, you can make it!

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    Buckyball Run 5: If you've got the soul, you can make it!

    Looking for info on the previous Buckyball Runs? Click here for the Buckyblog.

    Did you take a screenshot of something cool on your way down the Pill?
    Or just like looking at the view? Either way, check out for all the Elite eye candy your brain can handle!

    POS indicates current position based on submitted race time. UNK No submitted time. UR Under Review.
    DNF Did Not Finish. DQ Disqualified.
    SPECS: ship hardware listed in this order: Power Plant/Thrusters/FSD/Power Distributor
    Times updated daily, or when I feel like it.

    The "Buckyball" Braben Star-to-Shining-Star Memorial Trophy Dash, widely known simply as The Buckyball Run, was an unofficial, unsanctioned spaceship race run from Xiaoguan Hub in Magec to the Vonarburg Co-Operative in the Wyrd system, intended both as a celebration of the Federation Interstellar Star Route System and a protest against strict traffic laws coming into effect at the time.

    As it was found out, the newly imposed 9.8c relativistic limit imposed by the Federation Maximum Velocity Law (imposed as an energy conservation measure) was actually slower than the quickest average velocities of point-to-point travels of Commander Ian Buchanan "Buckyball" Braben (no relation) in the first half of the 32nd century. In 3102, Braben flew the route in a Cowell-MgRath model 57 Sidewinder, averaging greater than 12.5c, setting a 32 minute record that stood for nearly 140 years.

    Another motivation was the fun involved...

    So what is it?

    The Buckyball Run is a series of point-to-point rally races within the navigable "capsule" of space in the Elite Dangerous beta, chosen so that anybody with a slightly modified ship* can measure their best time from start to finish. Commanders with more advanced vessels can make the runs as well, though to be fair times should only be compared with other ships of the same class. Even then, it might not be class, speed or range that ultimately determines the best time.

    So... What's the deal this time?

    The Buckyball Run 5 is a throwback to the original Buckyball Run, a straight-up race to the finish line. Start at Daimler Settlement in Coelrind, dock at Skolem Settlement in Xi Wangkala as fast as you can, 143 light years away by a route of your choosing. I suggest glancing the galactic map before takeoff.

    The only other rule is that each use of the distress beacon for in flight refulling is a 10 minute penalty. Odds are you're going to screw up at least once and wind up in a system with no gas station. If you do, fess up and take the 10. Don't make Bucky do math and actually audit your bank account. Bucky hates doing math.

    So that's it? No cops? No smuggling? No checkpoints?

    That's it. Just fly. Take a screenshot of the Station Services screen at launch to verify your starting time, ship, position and credit balnce, and take another at the end.

    Wait, these aren't the two most distant stars in the pill. What gives?

    Yup, you are correct, but it's close enough. It was partially done to make sure low end ships could still make the trip, but also because the farthest points are dumps with no facilities or cheezball orbitals. I'm not gonna have everybody start and finish where they have to camp out, or when DaveB shows up in his party barge he can't dock because they only accept "medium" size ships.

    It's also a good idea not to end in Federal space because the Federal Fun Police are looking to shut us down now. (It may have something to do with the roughly 50,000 Buckyball bumper stickers I paid to have stuck all over the outside of Daimler Settlement. They apparently didn't think it was funny, the crybabies. Which probably means you shouldn't loiter and whatever you do, don't say the word "Buckyball" while in dock... Being the Feds it's probably a capital offense.)

    What about classes? Do Sidewinders still compete with Sidewinders, and Vipers with Vipers, etc?

    That's a good question. For this race, probably not. With ship modding, you can take a Sidewinder or Eagle and really give it legs. Of course the more money you have, the faster and farther your ship can go. Rather than doing it by ship type, it'd be cool to go by cost for determining factor racing class if I can figure out how. Regardless, there will probably be a special award for whoever makes it in the ship with the lowest jump distance rating. Really, though, just take whatever ship you have make the run just to see if you can do it. There's a whole lot of space out there to explore!

    On that note: the base Sidey won't make it to the finish line this time around. You need a ship with at least 11 LY jump capability to reach the other end of the pill. There might be a route with less, but I haven't found it.

    As usual, screenshots will verify the racers' times. Take a screenshot of the main Station Services screen before you launch, take one as you land. If you want to shave off a second or two, screenshot the clock immediately when you touch down, but be sure to capture the Station Services screen immediately afterwards.

    Also as usual, people recording video of the race do not need to take screenshots but do need to open the Station Services screen for verification at the beginning and end.

    The deadline to submit times is 23:59, 27 October, 3300 game time, prior to the launch of Beta 3. You make as many attempts as you like.

    The Important Stuff

    Plan for 30-60 minutes to complete, less for larger ships, plus whatever time you need to plan your route. To break it down, follow this simple flight plan and checklist:

    1. Post your intent to race in this thread, or if you are not a forum member, email (bucky at electricz dot net) with your info. List the following:
      • Your commander's name (if different than your user name)
      • Ship Name
      • Ship Type
      • Specs for the ship: Power Plant, Thrusters, FSD and Power Distributor.
        (or the whole loadout if you want to brag. You can also take a screenshot of the outfitting screen showing the required stats.)
      • Jump Range (unladen)
      • Your answer for the Official Buckyball Question of the Race: "What's your favorite ship from any media?"
      • Note: Solo/multiplayer used to be here, but just include that with your individual time submissions in case you decide to try both.

    2. Make sure your ship is in tip-top shape at Daimler Settlement in Coelrind. Make repairs, remove any excess mass. You need at least 11 ly jump range to make the trip.
    3. Plan your route. Don't skip this step or you'll find out how much it sucks to have to backtrack or take penalties for emergency refuels.
    4. Make sure you are on the surface and prepare for launch. If you start your clock in the hangar you'll be unhappy.
    5. Open the Station Services screen and hit F10 to take a screenshot or start your video capture, showing your location and credit balance. You need it in order to qualify your run.
    6. Launch and get going, champ! The clock is ticking!
    7. Navigate your way to Skolem Settlement at Xi Wangkala and dock. It's a bit of a hike, not gonna lie.
    8. Open the Station Services screen and hit F10 to screenshot. (You can save a second or two and screenshot the clock as soon as you touch down but you must follow it with the Station Services screenshot.)
    9. PM me links to your screenshots. (Do NOT post them.) Submissions for race times will be accepted until 23:59, 27 October, 3300 game time. OR if you are not a member of the forum and would like to participate anyway, email your links and route info to (bucky at electricz dot net.)
    10. While awaiting the results, crack open a bottle and share tales of your exploits with your fellow Buckyballers to enjoy or ridicule as they see fit.

    1. Run the race using only one ship at a time. If you are destroyed or otherwise incapacitated, do not finish the race in a respawned Sidey or other replacement. Start over. Exception: if your client hangs or crashes you may resume at your last save point, but unfortunately the clock does not stop since there's no way to verify how long you were out.
    2. Refuel only at stations. Emergency beacons are a no-no. If you push too far and have to call for a tanker, you will incur a ten-minute penalty. (Or restart to wipe the slate clean.)
    3. Make as many runs as you like. Your best time will be recorded at the end of the race. Racing multiple times in different ship types is A-OK, and times for each will be recorded separately.

    The difference in times from the first screenshot at Daimler Settlement and your screenshot at Skolem Settlement the end will be the official time of your run. For video, it's the time you launch at Daimler until the time the clock appears upon touchdown when you return. The pilot with the shortest race time will be the winner. Again, we'll figure division/class winners as we go. Suggestions are welcome!

    Because solo mode eliminates lag and congestion around star ports, solo pilots have a time advantage over people playing online. Please note if you are racing solo or multiplayer when submitting your times.

    The credit balance will be to evaluate if the pilot utilized the emergency beacon for an in-flight refueling session. For each expenditure equaling the cost of an inflight refueling (class dependent) the pilot will incur a ten-minute penalty. This is to discourage the use of in-flight refueling using the distress beacon. So drive carefully, and don't run out of gas. Pilots of your caliber shouldn't have a problem. (Well, the fuel thing may get you this time, but that's life in the big pill.)

    Send links to screenshots or video and route information to me via private message. Pilots need to provide screenshots of the start and finish. You will need to provide a route list, but don't provide it until the race is over. There's no way I can have it in my mailbox and not have it affect my planning.

    When the race period is over, I will post the collected times and a summary of the race. Then, sit back and enjoy the glory and admiration showered upon you by your fellow pilots.

    So what's to keep me from faking my screenshots or refuelling without admitting it or lying about my ship's stats?

    I can't stop you. There are all kinds of ways you can cheat. As in the real life, earth-bound Cannonball Run, there is no prize for winning other than doing it. In addition, "there was a gentlemen's agreement that the vehicle entered would be driven the entire distance, not having it transported on another vehicle, nor having an identical second vehicle hidden near the finish, etc." That's the spirit of this little exercise. How fast can you make the run, using only your piloting skills the ship you've got? There's no need to cheat because what would that get you? Don't be that commander. Nobody likes that commander.

    Thanks for the lecture. Anything else?

    Nope, that about does it. Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines. You may launch at any time. The Shotgun Shine has already departed for Skolem Settlement and the bar will be open by the time you dock. Good luck, Commander!

    FAQ in the next post.

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    Bbr5 faq

    Buckyball Run 5 FAQ - Spoilered to keep from giving away the ending...

    Do I have to race against other people?

    This is a rally race, so you're racing the clock and comparing your time to others. This model lets racers run on their own time from anywhere in the world, plus it's a lot less work for your beleaguered race organizer. It's still fun, trust me!

    Do I have to play online then?

    I used to encourage multiplayer just for the added thrill, but because of stability issues and lag, Solo racers are welcome. Race both ways if you can! Just be sure to note which way you're playing when submitting a time.

    Why are there no times on the leaderboard?

    Times are posted at the finish.

    Our crack marketing research team polled eleven thousand commanders and found that posting times while the race was ongoing actually discouraged pilots from participating or logging a time if it didn't compare favorably with the times already on the board. So, relative position is all that's shown until the end.

    However, upon sending in a time, the pilot is told how far back he or she is from the closest competition if they choose to make another attempt.

    It's like a rally race, or a marathon. The participants don't know the competitors' times until it's over.

    How do I take screenshots?

    To take a screenshot press 'F10' to put a screenshot into The Frontier Developments\Elite Dangerous folder in your 'My Pictures' folder.

    How do I send you the screenshots in a private message?

    First you have to have a place to store it online. I recommend, a free picture storage site. Registration is free. All you have to do do is upload it to imgur. Once uploaded, look for an HTTP link to copy into your private message to me here on the ED forum.

    Or you save it to Dropbox, Google Drive, make a web page, post it to your blog, just as long as I can see 'em. At the end of the race, they will be shared by all.

    I forgot to take a screenshot when I launched/landed at one point.

    Bummer. No entry for you, then. It's in the rules. We'll name the next run "There and back again" in your honor.

    Screenshots suck. How do I record it?

    That's beyond the scope of this document. Google is your friend. Or, ask one of your friendly fellow Buckyballers.

    If I go through all of this, jump through all these hoops for you, what do I win?

    All the virtual groupies and fans you can imagine and the accolades of your fellow commanders on this board.

    No, I mean, what do I win that's TANGIBLE?

    What, like prize money? A trophy? As an unsanctioned event run off of a message board, I've got nothing to award and no way to get it to you in game. Fun and bragging rights will have to be enough.

    BUT... In game, you will get better at navigation, docking, collision avoidance, and interdiction avoidance. Under the gun to make a good time, my docking went from "easy, easy, OH GOD STOP" to being able to do an uninterrupted velocity landing through the slot down to the pad. Not only does it make you feel like a stud, it's a skill that will stick with you and help you in the game. Being jack rabbit quick means less time loitering in Supercruise or outside the slot waiting for people to shoot at you. Your races will also help other commanders learn from your experience. In addition, you get to do something that makes the ED universe a litte more alive.

    Not to mention this is your big chance to explore the galaxy, especially if you're still spending your time running fish between Chango Dock and Aulin. There's some mighty cool sights to see out in the big black, and Frontier Developers has gone through a lot of work to put it there. You should check it out!

    Plus, it's fun. You like fun, don't you?

    I keep telling you, I don't like fun.

    Maybe this is more your speed..

    I had to dock and get fuel. Does that count against my time?

    Time waits for no one, and neither does the Run. It's part of the race. You could send a distress signal and pick up fuel that way, but that would be against the Gentleman's Agreement.

    I had to pay for it, too. This is costing me money!

    You'll definitely want some creds in the bank for fuel. There's no such thing as a free lunch and it's a long walk back.

    I got interdicted. Waaaaaah!

    See "I had to stop and get fuel" above. Hope you got away!

    I lost my ship. Waaaaaah!

    Three words: In. Sure. Ants. By simply reading this post you agree to hold me blameless for any losses incurred during the race. P.S. Don't risk what you can't afford to lose. If you're worried about the loss of your ship, trade down to a Sidey before you start.

    I've got fines/have a bounty on my head now, thanks to this stupid race. Waaaaaah!

    Shame on you. You should feel bad for whatever you did. But that's the game, isn't it? That poor sucker in a hauler with a full load you rammed going through the slot has every right to put a bounty on you for wrecking his livelihood. Don't be a jerk and remember to ask for clearance and you should be okay in the future.

    Who the heck is this Bucky guy, anyway?

    This guy.

    He's the sole authority in this whole fiasco. His word is law. Got a problem with that? Talk to Bucky.

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    My entry. As usual, coming in on the low end as the control:

    Pilot Name: ElectricZ
    Ship Name: The Bird
    Ship Type: Eagle
    Ship Specs: PP F2, Thrusters H3, FSD G3, PD D2
    Jump range: 11.04 (Unladen)
    Favorite Ship: Eagle Transporter, Space: 1999

    it was a tossup between this and the Discovery One, but I had to go with the Eagle. Yeah the show was kinda lame but dang if it didn't have one of the coolest space ships ever. The Eagle can't do FTL, it handles like a big rig and they have a bad tendency to crash onto the closest stellar body with alarming regularity, but it looks like something we could and should have been in service by 1999. Maybe someday we'll get there.

    By the way if you've never been to Sci Fi Airshow, check it out!

    See y'all at Xi Wangkala!

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    Redemption Shal be Mine!

    Commander Additives checking in with my new bounty hunting ship the "Culling Blade". She's had her weapons stripped for the race, but carries a formidable suite of upgrades!

    CMDR Name: Additives
    Ship Name: Culling Blade
    Ship Specs: PP H2, Thrusters E2, FSD E2, PD D2
    Jump Range: 15.66(unladen)
    Favorite ship: Planet Express Ship

    Determined to hit the finish line this time, see ya'll at the end!

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    Nabbed a C2F power plant at the finish line, not bad! Now to see if I can find some nice fed bounties on my way home to pay for all the shiny new things I bought!

    Fingers crossed I can make it to a C2D FSD in time to run again, would have helped a lot.

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    I'm moving in the general direction of Xi Wangkala (I'm closer to that end of the race, so I suppose I'll run backwards from there to check out a route, then forwards) but I'm not sure what ship I'll use yet.

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    The Buckyball Run welcomes back two veterans of the race! Additives from Buckyball Run 4, who apparently this time is sporting a rather impressive VR interface for his ship. Not that I'm jealous or anything, but you get a ten minute penalty just for that.

    And a big hello to Jackie Silver, veteran of every Buckyball Run held thus far. Jackie also has the distinction of being the only racer to field an Eagle in any of the previous runs. It was thought to be impossible because of the Eagle's low jump range, but somehow, some way, he got the Goodbye Princeton to the finish line of Buckyball Run 1 in fine style... sporting a British Racing Green livery to boot.

    Hopefully we won't have the connection issues that plagued BBR4... I've made it in Solo play but have been thwarted twice in Open. I've got my route down, though, shaved off two jumps and figured out my refuel points. I made an absolutely HORRENDOUS decision to hold off gassing up until I was forced to at a system with a single outpost 10,000LS away, and then ran into a stretch of uninhabited systems necessitating not one but TWO in flight refuellings for a nice 20 minute penalty. The good news is I ought to be able to shave off about 30 minutes just by not screwing up.

    Just as a frame of reference (not requesting people post this info) I had to do 26 jumps my first run in my 11LY capable ship. I think y'all can do better.

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    I've never even heard of these 2 systems (been running trade routes in a few select systems trying to pimp my Cobra out).

    Right now I can't even login (solo nor MP) to check out where these systems are, but when I can, I guess I can submit a registration.

    Plus, I've retired Bite Me. Now it's Explorer One.

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    The party barge won't be playing this time as since B2 dropped I've been focusing on other aspects of the game and haven't ground my way back to an Annie Currently flying the "Edge of Darkness" - a rustbucket of a Cobra - somewhere around the fringes near the middle of the pill. Not sure if I'll enter, I'll have to see if I can cash up enough to afford to get her into race trim. (at least get to the point that I don't need to beat on the FSD with a wrench to get her to jump a decent distance)

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    Now I'm tempted by this, my brand new second hand Cobra isn't that far away from the start. But out of curiosity, does anyone know the jump range of a stock Viper? it's just that I've got some paint jobs for the Viper and not for the Cobra.

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    DaveB, FoxTwo, good to see you, even if you're not committing just yet. Bear in mind that that this race is running TWO weeks instead of one until Beta 3 hits, so there's plenty of time. Regardless, as vets you've got a standing invitation to the after party.

    Insanephoton, give into temptation! Cast caution to the wind! A nice side benefit of running this race is that once you do it, you realize how easy it is to get around the galaxy and you will be forever free of the chains holding you to the core systems.

    That, and there are free drinks at the end. And you get a bumper sticker. Everybody loves bumper stickers.

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    I'm back, and so is Dolores, this time she's a bog standard Cobra (only just got her, not had time to upgrade yet).
    Not sure when I'll be doing it, there's a nice new shiny PC on the way so i may wait until it arrives, or maybe have a go on the old and the new to see how they compare.

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    Originally Posted by ElectricZ View Post (Source)
    ...And you get a bumper sticker. Everybody loves bumper stickers.
    Wouldn't it be awesome if FD were to turn your bumper stickers into ship decals for us

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    Having failed to even make it to the starting line for BB4 (jumped into the cockpit of the Little Lifeman for the first time since BB3 only to discover I'd forgotten how to fly the damn thing), Cogg is most definitely in this time around.

    A fair bit of work and upgrading to do, but fortunately there's plenty of time. Only disappointing thing is, new piloting restrictions mean the backwards letter box entry is no longer permitted at maximum boost speed. Need to devise some new party tricks...

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    Yay! It's back! Just bought the sleeper awakes again and I'll get her ship shape for a run soon.

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