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  • 01 Bleke - Making it run again

    9 60.00%
  • 02 Splendour - Final escape

    3 20.00%
  • 03 insanephoton - New suit, new life?

    1 6.67%
  • 04 Rog - Taking care of business.

    5 33.33%
  • 05 Ian Phillips - The hunted

    5 33.33%
  • 06 azdour - The Last Charge

    3 20.00%
  • 07 W4rSkuLL - Edna

    1 6.67%
  • 08 Galactic midden - Guarding Tess

    1 6.67%
  • 09 MrMogadon - Don't Get Involved (View from a Balcony)

    7 46.67%
  • 10 Frank - The Pun Run

    2 13.33%
  • 11 Scorpio - Thunder Run

    4 26.67%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Drabble Poll: It Only Hurts The First Time

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    Drabble Poll: It Only Hurts The First Time

    Welcome to the Drabble poll. Last week's winner is a very wonderful person whose hilarious entry kept us all amused for days.
    Oh yes.. Psykokow won as well.

    Joint winner means joint topics:-

    "run" and
    "it only hurts the first time"

    Guess who picked which topic.

    There are 11 stories written below. Vote for up to three of those stories in the above poll.

    Psykokow's larynx has also been digitised and placed below for your listening pleasure

    If you happen to be one of the 11 contestants then please don't vote for yourself.
    Anyone found doing so shall discover that it can indeed hurt many many more times than just the first time.


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    01 Bleke - Making it run again

    —Take a hike with your safety regulations! I'm not going to disassemble the entire engine for a fix I can easily do from inside. I'll fit in there, I'm no fat oldtimer like you.

    —Fine, do it your way.

    The youngster had been nothing but trouble ever since he came to the shop. Using protective gear, Henry stood aside to watch.

    Presently a twenty meter flame began to roar from the exhaust. Ionized carbon lingered in the air after Henry cut the connection to the power plant.

    —It only hurts the first time, he said somberly but not without satisfaction.

    02 Splendour - Final escape

    She was lovely girl but did like a dust up. One night after a case of Freeport slash we set to it, hammer and tongs.
    Next thing I know she's dead, I'm covered in blood.
    What did I do?


    Left her behind.

    Took an Eagle, went as far away as I could.

    The pirates at Freeport say you get used to killing, "It only hurt the first time".
    But she didn't stay dead, and it hurts every time I dream.
    I see her there….
    Looking at me…
    The shock and betrayal in her eyes.

    This time it won’t hurt.

    03 insanephoton - New suit, new life?

    They say it only hurts the first time you put on a new spacesuit, well that's not entirely true. It takes a few times before it properly moulds to every curve and fold of your body. What they don't tell you is how painful it is.

    Now I've got to do it again with a 'borrowed' spacesuit. I'm really don't want to but the alternative is much worse. They put a tracker on my suit. I know they are coming. The Cartel are relentless. I never should have crossed them, but maybe, just maybe, I can give them the slip.

    04 Rog - Taking care of business.

    Staring at the glass, she paused and grimaced.

    Snatching it up and glugging down in one the harsh liquid she coughed. Not for the first time, and it still hurt.

    But this wasn't getting the deed done. Up. Move.

    Leaving the other shot on the bar, and lurching out of her seat, Frankie mulled her options. How the hell do you burn a friend for profit and live with yourself?

    The call from the dockside terminal was made. The result was inevitable. Flashing lights and a business partner betrayed.

    The lucrative station run to planetside was all hers now though.

    05 Ian Phillips - The hunted

    Cautiously they peered over the ridge, finally getting a close look at the herd of Korunlanian Spiked Buufloo's.

    The alpha male stood an impressive four meters at the shoulder, 30 cm spikes flattened along his body.

    The guide ducked back as a breeze cooled the sweat on their backs.

    The alpha male looked up directly at the ridge, spikes snapping out like a gigantic porcupine. It made a threatening stomp towards them, spikes pointing forwards.

    Eying the spikes the big game hunter whispered, "They say that it only hurts the first time".

    "That's because there isn't a second time!.... RUN!

    06 azdour - The Last Charge

    Behind the moon a ragged line of ships quaked, betraying the fear and low morale of the quivering young ship pilots.

    Their previous encounter with the enemy had left them battered with no commanders.

    It is times like this that a leader can be born.

    One of the ships edged forwards, to rally the troops.

    A young female voice spoke with determination lined with fear.

    “It is a sombre fact that if we run we will die!”

    “But remember this... death only hurts the first time.” she yelled as she powered her engines with the others towards their inevitable fate.

    07 W4rSkuLL - Edna

    She was shivering now, looking nervously at the mighty character in front of her.

    The Emperor gazed at her beauty, his eyes went over her from top till toe.
    "Slave, you are new here"? "Yes, your Majesty". Edna almost whispered it out.
    He smiled, "Bring me some wine".

    They said it only hurt the first time as a Slave.
    But the anxiety didn't fade from her heart.

    Trembling, she poured wine into the glass and spilled some on
    his Majesty´s mantle. "Run", she heard from Valena beside her.

    She stumbled, the Emperor grabbed the falling girl, and kissed her deeply.

    08 Galactic midden - Guarding Tess

    Tess shrieked as the grubby young man leaned across the counter sticking a shotgun in her face. Beneath a dirty Stetson and neckerchief he drawled.

    "Don't be raising no alarm ma'am. Now gimme those credit chips and nobody dies!"

    War surrounded this frontier outpost causing widespread panic, and what had started as a simple old fashioned bank run had turned ugly fast.

    Stepping from the shadows Nick "bruiser" McCage, the giant Zaonce security guard hefted his favourite bashing club.

    "Enough laddie! This here's ma 'punisher' and unlike the purgatory you're visitin', it does more than only hurt the first time"

    09 MrMogadon - Don't Get Involved (View from a Balcony)

    Wilson watched his neighbour, Kent, block the way of a young flight-officer using an alley shortcut.

    ‘Don’t run lovebunny. It’ll only hurt the first time’, Kent leered advancing, rubbing his groin and licking his lips.

    ‘Tough break! This isn’t going to end well’, thought Wilson.

    The officer backed away. Kent followed.

    Reaching out to grab her, they embraced. Her knee. Kent’s groin. Kent dropped squealing.

    ‘Things like that hurt every time, you fing-bastid!!’ she shouted, delivering a flurry of savage kicks.

    Eventually, she stopped. Anger spent. Kent long since insensible.

    Wilsons’ had recognised her from training. Youngest ever combat instructor.

    10 Frank - The Pun Run

    Bill beckoned Stan to the open hood of the hovercar. Stan approached the gaping maw with trepidation, terrified his ignorance of car mechanics would be laughed at.

    Bill's voice oozed contempt as he pointed at the plastic-block innards. "Look at the erosion on the gravi-coil terminals! That didn't just happen now when the coil failed. It's what folks do. They arrive at the spaceport, they go to the first car hire booth, then they gun them like they running in a race.

    You'll now know to go find rentals with a more discerning clientele. It's only Hertz the first time."

    11 Scorpio - Thunder Run

    Guards had all but given up crowd control at the Thunder road XCIX finale.
    Seventy five thousand fans had descended from the grandstand at Heavens Gate Stadium and surrounded the victor in screaming, dancing ecstasy. The President himself helped pull the man from the battered Sidewinder and carry him up the stairs to the hall of hero's where the Priestess was waiting.
    " Commander ! "
    The beautiful young woman cried,
    " You have proven yourself worthy of the gods most precious gift ".
    She beamed at the exhausted young man, fumbling with her tunic.
    A long thin bladed knife appeared in her hand. She drew the blade across the young mans throat.
    " Let him join the gods! ".


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    Brilliant set of Drabbles; expertly read by Psykokow.

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    I concur and doth my cap to Psykokow who is willing to put the time in to give this drabbles an extra dimension

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    A great batch of drabbles, with a good few edits in there too... You guys.. STOP MAKING UP NASTY ORRID WORDS!!!!

    " Korunlanian Spiked Buufloo's."

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    I have to say, I enjoy it and even on those tough days its good fun to get it done.

    Tis an honour to let your words fall from my lips.

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    Originally Posted by psykokow View Post (Source)
    A great batch of drabbles, with a good few edits in there too... You guys.. STOP MAKING UP NASTY ORRID WORDS!!!!


    I had to include a bit of treknobabble. If I didn't, my Drabble could have easily happened on earth at the current time in a business park someplace.

    Just be thankful that Stan's hargnaphflattroindmagtron hadn't flattlulated the combi-chronosphoid, which happens quite a lot with Ford's hirecars.

    You've created a rod for your own back. You make such a good job of the audio we all look up ewxpectantly with puppy-dog eyes waiting for the next one.

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    The talented Mr 'Kow-ly

    Originally Posted by psykokow View Post (Source)
    Pleasure sir... always happy to contribute..

    I also made this makeshift website
    Do the talents never end? Mr Psykokow sir, a most excellent reading of this week's drabbles, you've outdone yourself again, and a dedicated website! and an RSS podcast feed!! and a lovely mention on the wonderful Lave Radio!!! and, and <forces oneself to calm down> all I can say is...

    Also, was it just my imagination or did the drabble standard leap several levels this week? I wonder what was different...

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    A great batch of drabbles, with a good few edits in there too... You guys.. STOP MAKING UP NASTY ORRID WORDS!!!!

    " Korunlanian Spiked Buufloo's."

    took me AGES to think that one up

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    Originally Posted by Galactic midden View Post (Source)
    Also, was it just my imagination or did the drabble standard leap several levels this week? I wonder what was different...

    I've been absent.

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    Originally Posted by Erik Marcaigh View Post (Source)

    I've been absent.
    I didn't want to say

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    yikes voting seems to have slowed down,

    Just over 24 hours until this draws to a close... get your votes in!!!

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    Someone added his or her votes and made it more exciting.

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    Glad to see you doing well Bleke. That's my vote that is.

    Two of my votes are doing well, but not Scorpio's. Why's Scorpio not doing better? It deserves more votes.

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    With that finishing post in sight, it looks like it may be too late for anyone to steal the lead... will Bleke win in his 2nd attempt?

    Will I ever read drabbles without giggling?

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