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  • 01: Frank - The Spaces Between

    4 28.57%
  • 02: Bleke - The Kultaneito

    3 21.43%
  • 03: azdour - Who's watching who?

    3 21.43%
  • 04: psykokow - The Vanishing

    5 35.71%
  • 05: T.j - Ultimate revenge.

    8 57.14%
  • 06: MrMogadon - A Virginis Tale

    5 35.71%
  • 07: STABB666 - Final Destination.

    5 35.71%
  • 08: insanephoton - Eternal love?

    3 21.43%
  • 09: Ian Phillips - Running scared

    6 42.86%
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Thread: Drabble Poll. Subjetc: Supernatural

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    Drabble Poll. Subjetc: Supernatural

    Lets get this ghost train running shall we?

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    And Here's Your Choices Once Again

    01: Frank - The Spaces Between
    Joe's Cobra was loaded with enough firepower to take out a squadron of Thargoids. With practised precision, he tricked his drive into a netherstate and slipped his craft between universes to continue to avenge his wife's death.

    Unfortunately there were lots more than a squadron waiting for him. He yelled his wife's name as a battlecry before charging towards the maelstrom of pink lasers.

    Mick doesn't enjoy hyperdrive. He doesn't enjoy the way his instruments go haywire. "What was that!?" he screams a bit too girlishly as he stares at the scanner.

    The commander assures his co-pilot. "Just a ghost."

    02: Bleke - The Kultaneito
    Some know-it-alls yakked something about gravitational projections on interstellar dust. Sid didn't know what to believe. He did know what was going to happen though, he'd heard the story repeat itself all over human space.

    The orange Long Range Cruiser looked solid enough. His Asp a gnat against the lit-up company lettering which read "VÄHÄ-RANTALA".

    After being loaded with a third of the wealth from the Andceeth vault it had suffered a misjump. Few believed it wasn't forced.

    He had just found an airlock through which to enter when the cruiser flicked out of existence.

    Sid didn't bat an eye.

    03: azdour - Who's watching who?
    The ship came to a slow halt at the edge of the nebulae.

    The pilot was transfixed as if the hypnotic patterns of the cloud had enticed him near.

    The nebulae ebbed and flowed, almost as if it was breathing.

    It's fluorescent arms of coloured particles moved as if directed by a supernatural force stretching out to the ship.

    It's arms caressed the hull as if it was determined to understand the new entity that was within it's grasp.

    Could it be that this cloud was really alive? A thought that echoed through the pilots mind as the ship left.

    04: psykokow - The Vanishing
    In space no-one can hear you scream!
    Tell that to the regulars of the Thargoid and Fer-de-lance bar on Barnards Star Station.
    The Screams had been upsetting the customers, the haunting desperation really put them off their drinks.
    The Source?
    Sven, the barman stood still, frozen in time. His horrific stare locked on a glass of bubbling amber. Sweat formed on his forehead and his body shook with concentration…
    16 glasses of Janx poured, only one remained, all it took was a blink, he shook as his eyes struggled to stay open.
    The Glass was gone.
    He screamed “FRANK!!!!!!”

    05: T.j - Ultimate revenge.
    The peaceful silence was broken as the ships engines quickly accelerated to full throttle.

    He looked puzzled, when he swore he could hear someone breathing other than himself.

    No-one answered his call even though he knew he was alone in deep space.

    Why was the ship on a direct course to the star that now filled the cockpit window?

    The Proximity Alarms wailed.

    The controls were locked out.

    A soft voice whispered in his ear.

    "Enjoy your last flight my Assassin"

    He spun around to find himself still very alone.

    The memory came flooding back of his mission to kill.

    06: MrMogadon - A Virginis Tale
    An asteroid in the constellation Virgo.

    1: It's almost entirely made from Platinum-190.
    2: Only 2 people know it's location. Jack Stone (flying off to register the claim) and Gary Shaman (left to die on the surface).

    3 years later, the opening ceremony. Jack, standing in the main control room (a grand glasshouse construction), gives the order to start drilling. He thinks back to Gary's stream of curses and threats to “return from beyond”.

    A cold breathe blows on his neck.

    Had supernatural Gary returned?


    “Never could keep his promises”, Jack murmured, moving away from the air-conditioning duct.

    07: STABB666 - Final Destination.
    She’s a fine old lady, this ship o’ mine,
    In space, such grace of curving line,
    At dock, a stillness so sublime,
    Gently kissing the stars who shine,
    Upon our skin, the burn of time.

    Until we find our hearts design,
    One with another, we wander- lonely,
    But when she sings, she roars, she hums,
    The noise of engines- beating drums.

    Forever joined, our soul becomes,
    Lost, in darkness, and terror comes,
    Before the mighty, my heart it cowers,
    From the deep, the great eye scours,
    The heavens, for a ship like ours,
    And from the pit, its maw devours.

    08: insanephoton - Eternal love?
    A chill ran through his body as he boarded the derelict ship.

    'You came back for me at last, my love.' a soft familiar voice whispered from the darkness.

    He turned to see the glowing figure of his former lover. She looked the same as when he'd last seen her so many years before.

    'What? how can this be?' he blurted.

    Her sad gaze turned from him to the desiccated corpse in the pilot's seat.

    Now he understood. Tearing off his remlok he cried with his dying breath 'I'll never leave you again, my love. We'll be together for eternity.'

    09: Ian Phillips - Running scared
    They edged down a darkened corridor, torchlights showing eerie shadows and blood splattered across the walls.

    Movement caught the corner of their eyes, but there was never anything to see.

    A groan wound itself slowly down the corridor, setting their hackles.

    "It's just the hull reacting to sunlight, keep going."

    "Salvage was never meant to be creepy!"

    Something scurried, just outside their vision. They jumped and followed the sound with the torches, finding something cowering in a corner.

    A young girls wide eyes looked up at them, blinking slowly. "I hear dead people. They mostly come out at night. Mostly"

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    Don't forget to check out the drabbles & vote, people! The polls should be closing soon!

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    Boo, forum updates stole 50% of my votes I must protest in the strongest terms about this outrage. It's all an Alliance/Imperial conspiracy! Anyway it looks like we have an extra day to vote, please use it wisely. Can someone with a spare vote give it to Frank, you know how tetchy he gets if he doesn't get any votes. Poor Sven will have to put up with him grumbling all dayalternatively just slip him a bottle of Janx

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    I thought the people who voted before would vote the same way again. I guess I was wrong. The only thing the voters are definitely sure about is that they don't like my Drabble.

    <shrug> is doesn't take a full bottle to console me. Even little glass would do.

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    Originally Posted by Frank View Post (Source)
    I thought the people who voted before would vote the same way again. I guess I was wrong. The only thing the voters are definitely sure about is that they don't like my Drabble.

    <shrug> is doesn't take a full bottle to console me. Even little glass would do.
    At least you don't have to drown your sorrows.

    Have one of these to celebrate instead:

    Real cocktail - see here

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    The poll is still open folks, you can still vote as it closes this evening.

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    Originally Posted by MrMogadon View Post (Source)
    Real cocktail - see here
    Looks like a nova cloud.

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    Originally Posted by Bleke View Post (Source)
    Looks like a nova cloud.
    I found it when trying to find images of Janx liquor to give Frank a nightcap.

    I'm not sure if the name I found is the "official" name, but it definitely looks intriguing.

    Wonder what it tastes like?

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    Double Elite Global Moderator Sir.Tj's Avatar
    The Poll must still be messed up...for some reason I've got 7 votes.

    The world's gone mad...mad I tell ya.

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    i can fix that.....

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    Originally Posted by MrMogadon View Post (Source)
    I found it when trying to find images of Janx liquor to give Frank a nightcap.

    I'm not sure if the name I found is the "official" name, but it definitely looks intriguing.

    Wonder what it tastes like?
    That video link says it contains curdled Baileys. I ain't in no hurry ta be finding out what's that tastes like.

    I admit I wuz on the intertubes searchin' fer images o' Janx. It's just a spirit so's it ain't gonna be that photogenic anyways. Closest I got wuz this bottle lable.

    Name:  OldJanx.jpg
Views: 64
Size:  20.0 KB

    Good ta see mah Drabble getting votes. Thanks kindly ta the, folks what voted fer me. They must've seen I wuz sayin' I wuz needing a glass of Janx, for consolation of me not getting no votes, then them thinking is wuz cheaper ta give me a vote than ta give me a drink.

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    I have tried curdled Baileys, it's ok, but honestly you really need a spoon to eat it. It was a long time ago, back when I was a student. I was friends with one of the barmen and it was a busy night. maybe some event on, I can't recall. A girl orders a drink and my friend mishears her. He thought she had said a Whisky Mac and Baileys. The resulting concoction curdled and split the Baileys. The girl reorders and my friend give her the correct drink (may have been whisky, Malibu and Baileys!). He shows the mistake to me and a few friends and we try it and order a few just make sure. I seem to recall it was vaguely reminiscent of mint choc chip ice cream, but then again, in the words of Rowley Birkin QC, I'm afraid I was very, very drunk.

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    A last minute reprieve for me. I thought the poll had closed when I looked at my clock... but my clock was still set forwards. So there's still time to get me those five votes I need to win <hopeful grin>

    If they ever make another Hitchhiker's Guide show they could use that Alien Brain Hemorrhage as a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster

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    And -it's closed......and I didn't catch T.j

    Congrats T.j !

    (and Frank...)

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