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Thread: Beta 3.00 change log

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    Beta 3.00 change log

    UPDATE: If you are experiencing issues with the servers we're aware of the problems, and are looking in to it right now. Thanks for your patience.

    Beta 3.00 is now available

    Hi everyone,

    The servers will be going down at 19:30 GMT in order for us to import the latest build. It will take a minimum of two hours for the updates to be put in place, but Beta 3.00 will be with you shortly.

    The update has all the features we’d previously teased as well as hundreds of other smaller, equally important, updates.

    The dev team haven’t stopped working since the previous update, that’s why they’ve been able to come up with an update as big as this one. You can see the full list of changes below.

    Please keep in mind that we expect a similar release process to that of 2.0. There may be some issues at first, but we will be able to iron them out with your continued testing and support (just like last time). There will be further, smaller, updates in the coming days if and when new issues are identified.

    Keep the feedback coming in the thread below, and post any tickets if you come across problems. Enjoy.

    Here’s the full list:

    - New ship - Imperial Clipper added
    - New ship - Federal Dropship added
    - Added player driven interdiction
    - Players can now interdict NPC ships and the NPC will be recreated in normal space along with the player (player interdiction is also possible)
    - Fuel scooping from stars added
    - Asteroid mining added (metal and rock)
    - Players can own multiple ships
    - Play area expanded (capsule 350ly long, radius 37 ly - 2400+ systems)
    - Planet visuals overhaul
    - Planet liquid colours now reflect chemical composition
    - Atmospheric colours now reflecting their chemical composition
    - Surface types and colours now reflect chemical composition
    - Planets display volcanic features
    - Complex Craters can create dust ejecta
    - Crater frequency dependent on atmosphere thickness
    - Ice planets now have fracture features
    - Dynamic ice caps on all planets
    - Dynamic liquid levels on all planets
    - Asteroid belt clusters added
    - Nebulae added to galaxy map
    - Nebulae added to sky map rendering
    - Make outpost landing pads more zero-g
    - Status panel now shows faction reputation
    - Improved range display and route finding in galaxy map
    - Philanthropy missions added
    - Partial name searching added to galaxy map
    - Additional ships added to loading screen


    - Music – Music replaced with mastered assets - Combat/Supercruise/Bookend/Station etc
    - Audio Gameplay - Sounds added for Fuel scooping, refinery, heat damage
    - Audio Gameplay - Sounds added for Mining laser, asteroid chunks and related physics
    - Audio Gameplay - Sounds added to FSD interdictor module, and interdiction gameplay
    - Audio Ships - Sounds added for Imperial Clipper
    - Audio Ships – Sounds added for Dropship
    - Audio Options – Added more ways to personalise the audio in the options menu. Work in Progress.
    - Audio Ambience - When entering rings, the stellar ambiences shift to a ring specific ambience.
    - Audio GUI - The passive target scanner (select ship) now has audio notifications
    - Audio GUI - Docking offenses will now result first in alarm sounds before (still) death.
    - Audio GUI - Sound when flipping through sub targets.
    - Audio Physics - New impact and physics sounds for ice and metal asteroids.
    - Audio - Turning lights on/off is now audible.
    - Audio Ships – Other ships Frameshift jump improvements including charge up
    - Audio – New Remlok O2 mask/breathing sounds
    - Audio Voice – Various new Ship Voice Alerts added
    - Audio Voice – New ship voice system. More scalable and robust for future development.


    - Paintjob threading crash fix
    - Fix crash in wolfpack tactics caused by player pilot creating group of AI ships
    - Don't crash if a star type is missing
    - Fix startup softlock in race condition where we claim island on one server while we're switching to another server where we then fail to make resource allocations because it doesn't recognise the island
    - Prevent crash in station menu for tutorial and debug stations
    - Fix crash in AI group duties
    - Avoid a crash that may happen when switching from side-by-side mode to Oculus Rift in the main menu
    - Fix broken station prototype names causing crash on arrival at station from supercruise
    - Game crashes when attempting to lock onto a despawned location fixed
    - When we request a module by name, safely handle that module's slot existing but having no item in it
    - Fix a crash when submunitions exploded while the remote object was in a partially constructed state
    - Prevent crash on shutdown from system map caused by the game object being destroyed right out from under its parent
    - Add the default ammo item if no item is added to the shield bank module already
    - Handle skybox star render manager getting destroyed before its been fully created
    - Avoid an assert in Turn Client - try to pass through any incoming packet via the STUN port for further handling if valid


    - Fix shield art on Fed Fighter
    - Displaying ship wear incorrectly fixed
    - Capital ships can no longer be moved if repeatedly rammed
    - Ensure station orbits are beyond any ring systems and within any moon systems
    - Fix low poly versions of ships to fix shadows
    - Adjusted the bounty value multiplier for the various ships in the game. Now the automatic bounties should be larger for large ships
    - Upped the max delay on the authority response times, as well as slightly upping the max bounty this is based on
    - Update patrol paths around stations
    - Various mission text fixes
    - Improved behaviour for supercruising AIs in a system with no stations
    - Cap framerate when application is full screen but minimised
    - Streaming improvements
    - Give star models on the system map a wider range of sizes
    - Fixed Viper's small hardpoint doors being swapped
    - Remove red text when the distance is larger than your current jump distance
    - Added Damage type fields for weapons in outfitting
    - Update text for good and bad trade good entries on the news feed
    - Adding money to delivery MPEs for delivery missions and smuggle missions. This means that the money will show up when you hand in goods at a target station
    - Fixed the cockpit HUD disappearing momentarily when exiting the preflight checks
    - Hauler art fixes
    - Stop AI doing attack stationary when target is strafing
    - The MTU discovery process is only required on the first connection to an edServer - we can skip it when switching over to a different server
    - Moved the text for 'REPAIR' on the modules list so it does not intersect the module health percentage
    - Balancing pass on wear and tear values, to make them a bit more forgiving
    - Added v1 Chatter table text for the following convoy based NPCs - Funeral, Wedding, Explorer, Nomad, Medical
    - Skip fading in spot light shadows when then light has just been turned on
    - Rebalanced sensors power draw and made it so that all ships can only fit the size of module it can support rather than it being a maximum size
    - Various updates to asserts in the shadow system to account for camera positions far from the origin. Don't attempt to extrude degenerate edges on the silhouette of cascade frustums. Check for zero length vectors in cascade bounds intersection calculation
    - Eagle: Independent type authority paint job
    - Eagle: Federation type authority paint job
    - Eagle: Imperial type authority paint job
    - Rebalanced scatter spray multicannons. Their arc of fire is slightly reduced and a power curve has been applied to their scatter to ensure most of the shots are roughly in the centre area of the arc. Now it is effective at sidewinders out to 400 metres or so
    - Repair module was doing bad things with it's ammo accounting fixed
    - Eagle: Alliance type authority paint job
    - Keybinding for firing a single chaff launcher added
    - Adding "Security Level" to the galaxy map
    - Added free versions of the modules used by the free sidewinder to ensure no exploit exists for creating money from selling parts
    - Rebalanced module stats to reduce the number of jumps the top end drives are capable of whilst still giving better jump ranges
    - Cache fines on the client and add this information to the status panel
    - Fix chaff launcher not being selectable for a firegroup
    - The "Safe to drop out" message should have priority over the "Slow down" message
    - Stop Prox and IMPACT indicators staying illuminated whilst jumping
    - Police ships are always fully scanned
    - Double faction choice range to 20000 so the player doesnt lose the choice of sides if they fly out 10000
    - Fix FSD scanner only scans high energy wakes
    - Fixed a focus issue on the navigation panel
    - Changed cargo malfunction to only spit out 2-8 cannisters rather than a proportion of the total cargo capacity of the ship
    - Tweaked overcharged weapon variants to make them a bit more inaccurate and also tweaked shields to make kinetic weapons slightly less effective against them than they currently are
    - Impossible to select 'rebuy all' using just an XBOX360 controller fixed
    - Server broadcast message shows spurious ampersand fixed
    - Players should be able to cycle between Hardpoints and Livery using the xbox bumpers
    - In outfitting, the value of an item is displayed in the middle column but it is missing "CR" fixed
    - Paint jobs for CobraMKIII - Pirate 8
    - Reset mouse control when undocking
    - Improved lighting to outposts and stations
    - Tweak to obstruction helper to try to reduce AI ship crashes
    - AIs created in the same group shouldn't try to pirate each other
    - When one authority ship has scanned a ship and found it has a bounty, all authority ships know about the bounty and will come and join in
    - Improved MPC pirate behaviour when cargo is jettisoned
    - Will want to use left and right arrows in the text entry box, so don't enable those UI inputs
    - Improved lighting for all ship cockpits
    - Stop AIs charging their FSD when they are hard masslocked
    - Inhibit AI FSD charging based on soft masslocking (other ships), only for supercruise
    - "Surge detected" is now used to show that a ship (either player or NPC) is charging their FSD, rather than a change in engine power
    - Fix and turn on system naming based on galactic region
    - Improved weapon effects
    - Cartography shop will now show stellar bodies listed of the sellable system
    - Shifted the rating of all internal modules up by 3 so that the best modules are rated A instead of D now
    - Player is told they can sell huge amounts of cargo when they cannot fixed
    - Back button inconsistant with the rest of the GUI fixed in station services
    - Striped planets when SLI is enabled fixed
    - Re-Enabled the Dither in the galaxy map. Toned it down a bit but still strong enough to soften the banding by a fair bit
    - Old speedo units in Hyperspeed animation fixed
    - Unsent messages are visible when entering hyperspace fixed
    - Player name missing letters fixed
    - Increase time between spawn checks for ambient traffic
    - Removed ability to see systems you shouldn't be able to see from cartography store
    - When claiming authority ensure we specify some sessions the newly claimed authority must be in
    - Dropping collision damage to about 3/8ths of what it currently is - Should deal with a lot of problems of insta-death collisions
    - Change fed authority to sys authority ships in mining scenarios
    - Reduced mission network traffic considerably
    - Improved server efficiency and stability.
    - Laser impacts now illuminate their surroundings
    - Fix some false positives in the checks to see if potential targets are in the same group when scanning and pirating
    - Don't ever allow multiple missions in a bank to have the same hash
    - Meta file adjustment so that the L4 LODs render though the background sphere - i.e, we can now see stations for miles and miles!
    - Ensure that ambient AI don't start spawning until the player ship is live
    - Fix for the extremely bright eagle retro thrusters
    - Increase the time between checking for police patrol spawns
    - Inform the server when a player vacates an island, leaving the islandhook just containing the jump wake
    - Smoother LOD transition for stations
    - Improved the framerate in the Galaxy map while in the Galactic core
    - Light distance culling switched off for some important lights
    - Station texture optimisations
    - When entering somewhere (supercruise, area with space station etc), don't wait at all for other machine's objects
    - NPCs are no longer added to the comms list, so while they can send messages to you, you can't reply (or report or friend them).
    - Art/Shader pass on StationMenu UI
    - Prevent the cache from creating data for a system that isn't ready in Stellar Forge
    - SLI/Crossfire: Fix for flickering planetary rings. Make sure the ring textures are generated (including their mipmaps) for each video card in a multi-GPU system
    - AI ships (and docking computers) were finding it hard to dock at some of the bigger stations as the holding positions were inside the bounding object
    - The Mtu Discovery process is now bidirectional
    - Fix a bug that was leading to many module being off on remote machines
    - Make camera view in system map less incorrect for Oculus Rift
    - Fixed schroedinger bug that was causing ship purchase to fail
    - Disable boost binding while landing gear or cargo scoop is deployed
    - Firing drones against wanted targets should no longer get you in trouble
    - Updated ammo prices so they're not too low and/or broken
    - Only perform shadowing on the cockpit when using high or ultra material setting
    - Oculus Rift/System map: Tweak the min/max dolly distances when OR is enabled, to try and get the same feel (sizes, proximity) as when OR is disabled
    - Added proper variant names to all weapon variants
    - Fixed enter hangar button not being available after landing
    - Prevent the player from accepting a mission they've had active this game session
    - Stop stations using the planet/moon taking up the child object counter when naming planets/moons
    - Tweaking Relationship to fit the scale of Reputation
    - Disconnect the player if a cargo collect or eject fails in such a way as to leave the player's cargo out of sync with the webserver
    - Prevent weapons showing up in the ammo store that don't use ammo in players' eyes
    - Adjust an AI's auto-created bounties to include a modifier based on combat rank
    - Min auto-bounty should be 100
    - Added the correct icon to the mission details
    - Made star descriptions depend on luminosity class as well as spectral sequence
    - Oculus Rift/System Map: While wearing the Oculus Rift, allow moving the camera even closer to planets, but hiding the UI elements while the camera is quite close to them
    - Tweak to the orbit constraints of generated stations.Now, they will not be in an orbit lower than the max of one with speed 30kms^-1 or 1000km from the surface
    - Reputation affects Faction Relations! e.g. if you've got /really/ bad rep, ships will treat you as hostile
    - Disconnect the player if a market trade fails with a sync error
    - Updated bloom to have different settings per quality level
    - Fixed low quality bloom so it doesn't attempt to render to the same texture it's sampling from
    - Added galaxy map quality settings
    - Knocked back the lighting on the "default" (non-aligned to a faction) Coriolis station so its not as garish.
    - Fixed flickering of stars the first moments of starting a game
    - Show most fuel efficient routes to nearby systems on galaxy map
    - Sun hotspot lens flares now fade on later
    - Fixed Text cut off on power use display
    - Get AI to use Cargo Hatch Disruptor
    - Disconnect the player if a ship or module trade fails with a sync error
    - When authority is pinging to and fro, ensure flag is established for the final settling point
    - Fix oversized giant stars by using the clamp correctly in galaxy map
    - Some tweaks to how the sim unit for hovered and selected stars is handled in the map. This has a small speed gain when browsing through the core
    - Fixed duplicate words in outfitting names
    - Hooking up v1 of the generic chatter for Smugglers and Celebrities
    - Headlook now takes priority over in-game UI
    - Added stats for weapons designed to punch above their weight in terms of ship size
    - Line Renderering fixes
    - Added chatter hooks for Police
    - Added chatter hooks for Miners
    - Lowered default heat around stars
    - Added behaviours for AIs patrolling in supercruise
    - Galaxy map optimisations
    - Poly trail rendering optimisations
    - Limit the rate at which a DefenceSystem can generate collision PFX
    - Added ship specific heat values for flying near stars
    - More improvements to AI avoidance
    - Implement the '+' sign to the list of hardpoints, if there is things to buy for that slot
    - Switch over to an alternate method of doing docking allocation
    - Don't count island hooks for hyperspace wakes when calculating the number of friends present in an island
    - Various bug fixes related to multiple to single blend surface support in the fragment pipeline
    - Turn off old random dice roll Interdictions
    - Unable to select back in the group menu with joystick/pad fixed
    - When looking at items in the livery - we should be able to preview paintjobs without equipping them
    - Fix for tear and wear repairs. It wasn't updating its value when interacted
    - Fix nasty rubber-banding issues when NPCs transfer authority
    - Clear supercruise flag etc when starting/restarting game
    - When we buy a new fuel tank, we should move the fuel form the old tank into the new one. We should not just give the player a full fuel tank
    - Protect the server against claim island requests with invalid star system addresses
    - Updated star database
    - Increased the range and decreased the charge time (slightly) of the ECM
    - Added Alliance Police scheme
    - Stars not showing up for systems with dual core processors fixed
    - New formulae for calculating authority response delay and strength, also now based on the system's security level. Also, only vipers and below will carry out investigations, and outposts don't cause the delay to be set to minimum, as normal stations do
    - Increased heat around stars in normal space to 50% super cruise heat at the same distance
    - Added faction information to home page (station menu)
    - Added a "on route but low fuel" line type and tweaked the colours
    - Synchronise stellar forges using server base time. Means, for example, that space stations don't jink to new orientations when new players join in a session
    - Tweaked default gamepad controls so boost is now on left stick and FSD is on X
    - Oculus Rift/Direct Access: Allow the window to be resized to the desired dimensions (the ones specified in the options menu), while making sure the swap chain is created respecting the size of the Oculus Rift display, when Direct Access is enabled
    - Fix an incomplete distance test that would result in you dropping out at the wrong station in some cases
    - Disconnect the player if commander death transaction fails
    - Show an error and correct the gui when a limpet purchase web request fails
    - Tweaking damage rates for overheated ships
    - Fixed station name wrapping on docking GUI
    - Fix members of session not being available for comms
    - For markets containing more than one economy, don't duplicate commodities in the import and export lists
    - Rebalance of armour, shield and heat values across all ships
    - Fix an issue with AI getting stuck in the tunnel on the way out
    - Bottom commodity option on galactic map overhangs GUI background fixed
    - Small popup windows use same key's as the big side panels fixed
    - Text stacks in the fuctions tab of the right hand panel when in a Viper fixed
    - Doubled the available stock levels of different weapons and internal ship modules in the outfitting shops
    - Target sight should be different if your target is behind a planet
    - Increased module health across the board
    - Fix for super cruise lines in the system map
    - Galaxy Map menu get overlaid when switching tabs fast fixed
    - Display system description on system map when no object is selected
    - Display 'terraformed' text in the planet info on the system map when appropriate
    - Improvement for rubber banding when network is overloaded: extend time before snag authority when network load increases
    - Fix for resetting list focus on the group comms panel
    - Rich hangers now have the station's name displayed
    - Swap descriptions for Metal Rich and High Metal Content planets
    - Sensor system visual changes aimed at giving better awareness mostly in supercruise. (Note, does not actaully affect sensor range, only the display):
    - Change how we clamp logarithmic scales so that we always enforce a minimum separation rather than collapsing nearby objects onto yourself.
    - Use logarithmic scale in supercruise
    - Use detailed icons rather than generics for all planets/stars.
    - Remove the fixed planet/system scale and instead show a dynamic range based on a two minute time horizon at your current speed.
    - If you target a ship, we zoom the range to put your target in a "sweet spot".
    - Stellar bodies will show at the edge of the radar when detected but out of render-range in the same way as ships.
    - Use the same logic as locationTargetting to not show bodies obscured by their parent.
    - Scale the iconified versions of star/planets/moons to differenct sizes to give a clearer indication of what you're seeing (but only when they're far enough away that the real size isn't relevant to you).
    - Added option to cancel a docking request
    - Warning messages when players hit 100% heat, and when they start taking damage from heat
    - Added missing explore module flag for internal compartments for all ships but the sidewinder
    - Rejig of galaxy mass, so that the arms are more populated, and more systems are generated in the thick disc
    - The gaps between arms now have some sparse stars
    - Anaconda wear and tear art fixes
    - Improvements to hyperspace and supercruise effects
    - Fix for 'blue hyperspace' bug
    - Fix Procyon B classification
    - Moved Horsehead nebula
    - Moved Pleiadies nebula
    - Stop reducing displayed strings of control binding names to narrow-character strings
    - Stations and Outposts should now display a suitable icon in the hangers
    - Added damage decals to quality options
    - Scale number of supercruising AIs based on system population
    - When picking targets for travelling supercruise AIs, ensure their destination is not where they've spawned
    - Oculus Rift/Galaxy Map: Billboards are now closer to the camera than they were, and have also a larger scale, and the billboard reference technique breaks for them
    - Updates to star generation through height from galactic plane
    - Generated system meta data updated
    - All lasers now have lens flares on their firing points
    - Warzone rewards upped from 350 to 1000
    - Icy asteroid belts don't get mining scenarios
    - Network update to Send the objects which need to be sent (sometimes some were not getting sent)
    - Oculus Rift/Loading Screen: Push the ship models forward to prevent clipping artifacts if the camera gets too close to them
    - Fix AI collecting cargo
    - Pre-flight check UI updated to use fancier rendering style
    - Increase web request timeout
    - Some hitcheck improvements to the Habitat Ring
    - Fixing incursion mission completion, tune difficulty down a bit
    - Fix for not pulling the base value of a ship in order to perform the calculation on insurance
    - Get AI to swap tactics more readily instead of waiting until the current tactic times out
    - Fix bug causing unrelated fines to be deleted
    - Tweaks to the exploration body pricing calculations multiply by 10
    - Exploration:
    - Allow multiple bodies to be scanned at once
    - Allow multiple scan types to happen simultaneously
    - Changed when the 'X bodies discovered' info is displaced, to when we actually hear back from the server
    - Added info when an 'advanced' scan is complete
    - Protected against a player not having a valid commander ID in a tutorial
    - Don't scan to the 'Penetrating surface' scan level
    - If a subsidiary is deleted before it's ready to go live, but after the rest of the object is ready to go live, then the parent object will now go live instead of getting stuck in its life-cycle
    - If a live object is registered as a subsidiary before the parent object has gone live then the parent will now not get stuck in its life cycle
    - System map camera controls are now much less sensitive
    - Flight model tweaks
    - Change default transverse/reverse speed caps to 80/60% rather than 60/40.
    - speed bleed does not occur in FAOff unless you're above your 4-pip speed, but occurs uniformly above that.
    - Turn rotation damping off in FAOff if you're above current-pip speed.
    - Fixed one-sided holograms on Criminal station
    - Don't create the hyperspace intra tunnel if we're actualyl going into (or out of) supercruise
    - Added an extra bit of generation so that some rings will create a smaller ring interior to them which is richer in resources
    - Fix strange AI behaviour when undocking, was caused by large ships not doing the initial simple lift from pad because they thought they were already far enough away
    - AIs were waiting for permission to join the shared path 600m back from the door, which was sometimes further than the distance back to the pad, so were just waiting over the pad. Now wait 600m from the door or 100m less than the the path distance, whichever is smaller
    - Stop the pad from rotating back to its docking configuration until the AI has left the station
    - Get the AI to actually release their permission on the pad once they've finished launching and left the shared path
    - Exploration - Sort out when the discovery scanner can be used
    - Stop AI's getting in each others way when docking
    - Fixed hard edge to hyperspace outro tunnel
    - Exploration: Fix for not being able to scan a body again with an advanced scanner
    - Minor controlling faction name is finally shown properly in the station menu
    - Disconnect the player if hyperspace request fails
    - If we cannot put a module onto a slot because it does not fit for some reason, we should not even try to make the new module object
    - We should consider only hull mass when deciding if we can fit a shield generator onto our ship
    - Reset the multi-GPU task tracker when the ring instance is destroyed, so that the ring texture can be regenerated the next time the simulation ring becomes visible
    - Optimisations to improve the performance of Greeble rendering
    - Extended heat sink launch interval to prevent audio issues
    - Prevent people from manually dropping out of supercruise while in an interdiction
    - Prevent a person currently interdicting someone from being interdicted themselves
    - Slots were misnamed on the Insurance Screen
    - Station menu pages for Authority/Jurisdiction/Local Security Page Bounty Store/Pilot's Federation/Reputation Combat Bonds
    - FSD wakes in supercruise now have a virtual mass lock field the same way as the USS locations
    - Class 2 pulse weapons now gimbal again
    - Stop Repairer doing its thing while docked so we don't get server sync issues
    - Avoid sending incorrect legality values to the game client
    - Deal with the nasty load-game case in which we're not in the system the webserver says we should be in, by choosing a new location somewhere arbitrary near that system's largest star
    - Unable to select "search" while adding friends using an xbox 360 pad fixed
    - Fix targeting low energy wakes in supercruise
    - When AI facing away from a target, make sure we pick roughly the same direction we're heading
    - Remove the 'sell all map data' button
    - Implement Authority page on station services UI.
    - Implement pilots federation page
    - Kill Warrant Scanner now has correct icon in outfitting menu
    - Ensure no police AI in supercruise in anarchy systems. (Keep the very small chance of police at 10% when in systems with zero security.)
    - Implement the partial refuel option on the Station Services screen
    - Exploration: - Request & cache the systems that can be bought so that stellar forge has the systems ready for us to look up
    - Enable use of Mines by AI
    - Sensor rendering - limit icons for large objects to 15% of the sensor area. Note that their Ground-plane silhouette and proximity sphere can still be enormous, but this is required to correctly give the impact plane
    - Set a max speed for AI when launching and on the outer path of the station, most of them were already respecting this, but some were not
    - Tweaks to X52 bindings
    - New pre-allocation of landing pads when starting from docked
    - Station services are now part of the regular cockpit ui flow, so the player is no longer locked into them when active
    - Can access side panels when in station services menu
    - Fix for fullscreen->windowed transition problem
    - Added partitioning of missions by ones that you can accept vs ones that are blocked for some reason (e.g. you don't have enough cargo space to collect it)
    - Fixed an issue with the galaxy octree, for some reason it was doubling the size of the nebulas AABB in the octree which meant too many intersected with the frustum
    - Tighten use of ids to prevent objects mis-replicating
    - Remove the "Report Detected Crimes" entry in functions panel
    - AI launching, when the AI is on the outside shared path, if they somehow get ahead of the position they should be at, don't make things worse by forcing them to go back to that position
    - Fix for spinning rocks at start-up
    - Updated look of station menu, shipyard and preflight checks Updated material of shipyard and preflight checks
    - Added pilots federation logo to station menu
    - Prevent physics world from adding objects during shutdown
    - Fixed display label for starting location in death insurance screen
    - Don't limit the fuel tank to full refills only, as it's misleading when you will actually run out of fuel
    - Disable the 'distress beacon'
    - Bring the new and improved effects for supercruise interdiction in to the supercruise intro as well
    - Reduced blue mist in hyperspace
    - Enable use of Shield Cells by AI
    - If a docked AI loses its docking request due to auth transfer, it will leave immediately
    - If a docking AI similarly loses its docking request, and its landing pad is allocated to somebody else, then jump away if outside the station; if it's inside the station, we can't really abandon the docking attempt, but we'll leave as soon as we've docked
    - Hitcheck optimisations and fixes for the standard Inner Dock
    - Missions whose criteria you don't meet now highlight in red the specific criteria not met.
    - Fixed a few more situations where the new 'UI head look' binding on gamepad 'B' was being allowed when it shouldn't.
    - Simplified how we position 'there more news to read' ellipsis symbol, so it isn't just entirely random.
    - GUI transition to enter starport services has a big square flicker fixed
    - Display icons for stored ships and missions on the system map
    - Fix Arcturus system description
    - Cargo scoop message overhaul
    - Add a warning message when the player exceeded the power requirements for their active modules
    - Automatically add drones to AI ships that have a drone control module. Between two and four, based on available cargo space, added after cargo
    - Addressed some conflicts between the mouse headlook controls and mouse cursor
    - Insurance screen: show respawn location for each option, add fines & bounties lines to the bill, replace allowance with forced loan
    - Restrict the life support module's advance to authority only
    - On resurrect, locally clear fines & bounties for respawn jurisdiction
    - Set systems with a population of over 1 million to be explored
    - A lot of the hanger cameras which were near the floor were clipping slightly when viewed on the Occulus Rift. Have moved the affected cameras upwards slightly which should improve the issue
    - Big update to trader loadouts, to include more modules (mostly defensive for them traders)
    - Added in empire trader and federal dropship NPC loadouts
    - Reduced the max distance for deploying mines to 2km
    - Enable use of ECM by AI
    - Enable use of Heat Sink by AI
    - Fixed selecting a preset control scheme not activating until you either exit the menu or lose and regain focus on the window
    - Rubber-banding improvement: when not yet live ensure proxy address stays in step with container address
    - Add and use a non streaming meta file for hanger docks to avoid lack of a dock while loading
    - Fixed ship name formatting in news feeds
    - Defer removing record for a big Id to the next Advance to avoid re-entrant deadlocks when a machine disconnects
    - Stop scrolling off selected fire groups showing old data
    - Added mission / stored ship icons to the galaxy map
    - Added scrolling to galaxy map info tab
    - After firing the last of your hatch breakers, the ammo count reads "0/4294967295" fixed
    - Update description and system name for Tau Sagittarii
    - Fixes for missions descriptions
    - In the Transaction Panel, index fines by their relevant system (for minor factions) or major factions
    - Greeble and hitcheck optimisation for the Rich Inner Dock variant
    - Increase reputation points awarded for all actions
    - Significantly improved the appearance of specular highlights on rings when both the light direction and view direction are very shallow
    - Made collection missions not select commodities that might be available at the station the mission is given at
    - Mission text update
    - AI only spawn either legal cargo, which is chosen from the exports from the main market in the current system, or illegal cargo, which is cargo that is banned in the current system
    - Flag fines as dormant on commander death
    - Fix commodity market to cope with security level being 0
    - Cache the cockpit damage so that is remains broken when entering supercruise
    - Turn off flare billboard for stars in system map
    - When establishing a connection to the server(s), wait for the primary server to complete connection before connecting to the rescue server so that when we connect to the secondary server we give it a consistent ID for who we are. Avoids occasional connection difficulties
    - Fix collisions with asteroids
    - High bandwidth consumption caused by friends list reduced
    - Change mission spawn time to 5 minutes per 2 missions
    - Screen cuts off end of station name Paul-Friedrichs Experdition Base Camp fixed
    - Set value of cargo to 0 in cargo/collect when it is stolen
    - Set up default templates for all the planet classifications. So if doesn't matches the rules for volcanic activity, temperature, liquid coverage, etc; it still has some visualization assigned
    - Wait to connect to rescue server until we're ready
    - Noise file for L type dwarves now doesn't have yellow in it
    - Adjustments to L, T, Y dwarf light colour and multiplier values so they they are not pink and reflect real colours a little better
    - Do not give out sold modules on resurrect
    - Don't allow firing drones at stations
    - Don't let subsidiary and parent 'does machine X know about me' flags get out of sync
    - Fixed the problem when clicking on an empty part of the map would zoom into the current selection
    - Fixed problem where id in the fines model wasn't being set, preventing the pay method from working
    - Bobbleheads removed
    - Fix PVP bounty-hunting
    - Audio Tweak - Exploration D-Scanner sound has been upgraded.
    - Audio Tweak - When Exploration Scanner finds new bodies, a ping is played with a pause depending on the distance of said body to the scanner.
    - Audio Tweak - Changed the incoming and outgoing voice comms ringtones.
    - Audio Tweak - Added events and support for new station type idents.
    - Audio Tweak - Revised shield impact noises and electrical/static noises to match the updated shield visuals.
    - Audio Tweak - Docking Computer distortion when going through the force field is less intense.
    - Audio Tweak - Changed the distance at which weapon impacts caused by others are audible (closer) for performance and mix improvements.
    - Audio Tweak - Collisions between ships are audible from a greater distance.
    - Audio Tweak - Beefed up large cannon (which could also be a band name).
    - Audio Tweak - Multi Cannon sounds received a bit of love.
    - Audio Tweak – Landing gear improvements
    - Audio Tweak – Pulse laser tweaks
    - Audio Tweak – Improvements to other ship engines
    - Audio Tweak – More improvements to Frameshift transitions to improve smoothness and sonic robustness
    - Audio Mix – Supercruise movement sounds have inverse dynamic relationship with supercruise music
    - Audio Mix – more audible voice comms GUI
    - Audio Mix – Ship Engines not as strongly affected by landing gear or cargo scoop deployment as before
    - Audio Mix – Re-jigged audio busses to better support dynamic mixing
    - Audio Mix – Some cockpit verb used on self ship engines
    - Audio Mix – ship voice dynamically volume adjustments
    - Audio Mix - Weapons behind the pilots seat will be muffled according to distance from the seat to improve the mix and sense of scale of ships.
    - Audio Mix – Basic Reverb set up for asteroid rings
    - Audio – Large number of soundbank optimisations, to improve performance and reduce memory footprint
    - Audio Bug - Firing Multiple Multi-Cannons should no longer result in clipped or stalled audio.
    - Audio Bug - Popup screens now play their own sounds and no longer stop the main holo-screen audio from playing back.
    - Audio Bug - Cargo scoop audio no longer stops after 5 seconds.
    - Audio Bug - Cargo scoop audio no longer breaks when selecting multiple containers in quick succession.
    - Audio Bug - Fixed a bug in impact sounds that would cut off some of those sounds.
    - Audio Bug - Fixed a bug that cut out the low-end (bass region) of some weapons.
    - Audio Bug - ammo depletion sound on the multi-cannon fixed.
    - Audio Bug - Beamlaser hitting a greeble texture would play the impact sound forever.
    - Audio Bug - Beamlaser no longer amplifies too much when rolling and pitching wile firing.
    - Audio Bug - Stellar Cartography ambience in the Galaxy and system map now fades out when music is set to 0 volume.
    - Audio Bug – Several small changes to stop other ship engine sounds from continuing after destruction
    - Audio Bug – Temporary fix for loud clicking on secondary explosions a large distance away.
    - Audio Bug – Fix for Other Eagle soundbank sometimes not loading
    - Display mission and ship locations in the map
    - Display star catalogue data on system map
    - Hide System Map UI when the dolly distance is small (if the user is using Oculus Rift
    - When a proxy for an object arrives across the network, instead of guessing which location to put it in, use its session to work out which location to put it in

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    Now that I have read that wall of text - I would just like to say wow!!!

    Ok what's his one about!?

    - Remove bobble heads??

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    * Hide System Map UI when the dolly distance is small (if the user is using Oculus Rift)

    So does this mean no systems maps for rift users?

    Oh nevermind...

    * Oculus Rift/System map: Tweak the min/max dolly distances when OR is enabled, to try and get the same feel (sizes, proximity) as when OR is disabled

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