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Thread: Complete list of all third party tools, spreadsheets, manuals and other data sources

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    Originally Posted by Corwin Arzak View Post (Source)
    Former "CMDR-Check" is now "Elite Info System"

    new website:

    main features now include:

    - CMDR status check
    - Operations list and details
    - Wing Broadcasts

    All data is stored and retrieved from protected Google Spreadsheets (Oauth 2.0 access)

    code published on github:
    Thanks for the heads up.
    Ive changed the name in ED3PTT and added the github repository link. The rest stays the same - should be edited later a bit I think.

    One of the featurs of upcoming ED3PTT is that commanders can "claim an entry" and edit it afterward, add links etc. Atm the text is mostly what I read on the website and copy/pasted to there - when I first visited it. MAJOR time shink. Atm there are 81 tools and 61 threads in ED3PTT and a few videos. If the info in the OP of a thread changes most likely it will NOT be changed in ED3PTT. Impossible to keep up to date with all tools/threads - time constraints. That is where the "claim an entry" comes into play. Hopefully all authors are going to claim their entry ;-) Eases the admin burden.... Of course authors of a new tool can simply create a new entry (login required for this) and automatically become the owner.

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    Just found this website will edit this post when i find more info about it.

    Author: Roguey
    Source available: N/A
    Compatible with Release: Yes
    Comments: Pretty good website with quite a large section for EliteDangerous

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    Reported by cmmcleod the author of the tool

    Author: cmmcleod
    Description: A web-based tool for ship builds, interactive power management and build comparisons
    Source available: Github
    Compatible with Release: Yes
    Comments: 20150708. From the author: Actively maintained with weekly releases. Multiple contributors from the ED community
    I believe it would go under the miscellaneous section.

    It was already in ED3PTT since the 31th of May. See to have forgotten to create a post here, my bad.

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    I have created the thread "POLL. Third party tools thread - upcoming website version - looking for a good name".
    Head over there and make yourself heart.

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    Dear commanders, you have voted, we have listened.
    The chosen name is: EDCodex
    The domain already has been bought.
    Note: EDCodex as also the favorite name of both biobob and myself ;-)

    I want to thank each and everyone who has taken the time to vote and/or posted. Very much appreciated. There is NO ETA for the website - somehow I dislike the word soon.... We have progressed quite far though. Quite a lot tools,threads,videos (entries: 83,62,2) are now in EDCodex.

    As stated earlier, before release the authors of entries in EDCodex will receive a PM, have an activated account and will be able to edit/enhance their entry or entries in EDCodex. Should certain fields which they deem necessary be missing it can be corrected. They can if they like also function as our last and final round of beta testers. We already have a few commanders who have entered entries and provided very useful feedback (highly appreciated commanders). When EDCodex goes live I will create a new thread for it. I will keep you up to date about the progress in this thread.

    Note: The poll thread on my request has been closed/locked by the moderators.

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    Originally Posted by NoTones View Post (Source)
    Just found this website will edit this post when i find more info about it.

    Author: Roguey
    Source available: N/A
    Compatible with Release: Yes
    Comments: Pretty good website with quite a large section for EliteDangerous
    Thanks for reporting this entry AND entering it in EDCodex (formerly know as ED3PTT)

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    Thread: List of Earth-like planets
    Author: glynie

    Added to EDCodex

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    Thread: FAOFF Appreciation thread
    Author: Jesse30

    Added to EDCodex

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    Tool: Elite Galaxy Online
    Author: Commander Wolzan

    This site looks very nice. Ideal for explorers!

    Added to EDCodex

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    Tool: List of Earth-like planets, v2
    Author: marx

    It basically is the thread by glynie (post #292) but now all data is in a spreadsheet. It also has links to screenshots with proof ;-)

    Added to EDCodex

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    EDCodex has entered the pre-release phase on the 6th of August.

    Meaning its almost done and Tool authors (85 tools) have been invited to enhance/edit their entries before the official release. The authors for the sections Thread, Community and Videos will get an invite shortly. First I've to heal from the scarves sending out all those invites manually ;-(

    The whole purpose of the pre-release phase is to have the entries as polished as possible. Getting feedback so we know if certain fields are missing and to implement them. Perhaps even some bug reports. Though EDCodex has been put on the rack for torture testing quite a bit and for a long time till it had no more screams in it. Its always possible my torture techniques weren't painful (I mean thorough) enough or didn't ask the right questions ("is it safe" - Marathon man) and a few critters escaped. Lately I had to break a few more bones to find one more...

    If all goes well, what I can say the official release might just be nearer then you think.
    Remember: NO ETA yet to communicate - but we have a date/period in mind......

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    Official release of EDCodex: Monday the 17th of August.

    EDCodex likes to invite and welcome you to its grant opening on Monday the 17th of August.
    We (biobob and wolverine2710) hope you will enjoy it and find it useful. Spread the word!!

    All Tool authors have been sent an invitation on Wednesday and Thursday. All authors of the current 64 threads will receive an invitation this weekend. Purpose: They can (if they choose to do so) enhance/edit their entries before the official release, provide feedback, request new features and of course try to hunt down the last of the potential critters aka bugs. Though so far none of the invited 85 Tool authors has created an issue ticket or reported anything.

    Volunteers - we need you
    Aside from the Tools and the Thread section we also have a Community and Videos section. Its relative lonely there. The community section which contains ED websites and ED wikis has 8 entries and the video section four. Biobob and myself would very much like to concentrate solely on polishing the current features, implement some new features, putting EDCodex on the rack a bit more, polishing it a bit more etc. Hence we most likely will NOT have time to add new entries. This is where volunteers come into play. If you would like to add new entries for us, provide feedback you are absolutely totally positively very much welcome to do so. As a bonus you will of course have access to EDCodex before the official release.

    Should you be interested, please send a PM to both biobob and wolverine2710. You will receive the urls for the EDCodex website, public github repository (issues) and the Q&A tool (feature requests).

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    EDCodex has been officially released.

    EDCodex is basically the on steroids community driven website version of the third party tools thread by Wolverine2710. Biobob kindly enough offered to create the website - which provides far more functionality. He performed miracles. Work started end of March and now its finally ready for release. After release new functionality is however planned.

    The site is equally suited for regular PCs, tablets and smartphones. Other design goals: speed, scalable and Search engine optimization (SEO) -so that entries can be easily found by commanders.


    Providing a complete overview of all available third party tools, interesting threads, community websites,wikis and videos - all four are called entries on EDCodex. You might ask why? Due to the way the FD forum works a lot of good entries get snowed under very fast and the authors do NOT get the exposure they clearly deserve. For casual forums users, getting an overview of all entries is nearly impossible. Something we think is very important, especially for those new to Elite: Dangerous.




    Community driven. Collecting, storing of ED related entries and sharing it with the community.

    • All authors of an entry in EDCodex are encouraged to edit it and to add new entries. All known authors of entries have received an inivitation 9-11 days and became owner of their entry before the official release.
    • All adminitrators of community websites, wikis are encouraged to use the content of EDCodex. There is an export function (text and JSON format) for each entry. Also an API (output in JSOn format) is in place so that all content (including history) can be imported and used in their in other websites, wikis. The documentation will be made available ASAP.
    • RSS feeds exist for all sections so you can keep track of everything which has been added and/or changed. In total 19 different RSS are available by default.
    • EDCodex it self is open sourced under a MIT license. Any one can setup a similar site or enhance the current version. Pull requests can be created and can,will be merged into the source and the website.
    • The EDCodex content is and needs to be a community driven effort. Any registered user can add entries. Authors of an existing entry can "claim" and edit it. Authors can give edit permissions to others if they are not able to update their entries.
    • Its impossible for biobob and myself to keep track of everything. We are providing the EDCodex tool and have filled with approx 162 to get things started!

    EDCodex is an ads free website. You do not need to register. All content is available for everybody.
    Should you deem it worthwhile to register you will have some additional advantages.

    • Share your project with the Elite Dangerous community.
    • Alert everyone about interesting wiki(s) / thread(s) about ED.
    • Save your favorite tools in your personal list.
    • Get your personalized RSS feed for only the content you want
    • Manage your personal space: all your submissions and favorites
    • Reduced headers for the homepage and all other pages.
    • More options are planned and are on the roadmap.


    Feature requests. Ask a question. Pirmarily usage: Feature requests and the FAQ section.
    Reporting issues. The github issues page.
    Sourcecode. EDCodex public github repository


    • Jamesremuscat. For his great help with migrating the website from test server to the current server. VERY much appreciated.
    • Cmmcleod. Proof reading the website text of EDCodex - English is not our mother language. Providing feedback and the code for the waiting spinner.
    • Vivio Technologies for free hosting. After I created the EDDN thread I was contacted by commander Errantthought. He and his manager both play ED. After talking to his boss he was able to offer me a free hosting solution (VPS Hosting) for the EDDN. Now its also used for EDCodex. I want to thank them both and their company for donating the resources to make EDCodex and EDDN possible.

    Its our hope you like EDCodex and help us to make our vision of it a reality.

    This Message is Brought to you By commander biobob and commander Wolverine.

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    Nice to hear it is finally out!

    Great job to both of you.