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Thread: Today I met my father

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    Today I met my father

    My father died 2011. When Frontier offered Backers to add NPC names to the name database, I added his name.

    Today while exploring an anarchy system, I ran into a random Viper and scanned it. It was his name, dangerous and clean.

    Dad, hope to see you again out there.

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    right in the feels :c

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    (I will not cry)


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    Wow!! What a feeling!

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    Now that is a feel good post OP - hairs on arms must have moved -
    Special moment (-:

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    Sorry about your father bud, but a great way to memorialise him!

    Incidentally "Dangerous and Clean" is now going to be my prefered headstone epitaph.

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    Originally Posted by karel View Post (Source)
    right in the feels :c
    Amen. My Dad died a few years further back than that, but I suspect if he was in-game, he'd definitely be rated Dangerous, too He'd probably be Wanted, though, if only for doing silly things like trespassing in Sol without a permit, or mouthing off to a System Authority pilot after a random interdict-and-scan. Probably both, and repeat offenses

    Thanks for putting this out there, Caiburn. Best way to honor them is to talk about them and tell their stories. That's what I do

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    Hugs man.

    My brother died in 2012, he's in the game too.

    Hopefully i will meet him soon.

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    A fitting tribute.

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    Already the game is giving people memories.
    Did the same thing for our son.

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    Wow dude! I felt emotional right there. It never even occurred to me to put my dad in there (who is long long gone). Hope you see him again!

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    omg what a great idea to memorize. feel with you buddy.

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    My Dad's in game too. Died 2012 of lung cancer (turns out smoking is bad for you).
    Hoping to meet him again soon.

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    What a wonderful story!

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    Reminds me of a story I read a while back about a kid who used to do some rally game with his dad on the 360 anyway here is the story

    there is life after death, maybe just not what we think

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