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Thread: Lynx Bulk Carrier indestructable?

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    Lynx Bulk Carrier indestructable?

    Hmm, I always thought or assumed they were indestructable, surely I must have tried to shoot one before but then the other day I targeted one accidentally and the radar mapper showed it had a hyperspace analyser. Hmm thats odd I thought, gave it a prod with my trusty 5MW pulse laser and down goes the hull %. So while the police got busy blowing up in the station dock I got busy tickling this monster to death.

    I'm curious if this is normal, how about the long range cruisers?

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    Just been playing FE2 and they seem to be damn indestructible to me :-), could be a glitch?

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    I vaguely remember both being destroyable. I think I used them to see just how much more powerful a Plasma Accelerator was than anything else.

    (The results were inconclusive, since if I remember correctly even the small one blew them up so quickly it was difficult to get accurate timings)

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    As far as I remember they were indestructable, shame would have been a great explosion.

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    Dang, you made me test this .

    At least in FFE (1.06 CD aka 1.1 ReMastered English version) Long-range Cruiser & Lynx Bulk Carrier are very much destructible.
    Fired up DOSbox (I have my old FFE installation copied directly from my DOS PC on my current HDD) and blasted at a couple of them.

    Screenshot sequences:

    Click on the pic to enlarge.

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    I blew up a long range cruiser in FE2, to this day I still remember being gutted at how disappointingly small the explosion was