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Thread: Beta 3.05 Change log

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    Beta 3.05 Change log

    Hi everyone,

    Beta 3.05 will be going live within the next 10 minutes - 17:05 GMT.

    Here's the full change log for your perusal:
    Further optimisations to network traffic when players enter/leave islands.
    Fixes for some of the reasons that server connections were being dropped.
    Extra diagnostics to help in tracking down the remaining networking issues.
    Various crashes fixed, none of these tied directly to any specific action performed in game but overall stability should be improved.

    Thanks for testing beta 3.04, we look forward to reading your feedback, and getting your tickets and reports re this update!



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    Thanks! Wasn't expecting an update tbh.

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    Cheers Edward and the Frontier team

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    Many thanks for the great work devs

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    Woot ! Thanks, Edward. Much appreciated.

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    Great that was nice and sneaky!

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    It's like christmas! Thanks frontier!

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    always nice to see a healthy rate of updates.

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    Was surprised when I saw the message pop up in game, great work guys.

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    I wasn't expecting another update until after 22nd November, but I'll take it!

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    Much appreciated

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    Good stuff, stuff like this really shows your community that yall actually care, and is really trying to make this game work. Great work, keep them coming.

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    Originally Posted by bttlsgtmajor View Post (Source)
    Thanks! Wasn't expecting an update tbh.
    Welcome to Beta testing, updates happen when least expected

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