Hello guys,

Here's a new joint operation event by Cmdr Blatant: "Netcode Frenzy". It's on this weekend (the 15th and the 16th of November) from 20:00 GMT. It's a get together event (chatting, taking pictures), just for fun. In his words:

Originally Posted by Blatant
All Groups are welcome! please make contact with The Relentless, The GIA or The Winged Cobra's if you'd like to attend! If you are a member of these groups already look out for a PM on the event details.

Weapons WILL NOT BE FIRED unless an organised cage match has been put together.

It's on people, lets crash the hive server!!!! Together!!!!!!!!
Everybody is welcome to join!

We will test 'Open' mode first, and if it doesn't work, then 'Private Group' mode.
We will communicate on Mumble voice chat (download it here):
Port: 64739
Pass: villains

Hope you like it! See you at the weekend.