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  • 01 Commander Iunno - Opportunity Knocks

    4 36.36%
  • 02 T.j - A mostly moist lesson in treasonous intent

    4 36.36%
  • 03 Frank - The Price of Love

    5 45.45%
  • 04 Bleke - Becoming property

    2 18.18%
  • 05 Iain M Norman - Near Miss

    4 36.36%
  • 06 Splendour - A trip to the pun park

    3 27.27%
  • 07 Galactic midden - Serfs you right!

    2 18.18%
  • 08 Ian Phillips - Stands to reason

    4 36.36%
  • 09 MrMogadon - Owt for Nowt - a Threp in't Steans

    4 36.36%
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Thread: Drabble Poll: Treason

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    Drabble Poll: Treason

    Here we have 9 of the worst reprobates in history all willing to tell you a story. They'd sell their own grandmother , if their grandmother happened to be the Queen.

    Read the stories below and vote for the ones you like best on the poll above. Iain, I'm leaving yours blank right now until you decide which to go for.

    Any blaggard caught voting for their own story shall be hoist by their own petard, which is as painful as it sounds.

    01 Commander Iunno - Opportunity Knocks

    The missiles strike, the console erupting in a shower of sparking circuitry, as Tomas shields his eyes behind his arm. Warning claxons fill the cockpit of the Lakon, warning of an impending hull breach.

    “Empty the cargo hold.”

    Tomas grits his teeth, grabs the headset.

    “What are you doing, Rogers?” He peers into the darkness, at the Viper drifting idly on his starboard. “We hired you to guard the convoy!”

    “Changed my mind, Tomas.”

    Acrid smoke fills his lungs. “The cartel will flay your hide for this, Rogers. This is treason.”

    “Personally, I prefer to think of it as opportunity.”

    02 T.j - A mostly moist lesson in treasonous intent

    He moistened the end of the fuse and shoved it into the barrels hole,

    His fingers trembled with anticipation as he walked backwards trailed the line of black powder around the corner.

    "This'll teach them" He giggled nervously. "Make me park the spaceships at the ED 20th anniversary party would they? Me a Mod for 20 years!

    His porridge stained fingers fumbled in his threadbare sporran for the matches.

    A voice whispered gently in his ear.

    *Care to explain Mr Kow?*

    The feeling of a beard brushed against his ear.

    He froze, the moistness in his flight-suits crotch grew warmly.

    03 Frank - The Price of Love

    He was left alone in the interrogation room, thinking about the enormity of his actions. He could've easily bought her freedom.

    But he knew in his heart of hearts that slavery was wrong, and he didn't want to bring up children in such an unjust society. He picked the wrong time, and the wrong person to fall in love with. If only they weren't at war! No, there was only one way a high-ranking Imperial officer could settle in Federation Space.

    He thought about the deaths he would cause. He thought of his wife. He didn't feel like a traitor.

    04 Bleke - Becoming property

    "Where are you taking us Jenkins? This isn't the way to the conference center! I can't believe I hired you! You've nary done a thing right! Except polishing my shoes, I'll give you that. You're a good shoe polisher."

    Jenkins bit his lip and said "A Slight detour sir, to avoid unwanted attention."

    "Unwa… what in the nammlng..!?? MMMGLBMMNGMM!!?!"
    Heavy arms lifted the floundering federal CEO away.

    "Well done Mr Jenkins! I like a man who can deliver", said viscount Didier and handed him a credit clip.

    "Make him work hard", said Jenkins, checking the amount in his reader.


    05 Iain M Norman - Near Miss

    O'Hanrahan twisted the flight stick violently, partially ripping it off its mounting, he jinked the hauler to the right, throwing his partner to the deck.

    “What the hell are you playing at? That’s no way to fly inside a coriolis”, Murphy cursed as he picked himself up.

    “That sidewinder came outta nowhere dude! The landing lights must be playing up again.”

    “Touch us down, I’ll check them out.”

    “Testing light group one!” O’Hanrahan shouted from the cockpit.

    On the station deck Murphy checked the lights, “One's on!”

    “Testing light group two!”

    “Two’s on!”

    “Testing light group three!”

    “Three’s on!”

    06 Splendour - A trip to the pun park

    The infiltration team assembled in the hold of the Asp, gathering around a portable holo-projector. The image of the boss standing in front of a map swam into being.

    "Your insertion point is over there. You will make your way through the Enchanted Forest to the President's location here, the Druids Grove. Costumes are in cargo can 1. Good hunting."

    Cracking open cargo can 1, Point turned back to the holo image.

    "You said this planet was a bit of a theme park, but really?"

    He lifted a full body outfit of a 10 foot Spruce.

    "No complaining. Trees on."

    07 Galactic midden - Serfs you right!

    "I used to be Serf Diggle before incarceration down here Amal", Diggle swung his pickaxe. *dink* <swing> *crack*

    Sweat glistening with particles Amal paused from carrying heavy ore chunks, "I know Diggle, I know".

    Amal returned to his labour.

    "When off-duty, us Serfs got shore leave. Some Imperial ale, a tumble with local... girls. Fleet Master didn't care if some landlubbers' laws were stretched"

    "I know Diggle, I know"

    *clink-clink* The shackles gave away Diggle's nervous discomfort. "It's just, how was I to know it was the emperor's family pet"


    Rocks discarded, Amal left to join another work gang.

    08 Ian Phillips - Stands to reason

    They walked down a long corridor, automatic doors opening as his escorts approached and closing as he passed through, airtight against possible hull breaches.

    They entered a room that was casually furnished with soft couches. It looked more like a living room than an interrogation room.

    Two men in black looked up. One addressed his escorts .

    "Thank you. Please wait outside whilst we conduct the debriefing."

    He was invited to sit.

    "We have arranged a new identity for you, dependant on the worth of your information. Of course we can't just trust a double agent, it stands to reason"

    09 MrMogadon - Owt for Nowt - a Threp in't Steans

    Abernethy Postlethwaite, had crossed many systems to obtain his cargo and faced multiple difficulties on the way, his freighter, Char-Bay Rarrr, showed extensive evidence of his trials.

    Having loaded the cargo and now awaiting launch clearance, he was incredulous to be told to immediately unload again.

    It seemed that the king of this realm, Peejeet Hipps, had that morning discovered the restorative and palliative properties of hot beverages.
    Exports were immediately banned.

    Reluctant to comply, Postlethwaite debated an unauthorised launch.

    “Do I have t'reason for trouble t’come?” he thought.

    “Damnit aye, profits reason enough.” as he launched, maximising rear shields.

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    Come on folks, get yer votes in, far too quiet on here today....

    Ahem Number 2 in the list is quite good....

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    Ah, this is good. 9 excellent drabbles. 6 votes cast already and a right race on day 1 it is. Following your example T. J. I'm flouting a promo sig. Had to shrink it a bit to fit. I'm glad to hear Psykokow's got his keys, I hope he manages to vote

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    Four people are neck and neck in the front, and the rest aren't far behind! Anyone could win this week.

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    Looks like Frank has surged from behind to snatch victory, unless there are any last minute votes to alter things, may I pass on my heartiest congratulations to this week's winner.

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    Good ol' Frank. But when is over over?

    And I'm so glad my drabble didn't set off any bad taste alarms

    (or did I escape unnoticed because this weekend the forum was a bit distracting?)

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    We should go chuck more posts on the fire to keep the flames burning. If we do that then all the mods will be too busy to keep an eye on us

    Thanks for the votes. My choice for this week is about time.

    I'll got post on the main thread as well.

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    Originally Posted by Frank View Post (Source)
    My choice for this week is about time.
    <wanders by - grins>

    I met a man whose name was Time
    And he said 'I must be going!'
    But just how long ago that was
    I have no way of knowing!

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    Congrats Frank. and very well done everyone else, enjoyed the drabbles again this week. Hope the honoured absent manage to revisit next week

    So Frank he calls time
    And in Cody does chime
    Singing strong line by line
    He doth rhyme just sublime

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    I will get an audio version for this, its been crazy, and Maybe worth suspending the competition for the Premier Event ?

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    Sorry guys, I got a little distracted this weekend........and voting got forgotten in all the hectic!

    Wow, a really close result this week, and congratulations to Frank for geting his bloodshot nose out in front!

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    Yep, thanks to those who took me off the single vote, luves ya.

    And congrats to Frank as well.