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Thread: No Single Player offline Mode then?

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    We can toss and turn this any way we want, and i think we all have done that several times over now.
    The facts are on the table and they won't change.

    This certainly is not what i consider the perfect buildup to a successful launch, and there will be consequences from it.

    Have a nice weekend everyone.

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    Originally Posted by PIXEL View Post (Source)
    A lawyer would advise this as a wise workaround. It might work too (-:

    Question arises tho.. if internet connection is indeed required to play this game - does it have to be on all the time to play or can players log in say, once a month for updates?
    The "Computer Requirements" have always specified an internet connection.

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    I'm surprised that the mob hasn't come up with a catchy name for this. Might I suggest "OfflineGate" or something?

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    Originally Posted by Kicks View Post (Source)
    I'm surprised that the mob hasn't come up with a catchy name for this. Might I suggest "OfflineGate" or something?
    I think we'd get more views if we went with #gamergate, but there's something familiar about that......

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    Originally Posted by khaitom View Post (Source)
    The "Computer Requirements" have always specified an internet connection.
    yes got that - thanx.. but how much of one.. all the time or intermittent?

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    Originally Posted by PrometheusDarko View Post (Source)
    Michael, David, and the rest of the team knew full well that this decision would not necessarily be a popular one. And when they try to treat us like adults and explain in a calm, logical manner exactly why they have had to make the decision they made, what are they met with? Toxicity, jeers, and overall childishness. I paid into a project to resurrect a game I loved from my childhood, and to be frank, I am astounded with what they've been able to deliver. I can't wait to see what this game grows to become.
    (emboldenment mine)

    Have you read the whole thread? There isn't a whole heap of toxicity or childishness. There's a lot of extremely disappointed people who have a wide range of valid reasons for needing a feature they were led to believe would exist. And they have - for the most part - presented these views in a mature way. They didn't just send out a marketing-speak newsletter with their main point obfuscated with little trinkets to make people ignore the big news.

    That's why this thread is so long. I said it before and I'll repeat myself - OH LOOK SHINY NEW SHIPS! GREAT HUH! um, less features. AND INSURANCE FOR YOU! LOOK AT THESE DISCOUNTS!also, um no offline modeBUT EVERYONE GETS INSURANCE AND THE SHIPS! ONE FOR YOU FOR FREE!

    Seriously, treating us like adults? I have a bridge I could sell you if you're interested.

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    Originally Posted by Michael Brookes View Post (Source)
    We were faced with a tough choice and it's not something we wanted to do, but to release a game that matched what we set out to do we had to go online online.

    When did you make that choice?

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    Originally Posted by SJT View Post (Source)
    When did you make that choice?
    Doesn't really matter, but from experience I would suggest they made the choice after a lot of debate, and after they were absolutely sure it wasn't going to work they intended.

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    Originally Posted by khaitom View Post (Source)
    The "Computer Requirements" have always specified an internet connection.
    Do the people who post this stuff actually bother to read the thread?

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    Originally Posted by wtbw View Post (Source)
    From the other thread, in case people here missed this:
    I'm afraid highlighting this kind of quote won't work, commander. Once a mob have lit their torches and got their pitchforks are are baying for blood, someone has to die that night. You can't just go home empty-handed!

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    Originally Posted by Katkon View Post (Source)
    I'm an older gamer, who like you guys, played the game way back when. Unlike you, however, I now never play offline games. I really enjoy the excitement that comes with knowing that there are other humans out there playing in my universe. It adds a sense of community, makes it feel less solitary and ultimately makes for a more dangerous and exciting play area - for me.That being said, you still have solo mode. Can you help me understand why that's not good enough? Is it because you don't like the idea of anyone else effecting your game world - even where they are totally invisible? Is it because you sometimes game on a pc not connected to the Internet? I'm genuinely curious - pls bear with me.
    I still play Elite: Frontier occasionally. I don't believe their central user autherntication & galaxy server will still be running in 30 years. That's why I'm very disappointed in the lack of offline mode.

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    Originally Posted by Kicks View Post (Source)
    I'm surprised that the mob hasn't come up with a catchy name for this. Might I suggest "OfflineGate" or something?
    Honestly, I don't understand the hate stemming from this decision. It's not like the Devs sat there and said, "Let's make a decision we know full well will be super unpopular because eff those guys!" I'm sure that this was done as a final resort of "Welp, offline just isn't going to work with this architecture. Let's let them know." And it's being met with pitchforks and torches. People will in the same breath moan about how it's not a true MMO, and then whine that it doesn't have singleplayer. Where are all the complaints about it not being an MMO, eh?! There truly is no pleasing some people. Hopefully after release this community's toxicity dies down. I don't want to become a LoL community, where every single decision the Devs make in an attempt to fix the game is questioned and met with pitchforks and torches.

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    Originally Posted by DhuAlan View Post (Source)
    Good Morning Mr Brookes, I hope you have enough coffee/tea at hand for what is liable to be a tough day,

    I understand that an evolving offline system would be impractical, but the expectations for it were it to be mainly static, with possibly updates to download.

    If the evolving universe and associated systems to produce that, made an offline impossible, this has had to been a known design conflict for a bit longer than this week surely, could you have not softened the blow rather than sneeak it into an almost footnote?

    I do applaud your online vision but the offline version even if static was a key selling point to me, not just because of internet access, but the ability to enjoy Elite and your hard work without being tied to a balance sheet analysis of the frontier hardware and bandwidth budgets.

    Is the potentaill static offline universe truely impossible, can the calls to make changes not follow a null object pattern? I guess I'm pleading for a possibility that offline may reappear down the line or as a just before the plug is pulled on the servers option
    To make that happen we'd essentially have to create two games. The servers handle more than just the data, they handle all the key processes for interaction in the game, so trading, mission generation and background simulation to name a few.

    The decision wasn't made this week, we've spend a lot of time and effort trying to come up with a way that would allow us to support offline play - however the answer is no we can't.


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    I suppose the silver lining is that if Frontier don't provide an offline server then someone will reverse engineer one and when that happens it much more likely to be open source and therefore infinitely moddable than if Frontier themselves released one. Although I would still prefer an official offline server... with modding support please

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    Unhappy A sad reality

    The broken promise of offline mode makes me fear for the longevity of the game.

    This is what I have against all games that depend on some online service (steam, game servers and so on):
    We as players are totally left out to the game company of when we can play, how we can play and for how long into the future the game will work.

    What if FD disappears? The servers won't be around then.
    What if they're bought up by some big business? They might decide that Elite isn't all that important so they put the game world on crappy servers with chocked network connection, then after a few years they just let it die.

    Older but good games are still played to this day, even though the company behind the game is long since gone. Will we be playing this in 10 years? Even in 5?

    Who knows. All we can be sure of is that it is not up to us to decide...