View Poll Results: What would you like FD to do regarding offline mode?

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  • FD should focus on the online and not bother making an offline mode.

    146 19.70%
  • I want FD to eventually release an offline mode so I can play after the servers are shut down.

    284 38.33%
  • I'd like FD to start working on an offline mode as soon as possible, but I'll play online anyway.

    94 12.69%
  • If there is no offline, I can't or won't play and will ask for a refund if possible.

    53 7.15%
  • I don't care either way, I'll be happy with ED with or without offline.

    164 22.13%
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Thread: What would you like FD to do regarding offline mode?

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    Originally Posted by Cmdr Oblong View Post (Source)
    I found this combination of sentences amusing from a self-awareness point of view!

    Frontier filled their coffers by misleading consumers, the delayed timing is the icing on the cake. This needs to be redressed, and so far I don't think it has been. So in this forum and dozens of others, the stink continues.

    I always love the 'I'm not bothered by it, so you're not allowed to be' crowd. Myopic or what?
    I played Elite on the BBC and Amiga and enjoy the choice of open ended gameplay but just now I tried travelling to another star system and got kicked from the server so no more game.
    I have also played Eve for several years and yes it did have its moments mainly after updates and I can understand Mr Brabens argument that for a reactive game it needs to be played online but I would like to practice or play off-line as the mood takes me and I do not think that this is a terrible thing to ask for as solo is only OK whilst the server is up and running.

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    quite happy thanks...

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    Real Offline mode yes.
    And that would be quite possible, the technical problems are not that hard to solve and to make it cheat proof tweak the randomization of the galaxy, problem solved.
    I avoid online games due to moving around (no connection) and because i do not really like to spend my leisure time with griefer idiots, that is not enjoying a game.
    Plus i depend on some company who may or may not shut down servers and walk away someday so the game would be over, like, permanently.

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    Closing, old thread, tired subject will lead to fighting and sniping.