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  • (A) - OneViGOR

    3 17.65%
  • (B) - Frank

    1 5.88%
  • (C) - Darren Grey

    2 11.76%
  • (D) - T.j

    3 17.65%
  • (E) - Caribou

    2 11.76%
  • (F) - Ian Phillips

    6 35.29%
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Thread: Abraka Drabble: The Combat Poll

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    Abraka Drabble: The Combat Poll

    Vote for your favourite writer for the subject set by the last winner, Digital Duck, who asked for drabbles about combat.

    I reckon we should close the voting on the stroke of midnight on Tuesday. But just shout out if anyone thinks this is too long or short a time.

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    (A) - OneViGOR

    'Helpless' - An Elite: Dangerous drabble by James Vigor
    The engines sputter and die. Plumes of black smoke, barely distinguishable from the space around them, billow endlessly from the holes he blew in my hull.

    Dim red lights illuminate the cockpit as I gaze out at him. Somehow, our eyes meet across the empty vacuum between us. He senses my surrender, but he shows no sign of mercy. He narrows his eyes, staring into my soul, revelling in my fear.

    A single missile disengages from his hull. An evil smile of satisfaction spreads from one side of his face to the other as the missile tears the ship apart.

    'Maneuvers' - An Elite: Dangerous drabble by James Vigor
    Deftly, he flies among the rocks. Perfectly, he times his turns. Agile, he is, but foolish. He's banking, yawing, rolling, all in perfect unison with the rocks that peacefully glide through our raging battle.

    I struggle to get a shot off; it's far too crowded to aim and missile homing doesn't have a chance here. All I have to rely on is his inability to endure this.

    But then, a stroke of luck, a lapse of concentration, a miscalculation. His wing grinds along a hunk of ice. He tumbles, losing his delicate control, and spins into my line of fire.

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    (B) - Frank

    One Helluva Sling
    The pirates laugh at the tiny ship opposite their Goliath of a space galleon. With a casual wave of his hand the captain says “swat him”.

    The rising tone of their spooling obliterator cannon reverberates throughout the hull before spitting its deadly photon pulses. Pew pew pew.

    The oblate spheroid protecting the small ship barely acknowledges this volley. And the tiny craft reluctantly responds.

    The pirates are blinded by the column of pure white light pouring from the front of their adversary. The minuscule spacecraft looks like the hilt of a laser sword whose blade is now swinging towards them.

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    (C) - Darren Grey

    I want you. So long I watched you from afar, before I was released, letting me fly towards you. I want you to be mine.

    You try to dodge, to shield, but it’s in vain. I’m getting closer.

    I don’t just want to be close to you. I want to touch you, to feel your skin. I want to fold you open and push my head deep inside you, and to release a blossom of colour and majesty, lighting up the sky like fireworks.

    I am a NN500 navy grade missile, and I want you. And I will have you.

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    (D) - T.j

    Excerpt from one of my wip's
    The ship a tiny dot in the distance was nearly on us, as it grew larger still I watched fascinated switching between the window and scanner on which some words appeared. “Ident acquired. Imperial courier…registration number…unable to acquire.”‘Hmm’ muttered Ash, no ident that’s interesting.’ ‘What do you mean?’ I asked‘It means.’ She replied ‘that they have something to hide, and there's no way that’s a pirate ship, way too large and slow for that. I’d say that someone knows who we are and wants to stop us by blasting us into tiny pieces.’

    ‘Who are they?’ I asked.

    The attacker's ship sat in the blackness of space waiting like a snake ready to strike at its prey. A smile crept across my face. The red button! All I needed was to make the ship go fast in their direction lasers blasting.

    My hand hovered over the button marked experimental injection boosters. Written on a scrap of paper underneath were the words “Don’t press unless in deeeeep trouble, we haven’t tested it!!” My ship was fitted with a MK4 Military drive and many deadly extras.

    I took a wild stab in the dark and guessed this would be interesting.

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    (E) - Caribou

    The inky blackness of the asteroids shadow engulfs the Viper. Lights off, engines off, the hull is almost invisible, the ship is still. “Was that a signal on the scanner or static?” thought Cal. The silence of space, the tight cockpit and the darkness is working against him now. “I must report back to base” he mutters. The wing stumbled upon Liqua as he was stalking an anaconda, fully armed and about to pounce. Liqua had destroyed most of the ships without mercy. Cal had got some good hits, but his shields were down. “I must report back to base”…

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    (F) - Ian Phillips

    This is 100 Words
    Everyone will tell you their story.

    About how their pursuer (or prey) slammed into an asteroid whilst manouvering too hard. Or the lucky shot that took out a weapon hard point. Or how they completely surprised a mark by shutting all systems down and hiding on an asteroid.

    Nobody is going to tell you about the reality of combat. Sweaty palms. Fast breathing. Neck pains from hunching up. Flashes seen from the corner of your eye. Guessing when to fire the laser.

    Exhilaration at killing the other ship and surviving for one more day.

    The need for a clean onesie.

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    I thought it would be tidier to copy the drabbles over here away from the arm-twisting and the bribes.

    I don't know if you want to put your deliberations here. So here's a quick link...

    back to the main thread

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    Everyone vote for me, and I'll share the prize onesie with you!

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    No, vote for me and I'll give the prize right back to Frank!

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    Originally Posted by Ian Phillips View Post (Source)
    No, vote for me and I'll give the prize right back to Frank!
    Apparently that sits better with the community... Tell you what, vote for ME, and I'll cast it into Mount Doom.

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    I'll be forced into my nonesie!!

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    Is the poll still open?

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    I wouldn't over step Frank, but I think it is time to call it today... so if you haven't voted please do soon and we can fire off the next topic/theme/word

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    Only a few votes in it! ive not voted, anyone want to bribe me? on the move, but if get chance will read them all later and vote. Hopefully you will get a few more people voting to :smilie:

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