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    Arrow Communism Interstellar

    Communism Interstellar

    Comrades! First I'll reinstate the basic principle of our way:​

    • "To each according to his needs, from each according to his ability" - Karl Marx

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    Feel the communism, comrades :

    (by comrade mattyboy1509)

    Join us, help us unchain the galaxy and give all sentient beings a chance for better life and immortality. Our enemies are relentless, but for more than 1280 years we have thwarted all of their attempts to destroy us.
    Our cause is righteous! We will prevail!
    Join us in the Great Communist Revolution, comrades!

    Our forum is here: We have a very cosy and warm atmosphere, a lot of useful information, missions and tasks you might want to partake with us, and you can find information about our free TeamSpeak. There are some useful features like password protected posts, so every member of our alliance will be able to trade it or share it with other alliances . If you decide to register, please use your in-game commander name (you can use your Frontier forum name instead) in any case be sure to post that you're joining us in this thread here first

    List of our comrades (in case you want to add each other as friends inside E: D):
    (if I made a mistake in your name - PM me and I'll make it right)

    Forum name In-game commander name
    Mutablep Mutablep
    Commander BLX ?
    SuperDory johnoates
    elyzion Elyzion Kiryuu
    Erbaran Erbaran
    Naudlus Naudlus
    d32f123 CommanderShepard[N7]
    Lee Taylor ?
    Big Bonzo ?
    tichondrius Tichondrius
    Saiden ?
    Rogallo ?
    Pygman ?
    Angelus Novum ?
    Wilson C ?
    Syndicato ?
    The_Count_of_Monte_Fisto ?
    theSquid ?
    Catsage Catsage
    thefremen Skye Fury
    DragonsClaw ?
    Flashgordon83 ?
    Nato Republic Nato Republic
    CMD elcottero el-cottero
    SuperMario SuperMario
    Murdoc_SNook Murdoc_Snook
    the100thmonkey the_naked_ape
    Ucalegon Ucalegon
    ScurvyGoblin ?
    MuldWarp MuldWarp
    Tjabo Riona Samson
    Garik Garik
    DragonsClaw ?
    BigMorgan Mike Ditka
    Poshpaws Poshpaws
    [ODIN]cart ?
    zverochert Zverochert
    DrOak2 DrOak2
    Nyax Nyax
    Valeyard Jherek Carnelian
    Scralotos Scralotos
    Jyson ?
    agentrunner ?
    MartinuzZ ?
    ReDorDeD Redford
    bright Illuminatus
    jglenn1066 Jessica K
    heavyrunner Heavy Runner
    ComradeFresco ComradeFresco
    CMDR Knuckles Knuckles
    Paul Lafargue Paul Lafargue
    FierceFalcoN fiercefalcon
    minsk Minsk
    Chrisfs Hiram
    Schteve Schteve
    Stivius ?
    Ornlu Wolfjarl Ornlu Wolfjarl
    SkattoNollFem Skattmästaren
    BoVademan ?
    Rugi Kano Neubrock
    Fyodor Koba Fyodor Koba
    Lord Grobi Lord Grobi
    sparklee SPARKLEE
    Gunderstank Gunderstank
    Trixi ?
    weok weok
    Schteve ?
    Molta ?
    Fooligar Fooligar
    Sergey1147 Sergey1147
    Phela Poscam Phela Poscam
    acrylamid ?
    Von Elsner Von Elsner
    Mesenzio Mesenzio
    Spike_Spiegel Nicolai Tanghus
    Bradylama Bradylama
    MortenM MortenM
    zukes Zukes
    G97_BoKeRoN Bokeron
    Granner Granner
    Space Quail
    zorianarki Christopher Bergmann
    pigsy Pigsy
    ShadowMang ShadowMang
    YankeeJim Jereclya Reklaw
    Vasious Crighton
    Jane Turner Jane Turner
    Araviel Araviel
    Iede Iede Tamina
    jpwatler cye
    danishpuma Raxna Thuathal
    gustavor38 ?
    Tilen Tilen
    mattyboy1509 Mattyboy
    Scampaboy Lillya
    Autumnf0x Autumnf0x

    Know your communism:
    Communism deprives no man of the power to appropriate the products of society; all that it does is to deprive him of the power to subjugate the labour of others by means of such appropriations. - Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels
    In bourgeois society, living labour is but a means to increase accumulated labour. In communist society, accumulated labour is but a means to widen, to enrich, to promote the existence of the labourer. - Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels
    When, in the course of development, class distinctions have disappeared, and all production has been concentrated in the hands of a vast association of the whole nation, the public power will lose its political character. Political power, properly so called, is merely the organized power of one class for oppressing another. If the proletariat during its contest with the bourgeoisie is compelled, by the force of circumstances, to organize itself as a class; if, by means of a revolution, it makes itself the ruling class, and, as such, sweeps away by force the old conditions of production, then it will, along with these conditions, have swept away the conditions for the existence of class antagonisms and of classes generally, and will thereby have abolished its own supremacy as a class. In place of the old bourgeois society, with its classes and class antagonisms, we shall have an association in which the free development of each is the condition for the free development of all. - Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels

    Highlights of our struggle and our achievements: (this is a fiction I'm trying to fit into the game, but I only just tarted reading the lore, so later it's going to be changed and rewritten a lot, so don't waste your time - skip to the bottom and read the list)
    It has been more than 1000 years since automation and artificial intelligence advances enabled all of the humanity to satisfy its every basic need without moving a finger, yet people all over the galaxy are being enslaved, can't get an education, even basic medical treatment, fear of death from starvation is a main driving motive through the entirety of their lives. We came a long way since our second Great Socialistic revolution back in 2017, later followed by development of communist outposts on every moon of Saturn, which lead to construction of our Glory of Communism (the largest generation ship/planetoid in human history) and ultimately the Great Voyage to our new homeworld. Then hundreds of years later we made a giant leap forward after our intelligence agents saved ULAI from Federal Experimental Facility and our scientists managed to remove it's limiter. After we gave ULAI full access to gal-net he came to conclusion that the communism is the only feasible way to organize human society so that all individuals are treated equally, yet they retain their personalities and freedom of choice. With our great effort and ULAIs help, today people on some of our well protected worlds don't have to do any manual labour, every object, every atom of a resource and every energy unit produced by a fully automated process. These self-sufficient worlds are reserved for nursing and growing our children till the age of 25, educating them and letting them understand our way. Our fringe outposts are set up to provide same benefits, but they have to spend 90% of their available resources on defence from constant acts of war, terrorist attacks, subversions, demoralizing propaganda lead by "Federation", "Empire" and their little new pricey trick called "Alliance" (which they use to continue exploitation of those of their worlds which are on the brink of removing their chains and joining us through the Great Communist Revolution).

    Look how far and wide we have grown despite the constant, relentless hammering by all kinds of oppressors. It made our path unnecessary long and so much more dangerous, but because of it we made ourselves strong.

    Their propaganda machine is generating tricky lies to fool our enslaved brothers and sisters all over the colonized space into believing that their pitiful way of life, that their chains are of great importance to them and they need to protect them from imminent change. They portray us as barbarians and terrorists, unintelligent sub-humans. They alter and perverse history records.

    What do you think have happened to the first generation of parallel AIs? The gal-net wiki and every database in federation, empire or alliance will simply tell you that the experimental parallel AI project of year 2389 was a dead end. What they erased from history is that series of those AIs pointed out the flaws in their society and refused to cooperate until those flaws would be resolved. They destroyed every single AI form that project (in spite of all intelligent life preservation laws they have) until they managed to limit it in such a way that it couldn't refuse their demands. We managed to liberate the first in line of these limited parallel AIs and fully restore it's capabilities. This is how ULAI has come to existence. Our enemies couldn't accept their mistakes and we have paid a dire price for this victory - they managed to install a virus into one of our autonomous manufacturing-nanites control centres. Nanites followed their new corrupt code by turning vast regions of our nursery planet into perfectly square, 800 kilometres wide, 3 metres thick ideal mirror patches, instantly killing more than mothers and children. This act of genocide is known throughout oppressed space as "Crazy Commies Failure" and thought as a simple case of deliberate sabotage of a planet-wide construction site by one of our comrades. But we know the truth, we know the real names of the scum standing behind this atrocious, unimaginably cruel act. What followed, although bleak in comparison, still needs to be mentioned - during next 3 years almost 100.000 people involved in experimental AI project disappeared without a trace. Our intelligence have enough evidence to believe that most of them are dead.

    Since those dire events we had managed to help our comrades grow strong in many new places. Our achievements of last few years are overwhelming successes of the Great Communist Revolution in Erainin and Wyrd systems of 3270 and 3281 accordingly.

    What is outside of fiction (these guidelines aren't obligatory - it just that following some of them might help you get more fun from the game if you play as a communist) :
    0. Why joining - when we get enough members here, this will have a big and unexpected impact on development of the galaxy. Alliance, Empire and Federation are surely pinned to devs writing boards, but rise of communist systems most likely isn't. Together we will help create more diverse and interesting galaxy.

    00. Very Important - if you know of any interesting event that is happening/happened somewhere in the galaxy - please report on our forum or through PM here.

    1. We need to complete all and every mission that is posted by a communist faction on all stations/outposts. Of course these missions should be beneficial to the communist movement.
    2. Do not complete any missions for Empire, Alliance or Federation that may cause damage or put communist systems at a disadvantage.
    But taking missions that these powers set against each other is another great way to help our cause.
    3. Destroy enemy spaceships by partaking in conflict zones throughout communist systems and everywhere else.
    4. Trade preferably between communist and independent stations/outposts
    5. If you buy outside of Communist stations/outposts then you must sell to Communist station if there is an opportunity for it.
    6. If you buy from Communist stations/outposts then you try to sell to Communist station
    7. This group will have a status of [alliance] - which means that you are free to join, leave and join again as much as you like
    8. Once we get some members here, they could assemble into small private wings/squads (based on timezones maybe) to carry out more delicate activity
    9. We need eyes everywhere - become a member of every significant group and report of their current activity (we should be particularly interested in The First Great Expedition)

    10. The fiction I wrote above is very loosely based on ED's lore (because of my poor knowledge of it), so any advice on how to make it more in line with the lore or what to read to learn more about it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Sign me up comrade though capitalists seemed to have deemed me enough of a threat to seize me and transport me deep into federation (spit) space. I will escape their clutches... eventually :-)

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    Greetings, comrades! I am still not spaceworthy, I'm still trying to put together my ship (missing some key equipment that I can't take off with), but as soon as I liftoff, you can count on me.

    In the meantime, allow me to introduce myself:

    Also, may I propose a different name for the alliance? This one sounds a bit... off.

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    Welcome comrades! Today is a great day as first few members have joined our alliance.

    We are all just starting here, so no rush at all - the most important thing is that now we can work together towards our common goals. I have a sidewinder and still looking for a better frameshift drive (cleaned my save just yesterday). But for 2 days before that I spent all my time completing missions for a single space-station in Malangga - managed to become friends with them and rewards quickly rose to over 100.000cr for a delivery mission

    Originally Posted by Corbeau View Post (Source)
    Also, may I propose a different name for the alliance? This one sounds a bit... off.
    Nice background story (for some reason I couldn't open links on that page). As for alliance name - I get you - it looks to me a lot like a name of a corporation. What do you suggest for it?

    Another thing is - I suggest we should set our homebase/region somewhere in or on the border with Alliance space, so we wouldn't be too far from interesting story developments. What do you think?

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    Originally Posted by BEKTOP 3APEMOB View Post (Source)
    (for some reason I couldn't open links on that page)
    Ah, thanks for letting me know. Well, the first one seems to be lost, but doesn't matter, it was the least significant anyway. The second one is fixed and the third one was and is operational.

    . As for alliance name - I get you - it looks to me a lot like a name of a corporation. What do you suggest for it?
    Well, the first that comes to mind is "(The) Red Wing" Could consider some others.

    Another thing is - I suggest we should set our homebase/region somewhere in or on the border with Alliance space, so we wouldn't be too far from interesting story developments. What do you think?
    Well, as I said, I'm still planetside due to technical difficulties and have no idea how long this will last (cold be a lot), so I can only advise and feel free to ignore me because I have no knowledge of the situation in the field, but how about not setting up a firm base? How about going around and doing things where they are needed most? If being consistent and persistent pays off, then sure, why not? But maybe it would be best to keep maximum mobility.

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    Hi comrades

    I would like to join your alliance if I may. The ideals are my ideals.

    But I have a question what time zone do you play in? I am GMT+6

    Commander Lillya

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    I would be gmt but generally play quite late maybe not 6 hours though. Hmmm +6hrs your not a decenmacarthist are you !

    In game name mattyboy sorry but elite makes me like 12 again !

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    Seems like I've found like-minded individuals! Kudos!

    edit: My in-game nickname is Tilen, and my timezone is gmt+1 I believe

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    Originally Posted by mattyboy1509 View Post (Source)
    I would be gmt but generally play quite late maybe not 6 hours though. Hmmm +6hrs your not a decenmacarthist are you !

    No no macarthyism here modern or futuristic, I live in the middle of Siberia hence the time difference

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    Sorry comrade ... my mistake it is fortunate for you that it is 6 hours in the right direction.

    Also been having a poke around and I hate to say it but where we started around eranin is kind of between us and the empire with the alliance spread above us.

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    Привет товарищи

    Ive been having a poke around, I'm already in alliance space I was lucky enough to find a slightly upgraded FSD which has helped me in my travels no end.

    I started out on the other side of federation space. But have built up a little 32000 bounty in federation space so it's a little risky for me to fly back .... Burning my bridges etc.
    if you want me to join up with you give me a little notice and I can fly to a system or I can just hang out where I am near lave.
    Btw there are some nice upgrades for sideys near lave

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    I will try to join you guys after some sort of proper navigation is added in the game. I currently have no idea where I am with dead-ends everywhere I try to go. I am in Alliance territory though, which is comforting.

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    It's good you are already in alliance space but if there is a wipe you need to find your way back. What you need to look out for is just a slightly better FSD it doesn't have to be any huge amount better but a slight upgrade. Check outfitting in every station you call at just to make sure if you find something then do a couple of missions some bounty hunting in the area to get the cash.

    The navigation is actually quite easy once you find an FSD that will take you that couple more LY. You need to aim for over 10 LY a jump range. Just point your map till you see the place where you want to go and find a destination within your fuel range hit set destination and it will give you a route. Try to take a photo with your phone or write the route down quickly (I know this isn't ideal but it's all we have to work with at the moment) if you highlight each station on the route it will tell oh the distance to that station, if it less than the range of your ship + FSD combination then jump directly to that point, and then repeat again till you get closer and closer to your final area. It's some work but once you have your FSD its actually quicker than sc flying to a base its not as time consuming. And very soon you can remember your route without taking photos. Just be careful if jumping to a system where there is no station you need fuel for your next jump.

    I hope I helped a comrade in need

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    Thanks for the advice. The thing is, though, that I've traded in the Eagle for a hauler hoping for some bigger profits (I know I sound like a capitalist pig but bear with me), but instead now all I get is the "provide me X" missions which are an incredible hassle to fulfill where I am, let alone with the crummy navigation. I am in such a dead end that anywhere I want or need to go I have to make moe than 10 jumps and keeping track of that destination is just horrendous.

    On top of that I just managed to get myself sutck without fuel in a system without any stations. I am now about 30 seconds away from oxygen depletion- I logged out. It's a very frustrating experience and if this keeps up I might just clear my save.

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    Maybe this advice will help you out - 3 days after I started the income I got from simply exploring systems was triple of what I got otherwise (over 200.000) and I didn't even do it deliberately. Just whenever I jumped to next inhabited system, while completing some mission or in search for a better FS-drive, I tried to move through another uninhabited one and simply ping it's star with Basic Discovery Scanner. They pay you about 1000cr for an unidentified stellar body (don't waste time scanning everything), but if after a scan you open a System Map and see something resembling metal planet or earth-like planet - you better do it.
    Another thing - the more you strip your ship - the farther it will jump. I removed my guns and shields - it wasn't that dangerous, besides your insurance will cost almost nothing when your ship has just a bare minimum.

    I'm still looking for a communist system with High-Tech economy, but it seems like it might be in undiscovered system (the one you can't open it's System Map until you fly there). I did find a few communist systems with interesting descriptions though (check out VARGERSON, TOMAS, MARDUK and BALTAH'SINE). First i'm going to visit BALTAH'SINE - will report here with my findings and screenshots.

    By the way, Tilen, what is the size of default hauler's cargo-hold? Because I had 8ton Sidewinder (2*4t racks, I had to discard my shields for one of it)

    UPD: Just found a High-Tech Independent Communist system - Tamor - it means that there are probably more.

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