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Thread: David Braben will answer your questions at 4PM GMT/UTC

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    Hi David!!

    will be possible to transfer credits to another player? for example, to pay a fine or a safe ...

    Greetings !!

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    Highly appreciate the presence and your time, Mr Braben.

    Could you share any information on the dynamic background simulation and how exactly player actions influence the world?

    Many thanks...

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    What is the future for the 'game extras' section of the store?

    Can you, for example, guarantee that the selling of in-game items will be limited to cosmetic items only, or can we expect to see, e.g., ships, weapons, missions sold for cash in the future?

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    Hi Mr David, there is some plan for selling scale models of different ships? if so we can wait for the release? would be a very good Christmas gift. thank you very much.

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    Please - no posts that take up the whole screen !

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    Are we going to see the individual contacts that were outlined in the DDF stages, or will the game be sticking with the current general faction standing?

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    Hi David,

    I'd like to expand a bit my original question and hopefully this gains more traction.. Elite Dangerous developed indefinitely or finite timeline and on to Elite 5? In other words how far can you see the Cobra engine being developed before needing a replacement and will the replacement be the basis for Elite 5?

    I know a lot of people are wondering about this too..

    Again thanks for the great memories!!!

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    Originally Posted by Chalito View Post (Source)
    I like to play the old Elite games from time to time, and I was hoping I could do the same with E for years to come even after eventually the servers go down by whatever reason.
    Even if FD could make a statement promising to release the server code (or even a binary) to the public in the event of the servers going down indefinitely for any reason, that would be good enough for many of us! Is that even worth hoping for?

    Having said all this, thanks for taking the time to talk to us and thanks for making the game possible at all!


    We have no intention of taking the servers down, but I understand what you are getting at. We plan to archive the game from time to time (ie matching client and servers and game world state), and would release such an archive if the servers were to come down. That would also address the issue of how you preserve an online game for the future, from the whole 'retro' perspective.

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    What quarter do you expect the first DLC to ship?

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    Originally Posted by David Braben View Post (Source)
    Why is the offline (as opposed to single player, which I understand) mode so important to you?
    For me personally it's not about the multiplayer - but about SAVE GAMES.

    Roguelike / 1-shot play is fine for some games, but not long term rpg sims. Imagine spending weeks building up something and then crashing during docking or a glitch / drop in connection / PC crash and losing everything? No save game to go back on...

    Also, if the game is so vast and to be played over many years...what happens when your servers go down? remember Gamespy?

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    You and Chris Roberts are my heroes!

    I don't have any game specific questions because I think you'll make an awesome game as you always do.

    I just wanted to say You and Chris Roberts are my programming heroes and good luck with the future of your games!

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    Hi David, would it be possible to have some small offline part of Elite Dangerous, like an unsupported demo, so that when the servers eventually go off, I will be able to show my grandchildren an aspect of the game and introduce them to the Milky Way via the Galactic map? All the best.

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    Sorry for the repeat question but it does not seem to have been answered:

    When exactly was the decision made to pull the offline mode?

    Or, if you wish:

    When was it known that it was impossible to provide an offline mode within your self-imposed timescale? I think we all know that the task was not impossible and that it is less a technical problem and more of a investment vs. reward decision.

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    Hi David

    Now the elephant in the room has been addressed can you please comment on planned and or implemented improvements in the forthcoming beta and gamma, specifically the stuttering near planets, in game comms and netcode.


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    Hi David,

    Thanks for taking the time to pop into the forums Just wish I had had the chance to meet you when I came in for an interview back in 2012!

    How soon after launch will we start seeing the Thargoids make an appearance? Any tidbits on what that interaction might be?