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  • (1) - Frank

    2 9.52%
  • (2) - Bikky

    0 0%
  • (3) - T.j

    0 0%
  • (4) - Darren Grey

    0 0%
  • (5) - psykokow

    6 28.57%
  • (6) - Cathy

    7 33.33%
  • (7) - Scorpio

    4 19.05%
  • (8) - Ian Phillips

    0 0%
  • (9) - insanephoton

    2 9.52%
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Thread: Abraka Drabble: The Weightless Poll

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    Abraka Drabble: The Weightless Poll

    It's a stunning collection of great Drabbles. It's going to be hard for me to choose. I shall be locking myself in a cupboard with my netbook and a bottle of whisky to help me decide.

    You might find it difficult to choose as well, but please do vote. When there's less people around on this site your vote really does count. And I mean that most sincerely folks.

    I'll keep the poll going over several days to try to gather as many mouse clicks as possible.

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    (1) - Frank

    Free Fall

    Frank shrugged his shoulders when the capsule eventually ran out of fuel. He was a real spaceman, surgically altered when young to cope with Zero G. But he still enjoyed playing with microgravity.

    He now had nothing better to do. He took out three pairs of balls, each pair connected by a length of string. He got his balls orbiting each other in strange intricate paths.

    He knew that the rotating balls weren't really floating in front of his eyes. Well! It all depends on your frame of reference. The capsule was silently plummeting towards the surface of a moon.


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    (2) - Bikky

    Oh balls

    A ship gently drifted through the cosmos. Drifting along, on the interstellar winds. The inhabitants of the craft however weren’t enjoying the experience of floating completely free.

    ‘I warned you last time.’


    ‘Sorry’s no good now is it? You incompetent twerp.’ The captain fumed

    There was a Fzzz-Crackle-pop as sparks flew everywhere, the popping still echoing around the hull. The air was getting stale from lack of life support systems.

    ‘Hopefully that distress beacon still works and someone will come, We’ve only got about twenty hours. Those vacuum toilets only work when you sit down…. Now there’s **** EVERYWHERE.”


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    (3) - T.j

    ‘Wait! I cried.’






    Ash looked at me with an amused look ‘I said strap in.’ She pulled me from the floating junk I was wedged in.

    ‘It take’s time to get used to zeroG, it’s disorientating, if its difficult try these’ she indicated to her boots the words Vacboot on them.

    ‘No, I’m fine.’ I nonchalantly replied bobbing upside-down, with an evil look. ‘I screamed that I couldn’t find the button to strap myself in.

    ‘No harm done.’ My stare burned. She walked to her seat laughing, a sucking sound from each lifted foot.


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    (4) - Darren Grey

    On the run...

    Jochen screamed in agony. His stomach felt like imploding, and the rocking beneath the Viper’s fire was helping none. He steered right whilst gripping his abdomen, panting desperately.

    “Surrender or die!” barked the police. The latter seemed tempting right now. But he’d survived this long, and his hyperdrive was near charged.

    Pain lanced his stomach again - punishment for his desperate existence. What a mistake that stolen meal had been!

    The drive charged and Jochen zapped away. Safety! But the relief betrayed him and liquid gushed out through the cockpit.

    He cried. There’s nothing worse than diarrhoea in zero G.


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    (5) - psykokow

    Keep your eye's on the road

    Warpin* into the core systems is always a relief.. no more watchin* your backside, relax and concentrate on dockin* safely..

    'What happens when the station stops rotatin*? Do people just float about?
    Is there any event of this nature in history' he thou*ht to himself.
    'what if it spins too fast?? Do people end up stuck to the floor?'
    He had built up quite a brain storm now...
    'If it suddenly stopped spinnin*, would people be thrown into the air and stick?'
    'when it starts a*ain, would people splat into the walls?

    Suddenly Lave station received a new scorch mark.


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    (6) - Cathy

    Art and Death in Zero-G

    Flashes of brilliant orange and blood-red fire; alloys and polymer spinning away into a wild vacuum.

    It’s beautiful, really. That last hit was an artist. Fluid in its bright confusion, it delivered an impressionist’s dream.

    Inside our broken hull it’s no less bewitching: my blood orbits, the droplets coalescing. Pink shards of bone float before my glazing eyes.

    I can’t reach anything. I peel off a charred boot and throw it with all my faltering strength, hoping for some thrust to send me back to a bulkhead.

    It doesn’t work. I just spin gently.

    At least the view is pleasing.


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    (7) - Scorpio

    Death of a playboy

    The Hugh Hefner lounge was enormous. With a Cuban clamped between his teeth, Commander Otto sped through vacuum, close on the heels of Cleo the caramel colored pleasure droid. Cleo spun in the air like a cat,drove her long legs against the Moroccan love seat screwed to the floor, and shot towards the ceiling shrieking with laughter. Snatching vainly at the droids gold laminated bikini bottoms, Otto bounced of the signed portrait of Jackie Collins on the far wall and flew skyward. Slobbering at Cleo's magnificent bosom, Otto never saw the enormous air conditioning fan in the ceiling.


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    (8) - Ian Phillips

    Inertia rules

    Flame shoots from all corners of the ship as it skids past it's partner in their dance of death.

    An upside down flip then the ship twists gracefully as lasers flash against a background of stars, counterpoint to the thruster’s flame.

    Flash and thrust, rotate on an axis, accelerate, bow to each other as they pass, then spiral away only to return, each seeking to deliver one final kiss.

    A pirouette and more flame as a missile joins the dance for an instant, before a flaring ball swiftly fades. Kinetic fragments chop into the dance partner. Inertia rules in zero-G.


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    (9) - insanephoton


    The investigators noted that the victim's face was wet and there was a small puddle on the floor of the ship. The autopsy revealed that the victim had drowned and that he had taken sleeping pills.

    John sighed “I don't get it boss, how can someone drown on a spaceship?”

    Harry explained “ You forget that ships spend a lot of time at zero-g. Water stays in big globules, if you get one of those over your face and you don't push it away, you will drown. He was unconscious so couldn't save himself. Looks like we have a murder”.


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    Again lots of very good Drabbles!......I always try to look at the Drabbles without looking at the names, and was surprised to find i voted psykokow this time! although a close second was cathy.

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    my post is not as good anymore because Frank put all the g's back in...

    It was zero g before... now its not... *hangs head in shame*

    thanks for the vote all the same!! OOH if it is my turn for a theme... OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY!!!

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    Originally Posted by psykokow View Post (Source)
    my post is not as good anymore because Frank put all the g's back in...

    It was zero g before... now its not... *hangs head in shame*

    thanks for the vote all the same!! OOH if it is my turn for a theme... OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY!!!
    Should that be "ghangs head in shameg"? And there's me thinking I was doing you a favour. I guess I should've checked out everyone's Drabble beforehand instead of trying to get it done with a hangover.

    I'll replace with stars in the meantime, but just tell me if you would prefer those zeros you talked about in that PM.

    Thank god for the edit button.

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    Originally Posted by psykokow View Post (Source)
    my post is not as good anymore because Frank put all the g's back in...

    It was zero g before... now its not... *hangs head in shame*

    thanks for the vote all the same!! OOH if it is my turn for a theme... OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY!!!
    haha see what you done, that just makes it more clever!...i liked it because you ended up a scorch mark on the station while thinking to much, but the zero G thingy..very good!

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    'tis done Poor Otto

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