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Thread: Elite: Dangerous Slang Dictionary and creator.

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    Elite: Dangerous Slang Dictionary and creator.

    Update: Now being used on Galnet news, on youtube.

    Update: Thanks to everyone who has contributed. Keep up the good work.

    To save me a little work please put your entries in the following syntax.

    Entry: Definition. "Quote Usage." Alphabetical would be nice, but I'm just happy to recieve.


    I love words.

    We need a dictionary of terms in Elite Dangerous, particularly those coined specifically for E D.

    Feel free to add a new one you've heard or made up. Can't guarantee that it will become common parlance, but you never know...

    A few I've heard/made up. When I get more, I'll update the OP to fill them up. Maybe get a sticky, if we get lucky.


    Allegro: the act of starting an ecounter with a hearty boost and a quick turn.

    Alpha Damage: refers to a large burst of damage dealt before the defending party realizes he is in combat.


    Bait and Switch, To: watch a hostile ship increase their bounty status and engage when amount is worth the risk of engagement.

    Baking: Silent Running.

    Ballistic, to go : To turn Flight-Assist off and zero your throttle. (or to entirely lose all semblance of composure due to aggravation) "When Mike got his dome popped for the fourth time, he went F#$ing ballistic!" or "Jake always goes ballistic when he's running cold to get some hot stuff into the station."

    Basking : To zero your throttle when scooping, and slowly edging towards the maximum temperature zone your ship will tolerate while sipping up the solar juice. "He caught a kitten basking at Riedquat, lassoed it no sweat and had his lunchtime!"

    Belter: A miner, particularly an asteroid miner.

    Black Disco: The destruction of a ship in a station.

    Blinder: a pilot who prefers to destroy the targets sensors.

    Boarder: pilot specialized in doing missions through the mission board inside stations.

    Boil, to: To kill another ship and pilot. "The zits came out of nowhere and boiled him."

    Bouncy Bouncy: when exiting supercruise to a station and it exits you behind the station which you then hit at speed. "Dave, I had a big bouncy bouncy with the station in my type-7 last night, thankfully I'd fitted shields."

    Breeze, Breezer: A straight forward run. "Yeah, just come back from a Breezer. Some Mudturtle had left his wallet behind."

    Broadsword: The Federation Farragut Class Battlecruiser.

    Bronco: A surprisingly difficult to interdict pilot.

    Bubble, the: a 55-system sphere centred on Eranin that was a training ground for many of the current generation of pilots.

    Buck: a player or NPC with a bounty on

    Bucketeer: A pilot who habitually refuels at stars. Also a popular nickname for a financially mean person.

    Buzzer: A pilot who employs ECM a lot.


    Cashbomb: a torpedo[/QUOTE]

    Cash up, to: when the time comes to visit Imperial, Federation and Alliance systems to claim those bounties.

    Cattle Grid:: Alternative name for Toast Rack

    Cleaning the litter box: Surveying an unexplored 24 world system, only to find it entirely populated by asteroids. See Also: HIP 70324

    Clearing your Baffles: Aligning on a station and then rotating 90 degrees to re-align the other ships off your flight path. Ensuring nothing is coming up behind you to interdict you.

    Cloud (-er, -ing): a style of mining that involves cutting much ore free from the rock, and letting it drift out into open space for collection. -er: a miner who cloud mines. "That clouder better hurry up, or the ink's gonna claim the ore before he does."

    Coat: A Shield. "Shot at by a zit in Sol, had a thick coat on, but I got him down and popped him good."

    Cold Case: Dormant bounty

    Cold Embrace, to feel the: to have the canopy destroyed of your ship destroyed.

    Cold, to run: To fly with your vents (or gills) closed (silent running engaged) or to turn off almost all of your modules so that the heat output of your ship is very low. "Why didnt you find that mudder? He was running cold man!"

    Columbo, to: to go after 'just one more thing' before docking to redeem bounties, trade big, etc. Usual leads to ship destruction.

    'Conda: An abbreviation for the Anaconda similar to Sidey for Sidewinders.

    Cowpat: Lakon Type 9.

    Cramper: a pilot who keeps the trigger pressed, in order to continuously fire, rather than fire salvos.

    Crazy Ivan: Sudden change in direction by a ship that you are about to interdict.

    Cue Balling: Approaching unknown systems in supercruise and lining up orbital paths so that they can be all scanned with minimal movement of scaanner "I'm just cue balling this gas giant system and then I'm out of here..."


    Dagger: The Faulcon De-Lacy Anaconda.

    D'BOBE: One of the Creators of the Galaxy, worshipped widely.

    Delboy: A trader, particularly a small time one with a less than shining reputation. Is also independent.

    Dicted: being interdicted

    Die of Thirst, to: To run out of fuel mid flight, crashing out of SC to find all the systems have shut down and die 5 minutes later when the air runs out. An avoidable death since we have fuel scoops.

    Discoconda: An Anaconda fitted with beam weapons.

    Dock-blocked: To be denied docking access at an outpost by a pilot who has left his ship unattended on a pad or in a hangar.

    Dome, to pop a: To break the canopy of a spacecraft, triggering the countdown to being spaced. "Harry flew into the station with his frelling hair on fire last night, did he get his dome popped or something?

    Double Blue: Everything is fine. Comes from the blue indicators for distance and speed in Frameshift Space. "I've got a new ship, a million in the bank and I know a good trade route, so everything's Double Blue in my world, man."

    Dreg - an insult; bottom of the barrel. Commonly used by pirates, police and bounty hunters to taunt their victims.

    Dry Out, to: Pirate slang for not robbing the same victim too often. "I took out this big Python full of gold, let him dry out for a week and then took a big pile of weapons off him."

    Duckling: The Adder. Most likely based off the old Fairy Tale for children 'The Ugly Duckling that got eaten by a Tree Cat".


    Flag: Blip on the Scanner. "I had fourteen flags on my scanner and thirteen were security! I barely got out alive. Good job my Asp is an iron !

    Floater: A pilot that has had their thrusters shot to 0%, but faces no enemy destruction.

    Foghorn: Affectionate name for the discovery scanner.

    Freagle: An Eagle that some people win in a Pilot's raffle. Usually sold on.

    Freebooter: Disparagement toward criminals. Used almost exclusively by Police.

    Freewinder: the free sidewinder, bog standard beginner's ship given to successful students of the Pilot's Federation.

    Friendship Drive: Affectionate term for the Frameshift Drive. Some say the on-board computer declares "Friendship Drive charging..."


    Gang Bang Run: A trade run where you are interdicted often.

    Ganked: Being destroyed. With implications of overwhelming force being used.

    Go for a spin: Accidentally turn off thrusters in SC.

    Grill Liner, grill: Miner slang for gold; believed to be derived from 21st century fashion style of encasing one's teeth in solid gold. "This belter's hold is full of grill liner."


    Hatch Buster: a pirate who refrains to use hatch breaker limpets and shoots the hatch open.

    Heart Failure: 1) The moment when you deploy weapons and the life support shuts down because the ship's heart (power supply) is too weak.
    2) Reaction of the pilot when it happens mid fight.

    Hotslotting: Speeding through The Slot.

    Hot Stuff: Anything considered illegal by the authorities in the space you are traversing. "If these rozzers keep catching me with a belly full of hot stuff I aint never gonna make no dime!"

    Hutton, to: To make a ridiculously long journey for no benefit, usually as a result of failing to read the map properly before setting out.


    Icarus Run: Being caught in the Sun's gravitational pull while scooping fuel. "I thought I would get a quick Solar Soup scoop before bringing her in to dock but of course I didn't check my trajectory or speed closely enough and it turned into an Icarus Run. All in all it ended up costing me twice as much in hull repair."

    Imp: An imperial ship or pilot.

    Impish: Pertaining to the Empire.

    Infected: When you have wanted status and are denied docking permission. When you clear your wanted status: "I, am no longer... infected."

    Ink, the: empty space, alternative to the Void.

    Iron : A tough ship. Matthews (2103) argues that this could be a corruption of Iron Horse.


    Jackal: to visit war zones, particularly to spectate. One who does so. See: War Tourist.

    Jameson: A rookie pilot. "Almost got toasted by a Jameson coming out of Lave station too fast. Lucky I was flying a sidey and could get out the way."

    Jim Beams, Jims: Gimballed Beam Lasers. Named, presumably, after the still popular drink.

    Jimmy: Jimmy Grimble - Gimbal.

    Jousting: fighting with newtonian flight model

    Juggler: A pilot who really needs to upgrade their power plant. "I had to juggle six modules just to get my friendship drive to work."

    J Jump: A intersystem jump, named after the key on the old keyboard piloting system that initiated such a jump.


    Kansas: A nickname for Sol. From the old saying based on The Wizard of Oz, "I guess we're not in Kansas anymore!"

    Kitten: A ship with no defenses or weapons. "I came across a kitten full of platinum! The drinks are on me!"


    Lag: A terrifying, many tentacled space monster that causes the entire universe to freeze in fear.

    Lag, A: A collective noun for a large group of pilots in one place. Derivation unknown.

    Lancing the Boil: Gathering a large group of friendly Commanders who can join in when your zit popping turns into one big boil too hot for you to handle on your own. "I was popping zits in Aulin when things got a bit hairy, luckily I had a few friendlies in the area and they helped to lance the boil before I was popped."

    Lasso: The FSD interdictor

    Lazy Tax: A bulletin board request offering a premium price for a product available for sale at the same station. "Boarders have it easy some times. Bunch of melon farmers just offered to pay a thousand percent lazy tax on some hydrogen fuel."

    Leaf in the wind, to be: to pilot very accurate in the thick of battle, circling a cap-ship and dodging it's defenses. Pilot death after encounter can occurr.

    Letter Box: Another term for The Slot

    Light(s): Unit of distance, short for Light Years. "It's sixty lights away - make sure you're packing a fuel-scoop".

    Lighter: a ship solemnly fitted with laser weaponry. See Pelleteer.

    Lineker, a/to: somebody that comes along and gets all the credit from a bounty you have been hitting for the last 10 minutes, they just hang around, one shot and get the credit. Derivation from 20th Century sport.

    Loop of Shame: Flying too fast past your destination and having to loop back on course (attributed to CMDR Shallowkai). See also: Tying the Knot

    Lunch box: the Lakon Type 6, see also Pancake.

    Lunchtime: an Ananconda with an 80,000CR bounty and no shields...[/QUOTE]


    Meep: To leave quickly. From the call of the roadrunner, Escapicus Speedicus.

    Melon Farmer: A groundling, a planet dweller. Nobody knows what a melon is. "Had to take this Melon Farmer in a suit to LV246. He wouldn't talk about it. Gave me the creeps."

    Milk, The: Another name for space. Probably ironic.

    Milk run: easy and unchallenging trading run producing almost certain (if meager) profit. "I've been doing the Sol - Barnard's Star milk run for a few days, I should be able to upgrade my FSD soon."

    Moon (-ing): To retreat, via Frame Shift Drive. Derived from a 20th century term, for the act of pulling down one's pants and showing his bare buttocks to their fellows. "Let's moon 'em!"

    Morgor Sleigh Ride: A name for avoiding being interdicted. Named after the anarchic system. "One does not simply fly into Morgor".

    Mosh Pit: The area of space around a system's Nav Beacon. Derivation unknown.

    Mousing: Toying with a disabled ship. A sign that the attacking pilot's mind is ticking when it should be tocking.

    Mucker: A miner. See also: Squirrel, Mucker, Digger, Weevil.

    Muckman: A miner.

    Mungo, to: the art of fighting victoriously against a much larger ship, like the animal of old earth hunted snakes for a living.


    Pancake: Lakon 9 spaceship, see also cowpat.

    Paint Sniffer: a pilot who prefers to get very close in combat situations. "Man that Eagle closed in on me, i thought he'd be a Paint Sniffer."

    Parallaxing: The act of using a fixed point on your ship, such as part of the windscreen, to see if a stellar body moves. "I found the second star by parallaxing on the side of my cockpit.

    Pelleteer: a ship solemnly fitted with multicannons or other projectile weapons.

    Pill, the: The area of space you can travel to, within your fuel allowance.

    Pinging: Using the discovery scanner. "I bounced around the system pinging for all I was worth but I couldn't find the second star."

    Plaid, going to: Approaching so fast in SC that by the time you turn round it feels you're almost as far away as when you started.

    Pop: To die. Believed to come from a popular fiction, unlike real life.

    Popping Zits: The act of creating a big disturbance in a given system until lots of Security turn up with the express purpose of wiping out as many if not all Security forces before fleeing the scene. "I aim to be popping some zits across a few systems today."

    Pregnant Whale: the imperial Majestic Class Interdictor. Also Whale.

    Promoted to General​: Marked for death. Attribution unknown, popular amongst high ranking Federal Navy pilots.

    Puck: 1: A small ship used as target practice by security forces. 2: A small annoying ship, possibly a mis-translation.

    Punch The Nose, To: To hit the enemy power unit module to cause ship destruction before ship hull structural integrity failure.

    Purps: Torpedoes in flight. See also "Purple Pill of Doom"


    Rabbit hole: Escape vector.

    Ramp, a: A useless person. Derives from the ramps that move up and down at every starport without reason or function.

    Reverse Cowboy: The act of jockeying back into position after a bad docking. Thought to have been named after [redacted].

    Rincewind, to: To make a fast paced getaway from danger.

    Ripping: Assaulting. "I ripped him coming out of Lave."

    Rock Licking: mining

    Roided: When you chase that 50% yield platinum ore and smash straight into the asteroid you were mining.

    Routinized: the cause for many deaths among veterans. "I was routinized, when i took a station to the canopy."

    Run Deep, To: Engage silent running

    Run up the Tab, To: rack up bounties.


    Scrappers: 1) Pilots specializing in salvage. 2) Aggressive Pilots

    Second(s): Shorthand for Light Seconds. "Sure, it's only 5.2 lights from (system) to (other system), but you've got 7,000 seconds of thumb-twiddling to the station from there."

    Selfie: to self destruct

    Shake 'n Bake: For the time when your T9 gets wedged in the Toast Rack for too long and the station decides to put you out of your misery.

    Sidey: Affectionate diminutive for Sidewinder.

    Sightseeing: The act of entering U.S.S. after U.S.S. in order to find a mark or loot.

    Sir Robin, A: A chance to fight again. "I was cornered by a gang of Krait, but I go flew into a asteroid field and Sir Robinned out". Derived from an ancient tale of the Brave Sir Robin, who ran away. See also: Rincewinding

    Six, on my: An attacker is on your tail. Chu (2965) thinks it derives from analogue clocks, but this seems fanciful.

    Slot, the: The opening through which spaceships can access to the Docking Pads inside Space Stations. Also known as the 'Letter Box'.

    Slotblocker: that Lacon Type 9 or other hefty ship who decided that just inside the Toast Rack is a lovely place to park.

    Snidewinder: A low level nuisance, usually a new player testing out his or her weapons on other new players. Usually becomes a Puck.

    Solar Soup: Free solar fuel.

    Solled, being: On visiting Sol, your family crowd round and insist you examine every planet, over and over, losing half your days credit income.

    Space Brick: Lakon Type 6. It looks like a brick, for goodness' sake. It's a Space Brick.

    Space Calf - Lakon Type 6 Transporter

    Space Cow: Lakon Type 9 Transport

    Spaced: To die because of a lack of oxygen. "I almost got spaced by a pirate when my canopy blew out. Time to upgrade my life support."

    Spacer: Space Commander ie Independent Space Trader, or Bounty Hunter etc.

    Spare Pants: Shield cells. "Man that 'conda is putting up a heavy barrage..." "Don't worry we got spare pants!"

    Spiked:/B] colliding with the spike in a space station.

    Sprint (-er, -ing): a style of mining that is very quick, that involves collecting freed ore as soon as it is cut from the asteroid. -er; a miner who sprint mines. "Bloody sprinter gonna get roided if he ain't careful."

    Squirrel: A miner

    Startwinder: The ship a pilot most often start their career with.

    Stoppie: The action performed when entering the letterbox without Docking Permission and the 30 second warning appears. Usually accompanied by screams of "AARGHHH! NO! NO!" and a silent prayer that there are no larger craft behind you. You could end up being Toast.

    Sunbather: A lazy fuelscooper sat at 0 throttle, ripe for interdiction.


    Tainted love: To use multiple shield cell banks to constantly boost shields. "I went up against a discoconda last night but i just boiled him up after giving my shields some tainted love"

    Toast, to: The act of destroying your craft by failing to fly safely into a station dock. Named after the Toast Rack, though alternative derivations are noted.

    Toast-rack: the wire frame construction outside The Slot.

    Train-Trap: A bigger trading ship (like Lakon 7) with nearly no cargo, used as bait to encourage pirates attacking it, so the police can let the trap snap.

    Transit Van: - Affectionate name for the Hauler craft. Named after the UK British name of a Ford Van.

    Trashcan: 1: A uss that contains only low value canisters. 2: A (pirate vernacular)trader carrying low value goods.

    Tying the knot: The act of doing a loop to decrease speed when close to a Frameshift target. Many a Loop of Shame has started out as a tying a knot manouevre.


    Utilitarian, Ute: a pilot who fits more than two kinds of weapons for flexibility in combat


    Vandamage, Van Slam: The act of taking damage from ship to ship collision.

    Void, the: The blackness of space. Generally used in "See you in The Void." as a friendly way of saying: See you out there...


    War Tourist: a person who is attracted by the conflicts in the galaxy and visits them to watch and/or partake in them. See also; jackal.

    Weevil: A miner

    Whale: Nickname for an Orca or any large ship. Also, Moby.

    Wiggle: saying hi to other Cmdr by wiggling wings also used to show no hostile intentions.

    A group of pilots working together

    Witchspace: The space you travel through when you travel between systems. Most people think it is 'another place', but if you ask ten people what that is, you'll get twenty answers.

    Wrangled: A successful interdiction/being interdicted.


    Zit: 1: A lot of security turning up, often making an unseemly yellow boil on your scanner. "I was just scooping up this Onionhead when a zit turned up, I turned tail and meeped out of there." 2: A law officer.

    Zenoglide: the act of traveling to a place in supercruise whilst decelerating, such that your time to target remains constant even as you get ever closer, usually 0.06 seconds. Named after an old Earth philosopher who outlined a paradox that a fast runner could never catch a slow runner to whom he had given a head start, as it would take time to make up the distance travelled in ever smaller amounts.

    Zoom and boom: The act of accidentally boosting into the walls of a space station or large ship.

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    - Jimmy Grimble - Gimbal.

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    Soon: Not now.

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    Originally Posted by StayFrosty View Post (Source)

    Soon: Not now.
    - Satire!

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    E = Elite: Dangerous failed.

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    Transit Van - Affectionate name for the Hauler craft. Named after the UK British name of a Ford Van.

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    Two kind-of in-lore slang words (think they appear in the FE2 manual) is 'spacer' and 'mudturtle'.

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    Space Cow : Lakon Type 9 Transport

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    Originally Posted by Defacto View Post (Source)
    Two kind-of in-lore slang words (think they appear in the FE2 manual) is 'spacer' and 'mudturtle'.
    I think I get what they are, could you explain in case I'm wrong?

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    Constrictor - when your flight suit pants are too tight under high G's

    Griefer - Any player that does anything to anyone at any time that means they say any words stronger than 'Jinkies'

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    Slot, the: The opening through which spaceships can access to the Docking Pads inside Space Stations
    Black, the: The empty vastness of space
    Harmless: Planet Earth. (NOTE: Soon to be updated to Mostly Harmless)

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    Wings - more than one player in a group?

    J Jump - hyperspace from one system to another

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    I'm in two minds to put words like 'griefer' in or just keep it Elite specific?

    Any thoughts, anyone?

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    Originally Posted by Anopheles View Post (Source)
    I'm in two minds to put words like 'griefer' in or just keep it Elite specific?

    Any thoughts, anyone?
    Mine was an Elite specific definition.

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    Well add “Ganked” I had to blooming look it up thats oh old school I am….when it was talked about. I was like “What!”

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