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Thread: Beta 3.91 change log

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    Beta 3.91 change log

    Hi everyone,

    Just to keep you on your toes - here's an update to Beta 3.9 called 3.91.

    See the full change log below.

    - Avoid crashing if neither the main texture nor the alt texture are usable, instead fallback to the same behaviour we would use if the main texture did not exist
    - Replaced a missing station prototype with one that exists
    - Survive the situation where fused text meshes (and other types) have more characters than the maximum. 4 "Paul-Friederichs Expedition Base Camp" station names fused together are too much for the current maximum
    - Prevent crash when in a location with no faction
    - Improve entry into first location could help with some peculiar connection issues
    - Fix crash opening UI panel using left shift
    - Made the the new freetrack protocol cope with missing functions in the dll. This should prevent the crash on startup some users are seeing
    - Reload all ammo no longer free
    - More consistent, and more frequent USSs
    - Don't allow child stars to be considered for mission variables
    - Fix "Missing faction for location polity" error win tutorial stations
    - Planet generation: Changed the way that the effects are loaded prevent connection loss is texture generation takes too long
    - Changed the star hotspots calculation to cope with the asynchronous behaviour of the effect loading
    - Fix AI ships not being able to fire gimballed multi-cannons
    - Fix the difference in repair costs due to not taking into account the faction relationship of the player for that station
    - Speculative fix for failure to set up a talk channel
    - Fixes for typos in mission branching
    - Fixed X55 binding file so it should work correctly
    - Focus now passed back to game after alt-tabbing
    - Increased the cool down for Frame Shifting to 40 seconds for all ships
    - Moved the blast shield animation into the pad raising state (added a delay on the small pad launch state so that the blast shield doesn't raise again straight away
    - Additional telemetry to help understand why some location entries take extended amounts of time
    - Fix broken pulse laser audio
    - Refactored special treatment of ship rtpcs when arriving from supercruise
    - Reduce unnecessary web traffic in interdictions
    - Some shadowing fixes
    - Remove Russian as a supported language. Because it's not a supported language yet
    - Adding some fixes for malformed newsfeed symbols
    - Bail out of application startup if there are no suitable display modes available

    Thanks again everyone, enjoy!


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    You guys and girls are doing a stunning job.

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    Awesome! Tons of updates rolling out, thanks developers and testers!

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    Keep 'em coming ... great stuff !!

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    Thanks ladies and gentlemen. Appreciate the work and the outcomes.

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    What no fix for the controllers not working, peddles and things.

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    thanks for the update. Keep the good work up.

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    Wow that was quick just logged on for the 1st time half way thro 1st mission and got your in game 10 min warning lol . Keep up the good work FD .
    Oh n looks amazing frm what I can tell in my 5 min testing

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    Thanks , when will this update be hitting the servers or its it an update to the patch notes ?

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    Amazing , like allways.

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    thanks for that

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    Thanks again!

    A fix for the controller issue would be appreciated though.

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    I assume this hasn't been rolled out yet? because I get no option to upgrade

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    I was hoping for more! 3.9 has been the worst patch for me so far, constantly getting micro freezes - never had that before - and the interdictions every 30 seconds are driving me up the wall...

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    Scratch that Upgrading now. Cheers FD

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