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  • (1) Frank: And That's Why I Don't Wear a Onesie

    1 6.67%
  • (2) Psykokow: Is it Cold in here?

    1 6.67%
  • (3) Cathy: The Onesie

    1 6.67%
  • (4) Bikky: On the Catwalk....

    0 0%
  • (5) Darren Grey: Getting old

    1 6.67%
  • (6) Ian Phillips: Protection

    2 13.33%
  • (7) Darren Grey: A New Order

    0 0%
  • (8) Frank : Some Pun-k With a Blaster

    0 0%
  • (9) The Lone Gunman: Snuggles

    8 53.33%
  • (10) insanephoton: Quick exit

    1 6.67%
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Thread: And that's why I wear a Onesie

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    And that's why I wear a Onesie

    This weeks drabble poll.

    Read carefully. Consider. Vote for me. That's all.

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    (1) Frank: And That's Why I Don't Wear a Onesie

    Psykokow finished his lengthy explaination with “...and that's why I wear this onesie!” Dave wasn't listening. He was wearing a standard space suit. RemLocks are fine for emergencies but why bother taking chances?

    Dave pulled the lever down to vent the atmosphere. The screaming started at the same time as the hiss of the escaping air.

    Pushing the lever back up stopped the venting and reinstated the air pressure as quickly as possible. That might stop someone from dying but it wouldn't stop their eyes bulging out of their heads and their sweat boiling through the pores of their skin.

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    (2)Psykokow: Is it Cold in here?

    It was dark in the hold, they had been losing power in dribs and drabs and the ship's core temperature had dropped to just above freezing point.

    Frank was pacing back and forth waving his arms and wheezing, his breath clouding around him and turning to ice droplets. His skin was turning slightly blue and the rescue team still hadn't arrived.

    At the back of the hold, the only part of the ship still intact a figure appears. All in black and eating an icelolly. The pink faced Psykokow smiles at Frank saying "and that's why I wear a onesie.."

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    (3) Cathy: The Onesie

    From his grey bunk Psykokow noted a grimy floor, fading graffiti, the arrogantly thin walls that sealed inmates from the vacuum outside: a federal lockup orbiting a desolate moon.

    Opposite sat his companion for the next twenty years. Thick fingers strummed a battered guitar. The pirate’s voice was as mournful as his prison garb was old. Bright orange had long faded to dirty brown. His song was a pitiful blend of space-blues and jailhouse lament – a rendition of deprived childhood and descent into crime, culminating in incarceration and the ultimate humiliation -

    "… And that’s why I wear this onesie!"

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    (4) Bikky: On the Catwalk....

    A line of slim, sexy women and muscular men, provocatively strut their stuff up and down the catwalk.

    ‘The latest styles of spacesuit from Channel number three thousand and five for your perusal.’ Came an announcement.

    ‘They're alright, but don’t look very comfortable.’ Came a whispering from behind.

    ‘One duz nut wear shennelle to be comfortable, One wears shannelle for se style, se sassiness.’ Was a whispered French voiced reply.

    The agent listening jumped onto stage, shoved a few models out of his way shouting, ‘For real protection against cold vacuum and real comfort, That’s why I wear this Onsie!’

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    (5) Darren Grey: Getting old

    You youngsters dunno goidshiiit ‘bout bein’ a TRUE spacer!

    Thrill o’ the fight, grippin' the controls and hollerin' at the durned shields t’ stay up whilst blastin’ them lasers. Fleeing from vipers an’ bein' ambushed by pirates, fightin’ through with barely a scrap o’ hull left.

    Yeah, I been round a long time I tell ya. Got me the scars to prove it! And some aches that just won’t go away.

    Ain’t easy gettin’ old, y’know. So much new tech, and here’s me fallin’ apart…

    And that’s why I wears this onesie, y’see! TRUE spacers need safety ‘gainst leaky bowels.

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    (6) Ian Phillips: Protection

    "It's down here."

    He lead the way down a long white corridor, an occasional door breaking the uniform smoothness of the walls.

    "We keep them together in a specially designed room. It helps to keep them in good condition.”

    He stopped.

    “Now look. It’s full of dottards having a communal delusion. Some of them act as if they are two people, some pretend to be multiple characters. They drool and slobber and throw snot and bleed everywhere. It’s disgusting and that’s why I wear this onesie. Watch yourself.”

    He opens the door.

    Susan and Frank look up from the bar.

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    (7) Darren Grey: A New Order

    Crowds thronged around the streets, pressing against each other, a sea of colour in their bright onesies.

    Down the main concourse marched thousands of soldiers, each in intimidating black one-piece uniforms.

    And at the central plaza, the capital of this powerful planet, high priests in their white onesie robes bowed before a huge golden throne. There sat a man wearing a silver onesie, glinting in the sunlight.

    He waved to his people, who erupted loudly. “We are one! We are one!” they chanted.

    Psykokow smiled to himself. “And that’s why I wear this onesie. He who rules onesie, rules allsie.”

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    (8) Frank : Some Pun-k With a Blaster

    A pianist plays "As Time Goes By" in a smoky bar. The dingy atmosphere and subdued lighting washes out all the colour. Everything appears black and white.

    James Cagney is unimpressed with the punk opposite him. Darth Frank pushes back his pinstriped Fedora by pushing up the front with the tip of his blaster "I'm the best fighter in the galaxy, see!

    I'm the best pilot too. I took part in a contest, and I got a badge for coming first, see!"

    He points at the solid gold number on his lapel "...And that's why I wear this One, see!"

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    (9) The Lone Gunman: Snuggles

    Explosions, funny lights sparkling in the ship, pirates I hear
    Mummy grabs me up, she says it’s a game what fun!

    Father says quickly to her, mummy hugs me and says I love you
    Am in the funny pod alone now, but I am four and very grown up!
    But I hope mummy comes back soon,

    I love hugs from mummy that’s why I wear this onesie
    She squeezes me tight when I wear it and sings me nice songs
    I see that other ship coming back

    That ship has a pretty light coming from it
    I hope its mummy

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    (10) insanephoton: Quick exit

    Julie wakes me in a panic “Alfie! wake up. You have to get out of here... It's my husband, he's back early from his meeting.

    I hear the door open and Fred's voice calls “Hi honey, I'm home”
    Another sound, footsteps down below “ Julie, babe are you there?”

    “I'm in the bedroom, darling. Come on up.”

    Time for me to go. I slip into my onesie and give Julie one last kiss. I hurry to the maintenance hatch and climb down the service duct. Sometimes you need to make a quick exit and that's why I wear this onesie.

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    Ian, could you do me a favour. I was checking through my drabbles to see if it was my drabble that was short. I don't own Microsoft Word and so I thought I might have gotten into one of those "when is one word not one word?" traps.

    Could you change "Cagney in unimpressed" to "Cagney is unimpressed"?

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    Originally Posted by Frank View Post (Source)
    ... I don't own Microsoft Word ...
    Open Office is your friend

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    Yep. It's Open Office I got installed on my systems. I take it there's no difference in the way its word count treats hyphens and contractions and whatever else makes those little differences?

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