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  • (1) Ian Phillips: The last place you look for help!

    0 0%
  • (2) psykokow: Fashion Concious

    0 0%
  • (3) The Lone Gunman: Enemy of the Federation

    1 6.25%
  • (4) Scorpio: Siren song (99 words)

    0 0%
  • (5) Frank: The Blues'n'Twos Blues

    2 12.50%
  • (6) Cathy: The Last Distress Call

    4 25.00%
  • (7) Bikky: Oh Crap!

    0 0%
  • (8) psykokow: Trapped in the Dark

    1 6.25%
  • (9) Ian Phillips: The Lure

    1 6.25%
  • (10) psykokow: Hey there Sonny!

    1 6.25%
  • (11) psykokow: Hey there sonny part 2

    1 6.25%
  • (12) insanephoton: Rescue crew

    0 0%
  • (13) Darren Grey: Betrayal

    3 18.75%
  • (14) Digital Duck: To Be Continued? (101 words)

    2 12.50%
  • (15) Ian Phillips: In distress

    0 0%
  • (16) El_tel: The last resort

    0 0%
  • (17) the Lone Gunmman: You either do or you don't.

    0 0%
  • (18) W4rSkull: The Grip

    0 0%
  • (19) insanephoton: Survivor

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Thread: The (Real) Distress Call poll.

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    The (Real) Distress Call poll.

    This is it. A very popular theme this week with 19 entries!

    If there is no clear winner, I will revert to toting up the vote per author to see if we can get a winner that way - we will see.

    As always - read carefully!

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    (1) Ian Phillips: The last place you look for help!

    The white haired guy over there is Frank, also known as Mr. "I love the smell of Napalm in the morning".

    Over by the juke box, with wings stapled to his nipples, is someone in disguise.

    That dark shadow over there in the corner is Alien.

    That suggestively moving patch in the private booth is Mark and Amber.

    Reighdar is over there propping up the bar.

    That's not everyone, but you are looking at the core of 'The TF team'.

    If you have a problem...if no one else can help...and if you can find them (sober)..maybe you can hire...The TF-Team.

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    (2) psykokow: Fashion Concious

    In the velvet darkness, shots of light flash from little dots.. the glowing flashes are blinding and the noises are like a thousand clacks.
    It is hard to see where I am going but I just don't feel right.. five minutes ago I was pushed out here and not by choice.

    My onesie isn't sitting right and I fear everything is going wrong... the flashes intensify and I hear a sudden rush of air..

    My onesies dissapeared, flashes illuminate my naked rippled body, it had been ripped off by the fashion designer... no no... wear this dress on the catwalk.

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    (3) The Lone Gunman: Enemy of the Federation

    The distress call made, likewise by the enemy
    A ship responding, but who’s?

    The fighting was finished, Damaged Done
    Vessels no weapons, no Engines

    She could see the Federation pilot clearly, as they her
    Hatred on the face of the enemy pilot

    Their peoples at war, ideology alien to each
    Stranded with her mortal enemy

    Both knew one would live, one would die
    The ship arrives! she is pulled in by her people’s ship

    The Federation pilot makes a gesture across their chest like a cross, and then slowly closes their eyes, Evaporation!

    She doesn't understand, for she is Thargoid!

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    (4) Scorpio: Siren song (99 words)

    The Thargoid withdrew its proboscis from Commander Lucky Lindelofs ear with a pop. The body slid from the navigators chair onto the cold floor amongst the shards of the Vodka bottle. To the loud keening of the alert signal the Thargoids powerful thoracic limbs pulled its bulk into the chair and a spindly claw came forward and lightly touched the disable alarm and audio on icons.
    The cabin went silent,the transmit light came on, and a small orifice appeared in the Thargoids cranium beneath the cluster of black eyes.
    ' Please help me '
    said a husky,breathless, feminine voice.

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    (5) Frank: The Blues'n'Twos Blues

    The Cobra was surrounded by Police Vipers with their blue and red beacons flashing like some manic Christmas decoration.

    The cops had boarded the craft. “You should start the stirrer first on your pre-flight check. If your reaction mass isn't mixed properly your jets can be a bit... lumpy”

    Psykokow was red with embarrassment, “I thought the motor was going to explode!”

    The cop's battle to stifle his laughter was lost, “These old girls are sturdier than you think.”

    The stern faces of his younger colleagues showed they didn't find this so amusing. They joined the police to fight pirates.

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    (6) Cathy: The Last Distress Call

    When your shields no longer crackle, because there's no shield left.

    When auxiliaries won't hum, because there's no power left.

    When bulkheads cease to creak, because thrust is gone and you're past stress.

    And the cause - it's that hunter you couldn't out-run; that star you didn't give a wide berth; that burst of x-rays far away you didn't even know about.

    Families huddled in shelters once, listening for the emptiness seconds before death. And you in your small ship, systems spent, frozen in mute fear and knowledge, the moment you return to stardust...

    The last distress call is Silence.

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    (7) Bikky: Oh Crap!

    ‘This is great stoo.’

    ‘Ain’t it just.’

    ‘Just slow the turns I feel queasy.’

    ‘Hey, now don’cha go barfin’ all ower dadz baby. He’ll kill me if he ever finds out we bin for a spin in ‘er.’

    ‘Best be heading back, your fuels getting low.’

    ‘Nah worries, Dad always has spare, I just get it replaced when I dock.’

    Lave station acknowledges your distress call, you’re billed one thousand credits for needing a re-fuel at the mouth of the station.

    ‘Told you!’

    ‘He’s just had new engines installed, how was I to know he’d not added extra fuel yet!’

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    (8) psykokow: Trapped in the Dark

    “This is Minerva emergency helpline how may we assist you?”


    “Im sorry we can't understand you can you repeat?”


    “This line is for emergencies only.. it's an offence to tie up our lines.”

    'Mmmf mmfffmffm mfmfff!!!!!!!!'

    “Im sorry sir, we have notified the security services in your area...they will be round shortly to process your fine.”


    “ Sorry sir, we gave you a chance.. have a nice day and thank you for calling Minerva's emergency helpline.”

    In Sector 4 private residencies.

    “Officer requesting backup, some eedjit has his onesie on upside down and is trapped.”

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    (9) Ian Phillips: The Lure

    “This looks to be a good one. Look at that crater. Deep enough to put a mining rig in. High walls to hide it. We’re far enough away from normal shipping lanes that we won’t be found by chance.”

    The ship settled into the crater and fired anchors into the asteroid’s rock, dust spraying out from the impact sites. Then the wires to the anchors tightened and the ship was drawn into the crater.

    “OK lads, lets get to work.“

    The crew busied themselves with their well rehearsed preparations and soon everything was ready.

    “Right, send out the distress call”

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    (10) psykokow: Hey there Sonny!

    Her long flowing blonde hair was matted with salty sweat, it ran down her forehead dripping from her eyebrows onto the console.. hissing as it hit.
    She knew she was in trouble when the fuel scoop bounced off the cockpit window... minutes later and the engines powered down as the last hope for escape left them in a short blast hoping to get her clear...

    The lights on the console flickered and died, the alarms slowly fading to silence as all power failed... the heat was unbearable... but it wouldn't be much longer till she wouldn't feel it any more..

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    (11) psykokow: Hey there sonny part 2

    Her stomach grumbled as the sweet scent of her slowly cooking flesh filled the air... she had planned a meal with her husband back in McThargoids... she hoped he would understand, this was THE trip to help them move up in the world.

    She closed her eyes and said a little prayer... she waited for the pain to pass. but it didn't. Her arm seared with pain as if clamped in a vice... she opened her eyes..

    Through the steamy haze was a shadow pulling at her arm, it spoke

    'Hold on, I'm going to get you out of here.'

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    (12) insanephoton: Rescue crew

    Every call out is different. This time we're towing back some rookie that forgot to fill up with fuel. A nice simple job with a happy ending. Better than the last one.

    We pulled some kid out of a wrecked Cobra. She was maybe fourteen, she just manged to get a remlock on in time. She was the only survivor of the pirate attack. The rest of her family were all killed when the ship was destroyed. Physically she's ok, just minor injuries. Mentally? Emotionally? Who knows? I'm just glad I wasn't the one to tell her about her folks.

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    (13) Darren Grey: Betrayal

    The comms bleep the urgent tones of an SOS. Guess I should check it out... I arm my lasers.

    Y’see on the frontiers, you hear a distress call you don’t know if you’ll end up saviour or sucker. I always go in guns ready.

    It’s a wrecked Tiger, hull spilling cargo. Looks like she misjumped into some asteroids. I hail her.

    “Help! I’m trapped in here! Please, save me!”

    Ah, how pitiful. I send a reassuring message and steer into docking position, charging my pistol with a grin.

    Yup, y’see on the frontiers there ain’t so many saviours. Just suckers...

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    (14) Digital Duck: To Be Continued? (101 words)

    “Commander, what's the nature of your emergency?”

    Commander Quack had fired a distress beacon in a brief moment of panic; now he needed to explain his actions.

    “You see, I'm writing a Drabble–”

    “A DRABBLE!? That's no reason to make a distress call!” the voice replied. Quack didn't really know who he was talking to or even how these things work, and it’s reflected in his writing.

    “I know, it's just that... I always fill up the Drabble with too much conversation and before I know it I can't bring it to a sensible conclusion because I've run out of

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