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  • (01) Darren Grey - Material Value

    2 11.76%
  • (02) Bikky - And the Contrabandista

    1 5.88%
  • (03) Cathy - Loophole

    8 47.06%
  • (04) psykokow - Overloaden Cargo

    2 11.76%
  • (05) Ian Phillips - A matter of definition

    3 17.65%
  • (06) Scorpio - the thing

    1 5.88%
  • (07) Frank - Personal Allowance

    5 29.41%
  • (08) Listeri69 - A wail of a time

    0 0%
  • (09) insanephoton - Sweet deal

    7 41.18%
  • (10) psykokow - In a Tight Squeeze

    4 23.53%
  • (11) Scorpio - The box

    0 0%
  • (12) Corinthian - Double Smuggle

    5 29.41%
  • (13) The Lone Gunman - The last time

    7 41.18%
  • (14) The Lone Gunman - Two sides to every story

    3 17.65%
  • (15) Ian Phillips - Quick and silent

    1 5.88%
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Thread: Abraka Drabble: The Contraband Poll

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    Abraka Drabble: The Contraband Poll

    It's that time of the week when you get to vote on the Drabbles. For a bit of a change, multiple votes have been allowed but you're honour bound to vote for just three.

    So there they are above. Vote early... vote often!

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    (01) Darren Grey - Material Value

    “The hell you mean it ain’t legal?”

    “Sorry sir, but our laws are different out here. This is strictly forbidden.”

    “But I paid good money for this! What you expect me to do, just space it?”

    “Not my problem, sir. But it’s prohibited from this station. And dumping anywhere nearby will incur a fine.”

    “Screwed either way then! Hell, you’re heartless treating a poor trader like that!”

    “I’m just following the rules. Good day, sir...”

    “Yeah, yeah...”

    He peered at the small figure sleeping in the crate. “Well kid, guess we’ll have to take you out to see the stars...”


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    (02) Bikky - And the Contrabandista

    ‘Hey gringo, where’s sthe extras?’
    ‘Hold ya horses man it’s coming.’
    ‘You wanna be watchin’, don’ ya go callin’ me ponies or sthees won’ get sthrou.’
    ‘It takes time to power down that ship so there’s no heat signatures, or we’ll be traced.’
    ‘You and sthees hi-tech gizmos, yain’t got sthe nounce, tech can’t track me an me ponies, yea need eyes and ears and nose to follow me and me ponies.’
    ‘My hi-tech gizmos are what gives you yer money by smuggling these extras.’
    ‘jis get eet loaded gringo.’
    ‘Done. What’s your name anyway?’
    ‘Sthey jest call me Contrabandista!’


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    (03) Cathy - Loophole

    Luna knew the game was up when her face hit the station floor. Boots scuffed beside her right ear.

    "You’re under arrest."

    So close. She'd evaded the viper patrol and the port's scan, but all it took was a rookie customs officer determined to impress his supervisor by searching every last case.

    "Hobnobs are prohibited."

    "Wait, sir," the rookie interrupted. "We have to let her go. These are chocolate covered."


    "It's the powdered skimmed milk content. There's cowpox planet-side, and a temporary exemption for all dairy product imports."

    Luna smirked at the supervisor's toes. Federation loopholes were the best.


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    (04) psykokow - Overloaden Cargo

    Sweat rushing down his back he looked panickly around the room...
    Cargo containers were conveying along through huge scanning machines and being loaded onto ships officials running around like ants.
    Their crisp uniforms, the glinting flashes of their ID badges as they caught the light from the system star as the port doors opened.

    The sweat stung his eyes, his shirt was saturated...'keep cool he thought to himself as a group of officials approached..

    'I hear you are the people to see about contraband?' said the rotund sweaty faced man.. 'I really need one fitted to lose this weight'


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    (05) Ian Phillips - A matter of definition

    "So where did you buy this consignment of, Uhhm, perfume Commander?"

    "From Lave. It's on the manifest. One container of 'Lave potion number nine'. Look what's the problem? It's listed as a luxury good. Why all the extra trouble over some Luxury goods?"

    "Well sir, that's just the problem. The designation isn't correct according to our systems."

    "But - it's perfume. It's a Luxury item. They aren't a problem in this system - I did check before coming here"

    "Yes, but that is exactly the point. The perfume is alcohol based and we have prohibition laws in our system. "


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    (06) Scorpio - the thing

    Zaonce traffic control granted permission to dock. Artfully concealed on that old ship, the bio canister thumped and trembled violently. Molecules degraded and assembled in new variations at a phenomenal rate as the Thing reacted to subtle changes in its environment and formed the perfect organism to thrive. For the past one hundred years in the ice bound bunker complex of Anthrax IX it had slept in the form of a Merlin rockfish, a tough little creature that could survive ultra low temperatures and high pressures. But in its long life it had absorbed a thousand species from a thousand worlds.


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    (07) Frank - Personal Allowance

    The Alliance Officials burst into Frank's cockpit. “I'm a miner. I sell rocks. That there alcohol's fer my own personal use”

    They look at him in disbelief. Nobody could drink THAT much, “We're the drug squad. We're just interested in drugs”

    Frank shrugs “It ain't somethin' I keep”. The drug squad huddle in conference giving Frank the occasional baleful glance.

    “We letting you off. It's a first offence and we can only charge you as a miner.”

    They drop a packet of white powder on the chair for Frank, “But you need to keep drugs on you at all times.”


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    (08) Listeri69 - A wail of a time

    I was about Nine O'clock when the wailing started,the noise impossible to bare

    The two looked guilty from the start standing by their boxes

    The security team burst into the room surrounding them

    They knew their time was up and they'd had a good run whilst it lasted

    Nobody was more shocked than the two they thought they had got away with it

    One of them had even tried a new identity for a while but the agents always catch them in the end

    Agent P and Alien your under arrest for Contraband music that's harmful to the ears........


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    (09) insanephoton - Sweet deal

    'Do you have my product?' I ask the pilot.

    'Do you have my money?' He replies.

    'Ready to be transferred, as soon as the goods are confirmed'. I show him the screen. He nods and unloads the container.

    I take a bag from the middle of the consignment for testing. I cut into the plastic bag and spoon a sample into the analyzer. The old ways are quicker and I rub some of the white crystals onto my tongue. The sensation of sweetness bursts on my tastebuds. The product is good. Pure sugar, the readout says. Illegal in this system.


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    (10) psykokow - In a Tight Squeeze

    The comms device shook as it burst into life....echoing throughout the cargo hold. It was the Pilot and Captain;
    “We're nearly at the checkpoint, have you hidden them yet?”
    The smuggler grabbed his communication device angrily
    “Not Yet! I told you we're on it...”
    “Well make sure you hide them well just like last time, no mistakes”
    “Yes Sir, We will do our best...”
    “DAMN IT! hurry up, that livestock could cost us a fortune in fines”
    “We ARE trying...”
    “Oh for goodness sake!! whats the bloody hold up?”

    “...its proving difficult squeezing the elephants up Franks ****”


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    (11) Scorpio - The box

    Lave stations Zanadu lounge reeked of Opium and oriental spice air freshener.
    Commander Schwartzer placed the Samsonite case on the coffee table and reclined back on one of the big crimson cushions. Grossman's long pale hands opened the case,delved inside, and pulled out a small filigreed box.
    ' This is a gate to another universe'
    he said,placing his finger on a strangely shaped icon, like a button on the boxes surface.
    ' A Universe of pure sensation and the pinnacles of pleasure and pain.
    I will soon begin a journey beyond anything you have experienced,Commander '.


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    (12) Corinthian - Double Smuggle

    As his colleague lead the slave trader away Officer Klasnic turned to the three shaking humans they had found hidden in the cargo.

    ‘You’re free to go. And don’t worry. He’ll get what’s coming to him.’

    He passed them five credits, wishing it could be more.

    The former slaves made their way to the bar on the station, empty save for a lone barman wiping the counter.

    Rummaging in their filthy loin cloths, the slaves produced a packet of white powder each and dropped them on the bar.

    ‘They never think to search the slaves,’ laughed the barman.


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    (13) The Lone Gunman - The last time

    No talking allowed, look straight ahead, board the ships

    My heart beats so fast as I catch a glimpse of her!
    My queue moves more slowly than hers, mine to a different ship

    No chance of touching one last time
    No chance of our fleeting fingers together, feeling, remembering

    The chains clank as everyone moves forward

    The frustration wells up, panic!
    "Just one last look please!" I cry only to myself

    There! She turns, finds my eyes directly
    She mouths quietly “love you husband”
    Through tears I smile weakly back “love you wife”

    Then gone
    “Hope my love, have hope”


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    (14) The Lone Gunman - Two sides to every story

    “Damn” thought jabokai taking these extreme activists to that other sector is hard!
    The other faction were on the lookout, one mistake and these guys were toast

    Killing their opponents on sight, including him if they know he harboured them

    Jabokai wasn’t bothered either way about anyone’s allegiances, as long as he got paid

    “Man these guys are jackasses” he moaned, he was almost tempted to jettison them the mood he was in

    No, other side were just as bad, get these PVE guys to a safe haven

    As long as he wasn't caught red handed by the PVP faction!


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