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  • (15) Darkoba: Payback

    1 6.67%
  • (16) Darren Grey: Fallen glory

    0 0%
  • (17) Darren Grey: A falling glory

    2 13.33%
  • (18) psykokow: Imperial Union

    2 13.33%
  • (19) Darren Grey: Happy and glorious

    1 6.67%
  • (20) psykokow: Good Advice

    3 20.00%
  • (21) Majere: Imperial Pensions

    1 6.67%
  • (22) synchromesh: Out of Retirement

    1 6.67%
  • (23) Listeri69: The Empires 'Guest'

    2 13.33%
  • (24) Gavthomas: Cargo

    4 26.67%
  • (25) Corinthian: Spaced Man

    3 20.00%
  • (26) Corinthian: Unimportant

    5 33.33%
  • (27) Rochester: Morning Star

    0 0%
  • (28) insanephoton: Team talk

    1 6.67%
  • (29) MadDogMurdock: Panel Beaters

    1 6.67%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: [DRABBLE] Poll 2. glory of the empire

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    [DRABBLE] Poll 2. glory of the empire

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    (15) Darkoba: Payback

    The damaged Federal trader limped towards the Imperial Cruiser. At five light minutes distance came the order.
    "Power down all systems except minimal life support!"
    Commander Dar'koba complied. As the tractor beam pulled his ship closer to the massive Cruiser, Dar'koba gazed lovingly at the hologram of his late wife.
    Selene had recently been taken as Imperial slave but then 'spaced' because of her uncooperative attitude.
    The trader was drawn within a kilometer; the Cruiser blotted out half the sky. Dar'koba flipped a switch.
    "You've powered up a system! Why?"
    "For the glory of the Empire."
    Dar'koba pressed the button.

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    (16) Darren Grey: Fallen glory

    I thought I was being honourable. There was purpose to my actions – reason, justice, loyalty. I was driven by what I felt was right!

    But I was wrong... And I’ve hurt so many people. I see that now, and the vision burns me.

    The cartridge charges, the smooth metal humming as if in anticipation. I know what I must do.

    Slowly, carefully, I place the barrel into my mouth, aimed upwards. I should be crying, lamenting, maybe afraid even, but I feel empty inside. I try to say the words, those precious words, but I cannot.

    I pull the trigger.

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    (17) Darren Grey: A falling glory

    We all have those moments. Moments of regret, instances that change our lives. In the brief split of a second you stare knowingly at what is happening yet you cannot change the fate that has been put in motion. That moment.

    I remember it so well... The Imperial princess before me, smiling happily. The candy colours of the ice cream parlour and her bright eyes looking into mine. And then, that moment, when my hand jerked and I toppled her knickerbocker glory all over her dress. That painful, terrible moment.

    At least I won’t live much longer to remember it.

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    (18) psykokow: Imperial Union

    He shook nervously as he waited, this was the key moment for the empire.. he couldn't afford any mistakes.

    Could he remember the correct words? It would be a total mess if he forgot them, even one mistake could result in tragedy.

    He sighed heavily..

    ...what was taking so long, something must be wrong, He couldn't take much more of this waiting...

    She approached, her face concealed.. she stopped in front of him and turned slowly.

    He took her hands smiling..

    Her grip tightened and she smiled back...

    'I take you as my wife, for the glory of the empire'

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    (19) Darren Grey: Happy and glorious

    Psykokow grinned ear to ear as he marched in time with his fellow Imperial soldiers. Around him were thousands of new military graduates just like him, all dressed in bright white uniforms that shone in the sunlight.

    Trumpets flared and men and women cheered them on from the crowds. His heart stirred with pride and glory. Finally he would get a chance to show his worth, to rise up the ranks and make his family proud! He was so happy this day had come.

    Little did he know it would be his last moment of happiness before the suicide mission.

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    (20) psykokow: Good Advice

    The bar was jumping and with Jinx on promotion there was going to be a lot of sore heads in the morning.
    Commander Simon stood proudly vomiting over himself... mocking the empire..
    'Fur da *hic* Glory *hic* uv de Empie'
    The crowd burst into jeering hysterics and chants as he urinated on the imperial logo...

    A solitary figure approached the commander stepping over the pool of urine and grabbing his arm.

    He whispered 'be careful what you say and do in these parts... this isn't federal space kid'

    Thane returned to his booth hopeful he may have saved a life.

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    (21) Majere: Imperial Pensions

    Achenar. He had earned this. Years of exploration, pushing beyond the frontier. It had been dangerous. He had killed.

    Climbing the steps of the administration building, his battle scarred body sagged from unaccustomed gravity.

    "I've come for my pension"

    A tear swelled from his sole, bloodshot eye. It was the end of an era.

    The clerk looked up slowly. "Of course Commander" he said, then striding over to intercept, "this way" as he motioned with his gloved hand.

    "We do appreciate everything you have done"

    A sharp stabbing pain as the world fell away

    "for the glory of the ..."

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    (22) synchromesh: Out of Retirement

    It had been nearly 14 years. So much had changed in the space lanes i wondered if i could get back in the seat. Apart from that could i even keep up with the competition.

    I pressed the button on the storage bay.. a clunk.. a hiss and fourteen years of dust blew out from under the door as it raised grinding and graunching against the sides of the station...

    My eyes slowly beheld a sight that had not seen the light of day in fourteen years and there it was...My old Cobra MKIII ..

    I had Returned once again.

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    (23) Listeri69: The Empires 'Guest'

    The Empires glory sure was sweet at the top, with his villa set in hundreds of acres of prime vines perfect for producing some of the finest wines in the galaxy. He sank lower into the warm pool as the slave girls massaged the knots out of his weary muscles. Quintus clapped his hands and the slave girls ran to dry him. Eating some of the locally grown dates on his way he was ready to recieve his guest...
    'By gods, what is this hideous creature you have brought before me.'

    'Hi, I am Psykokow and this is a onesie'

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    (24) Gavthomas: Cargo

    Relief, Walker was alive. The last thing he remembered was being fired upon by two, no wait, three ships… god knows where they came from.
    He had not a chance, though a seasoned trader he was ambushed and outnumbered.
    But safe now in his escape capsule, no doubt bound for Orerve, his last port of call.
    He longed to get back to his wife and two sons. Painfully, he stretched to look out of the window.
    Strangely dark and starless. He must rest now, so tired.

    Walker would not see Orerve again. He was no longer Commander Walker. Just cargo.

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    (25) Corinthian: Spaced Man

    Drungo leaned against the bar, his eyes scanning the room for clients. He never went to them, letting them come to him avoided awkward situations.

    A miner, who couldn’t be older than sixteen, came and stood next to him.

    ‘What you got?’

    ‘Everything my friend, everything,’ said Drungo, ‘I got Starjammers at five credits, Fireweed at twenty. Even got Supernova pills from the Disco system, they’ll blow your mind brother.’

    ‘Got anything stronger?’ asked the miner, involuntarily scratching needle marks on his arm.

    ‘Ah, yes,’ said Drungo noticing, ‘Well, it’s a hundred credits a syringe for Glory of the Empire.’

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    (26) Corinthian: Unimportant

    Baron Arcturis approached the Dukes desk, saluted, then passed him a dossier.

    ‘Reconnaissance images of the weapons factory we suspected existed on Birmingham world, Sir.’

    ‘Excellent work Baron, I see promotion in your future,’ smiled the Duke, ‘Which commander took these?’

    ‘Regrettably they were killed shortly after taking them.’

    ‘Oh well, for the glory of the Empire,’ said the Duke.

    ‘The glory of the Empire,’ replied Arcturis saluting.

    The Duke settled back in his chair.

    ‘What was the Commanders name out of interest?’

    ‘Name? Well, I’m sure I could get a clerk to find that out if it is important.’

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    (27) Rochester: Morning Star

    I stood on the bridge of the Morning Star; the hull outside was burning.
    The generation ships gravity drives had imploded and now her orbit and hull were in fast decay around the dark star.
    Jagged islands of metal floated away; looking too closely her crew could still be seen, waving not drowning.
    Liquid flames tore at the prow outside amidst them was Duncan; he’d survived the navy attack!
    A shard of guilt still bit at me for leading this attack.
    He may be a psychopath, but he had been my friend, the intercom buzzed..."so the prodigal son returns".

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    (28) insanephoton: Team talk

    'Okay lads, I know that you're tired, I know that the odds seem to be against us.
    But the other side is just as tired and they are scared of you.

    That's right, those Federation scum are scared of you. I know that you can do it. Show them what Imperial pride means.

    Achenar is watching, the Emperor is watching, the whole of the Empire is watching. You represent their only hope, their last chance. Do you really want to fail them? No! You cannot fail
    For the glory of the Empire. Get out there team and win the cup.'

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