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  • (01) psykokow: Easy Off

    2 13.33%
  • (02) Corinthian: Thirty five years (97 words)

    0 0%
  • (03 Listeri69: A Speech To The People

    1 6.67%
  • (04) Darren Grey: Beyond sin

    2 13.33%
  • (05) Frank: Out for a Duck

    4 26.67%
  • (06) Cathy: Lie Back and Think of Empire

    1 6.67%
  • (07) Frank: Jetsam

    2 13.33%
  • (08) psykokow: For The Emperor

    1 6.67%
  • (09) Listeri69: The Slaves Tale

    2 13.33%
  • (10) The Lone Gunman: Enslaved

    0 0%
  • (11) Bikky: Mis-understood

    1 6.67%
  • (12) The Lone Gunman: Last man standing!

    1 6.67%
  • (13) The Lone Gunman: A little naughty!

    1 6.67%
  • (14) Ian Phillips: Flags

    2 13.33%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: [DRABBLE] Poll 1. glory of the empire

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    [DRABBLE] Poll 1. glory of the empire

    Part one of this weeks poll. This one contains the first 14 drabbles. the second 15 are in the next poll.

    Please consider both polls and then use your 3 votes (total 3 votes - not 6)

    Edit: I may have made a mistake on this poll and not allowed multiple votes. Poll 2 is definitely mutiple votes.

    The link to the second part of the poll is here

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    (01) psykokow: Easy Off

    He unzipped her onesie, sliding the opening over her shoulders and softly pushing her backwards onto the bed. She lay there in silky lace edged underwear, flushed and chest heaving with anticipation

    He turned pulling his scarf off, unbuttoned his smart rigid uniform jacket and put it over the chair back. Next he took his waistcoat off, he unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it to the floor
    He unzipped his trousers, and unbuttoned them, and dropped them, his protective vest he ripped off passionately.

    Turning he called 'Are you ready for the glory of the Empire'.

    She had fallen asleep.

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    (02) Corinthian: Thirty five years (97 words)

    Thirty five years since my capture, since the ignominy and shame of failure.

    Thirty five years locked in a secret Federation prison.

    Thirty five years without seeing daylight, without hearing bird song.

    Thirty five years of torture, of electrodes and pliers, of knowing only pain.

    Thirty five years since I saw my wife, my new born son, my home.

    Thirty five years since I heard my own name spoken out loud.

    Thirty five years of defiance, of pride, of showing these Federation dogs what a real man is.

    Thirty five years for the glory of the Empire.

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    (03) Listeri69: A Speech To The People.........

    War cannot be left like a garage of spare parts.
    It must be shown to the galaxy again and again, with it we are growing, stronger each time.
    Without it's presence we would grow weak.
    If you think the battle hardiness of our people will keep for the times we need it most,
    you are mistaken, it's like any other part of the Empire, the strength coming from within.
    If we ignore it, fail to nurture it, fail to look after the parts, the garage will be empty when we need it most.
    Onward! for the glory of the Empire!!!

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    (04) Darren Grey: Beyond sin

    3 million people on the planet below. Their only sin? They happen to live next to a Federal base too well-defended to attack up close.

    I rest my finger on the trigger a moment, letting them go blissfully about their lives a few seconds longer. This is the only gift I can give them. For I do this not of hatred, but for the Empire.

    Is glory beyond sin, I wonder as I press the trigger. Or is this sin beyond glory?

    Ionising explosions rupture through the atmosphere in dancing lights of orange and violet. It is a glorious view.

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    (05) Frank: Out for a Duck

    Ian Bowlsem, the famous Zero-G cricketer, was not adverse to currying favour with the authorities. He saw the gifts he bought them as “just being friendly”, but he didn't seem too bothered about the friendship of the staff who couldn't pass judgement on his many transgressions.

    He arrived at the cricket hangar with a massive red box of chocolates in the shape of a heart, and a very expensive looking bouquet of roses. The spacekeeper stopped tending the air when he saw him. He frowned and pointed at the gifts, and so Ian explained “They're for Gloria the umpire.”

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    (06) Cathy: Lie Back and Think of Empire

    "You'll serve the glory of the Empire," they told him.

    Rocky has served plenty so far.

    The Federation Ambassador's wife is a sturdy lady with significant thighs. Rocky has known uglier - and obscure genders - although he didn't expect a second woman. Who knew she would bring her sister-in-law?

    The Ambassador's wife slips him a chip. Rocky slides it under his specially adapted thumbnail for safe-keeping. She'll soon be a widow.

    "So..." says the other, "now we've given you my brother's itinerary, what's our reward for such wanton betrayal?"

    Silent, Rocky opens his silver lamé robe.

    "Oh, glory hallelujah!"

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    (07) Frank: Jetsam

    The scavengers were aghast at the sight that awaited them on the other side of the bulkhead. Geriatric slaves and misshapen slaves. They had been thrown away in the manner that the Empire's Ambassador said “never happens”.

    It was hard to tell the living from the dead. But the cops had been called, and the Alliance crew did their best to comfort them while they waited for assistance. The victims weren't grateful. They didn't register any emotion.

    Jake failed to put the intended sarcasm into his voice. His words broke as he spoke them, “For the glory of the Empire.”

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    (08) psykokow: For The Emperor

    I looked over the top of the trench, it had been a number of minutes since the last flashes of fire and hate.
    I turned to the remains of my platoon... Sgt Seville, not much to look at.. reduced to a few shards of bone and mud, Private James.. my faithful friend.. now a hole ridden corpse.. my platoon was just blood, bones and soulless faces silently screaming for me to join them.
    I ran, darting towards the enemy unloading round after round at them until I stopped.. blood pouring from my mouth I fell... 'for the glory of the....'

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    (09) Listeri69: The Slaves Tale

    I knew the Empire. Poor and free as I am now. It was a long journey home from the moment the slavers snatched me.
    I was seven. The dress my mother made torn, my only comfort a 7 inch high toy I called sheepy.
    I still have him, battered and torn as my insides, it was near on twenty years before I escaped crouched in a freezing cargo hold.
    A greater man than me once said 'You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know', this is the Empires glory...

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    (10) The Lone Gunman: Enslaved

    Her former master was dying at the controls
    The slave moved him gentle to the floor

    Their ship was mortally wounded, shields down weapons out
    Federation ship closing in for kill, she had to do something

    Comms up, “my master is dying I have control of the ship”
    “Stand to” came the reply

    The slaves hand ignited their engines thrusters, full power!
    The Imperial Eagle was seconds from collision
    The Federation pilot’s looked on in horror

    The master looked up at her, hands touching
    His lover smiled, both spoke

    “For the glory of the Empire!”
    Sometimes love makes no sense

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    (11) Bikky: Mis-understood

    'You absolute TWONK!'

    'Eh? Wha?'

    'You fired the planet killer here.'

    'Yeah, I was supposed to.'

    'Don't be stupid.'

    'Did you not listen to that Federal agent? He was subtle in what he asked for.'

    'He wasn't a Fed, he was Imperial.'

    'You heard what he said as much as me, the way he hinted at the job to be done.'

    'Yeah I heard him, but I also HEARD him, we're in for it now, well you are.'

    'What do you mean you HEARD him?'

    'He's got a speech impediment, he said GLORY not "Phaor sa gory of sa hempire".'

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    (12) The Lone Gunman: Last man standing!

    It had been going on for several minutes now
    The fighting between the two rival agents had gone on longer than anyone had thought possible

    Agent Mark raised an arm defiantly, he was still standing!
    Agent Illu raised his arm in response, a swift short knockback, he was still standing!

    Others looked on in gasps, as they battled it out
    Brutal shots from both made them winch, eyes shocked

    Agent Mark attempted again, it was useless he fell!
    Agent Illu picked his last shot of Jinx up and downed in one

    “For the glory of the Empire!”
    He falls too!

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    (13) The Lone Gunman: A little naughty!

    A thousand Federation ships seem to be on fire as far as the eye could see
    The flotilla of small ships, the last line of defence had not held!

    Luxury liners, tug boats, refuelers blazed amongst the best the Federation navy had to offer

    The Emperor watched defiantly from his personal Cruiser “The Iron Fist”
    Fleets of small fighters swarmed the last of the Federation capital ships

    Meanwhile below, Sol was on fire,
    Projectiles hurtling down, millions killed

    Then he woke

    “just a dream” he sighs
    “Still a damn good one!” he observes, as his morning glory stands to attention!

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    (14) Ian Phillips: Flags

    The newbie stumbled and dropped his poles. Stooping, he picked up his load and caught back up to the other men walking towards the mound. Some carried boxes marked 'Ropes and tackle'. One carried shovels. They trudged on through the sand to the top.

    Once the flag poles were installed, the flags were hitched on and raised. Gaudy colours hung limp in the heat.

    He turned to an older man, “Why are we putting these flags up here? It’s completely deserted.”

    A jaundiced eye looked him over, “Why does a slave do anything? It's for the glory of the Empire.”

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