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  • 1 - Gavthomas - Mining Theft

    4 23.53%
  • 2 - Psykokow - Deep Core

    1 5.88%
  • 3 - Frank - And so it begins

    1 5.88%
  • 4 - Listeri - Mayday

    1 5.88%
  • 5 - Darren Grey - From a Rock I Dream of Stars

    3 17.65%
  • 6 - Darren Grey - Modern Methods

    5 29.41%
  • 7 - Cathy - Last Journal Entries

    6 35.29%
  • 8 - Bikky - Minors

    0 0%
  • 9 - Psykokow - Rare Find - Ian Phillips Dun This One

    2 11.76%
  • 10 - Insanephoton - Miner's Dreams

    2 11.76%
  • 11 - Psykokow - Stabler Market

    3 17.65%
  • 12 - MadDogMurdock - Motherlode

    1 5.88%
  • 13 - Mobius - Unknown Encounter (97 words)

    1 5.88%
  • 14 - The Lone Gunman - Stiletto killers!

    4 23.53%
  • 15 - Corinthian - Mining Rights

    7 41.18%
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Thread: Abraka Drabbles - Unofficial - Mining Poll

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    Abraka Drabbles - Unofficial - Mining Poll

    1 - Gavthomas

    Mining theft

    My name's Comdr Drank Frebbin, Leesti Police Squad. There had been a spate of female flashers at space station malls across the system. Unfortunately I was assigned to investigate mining thefts at local mineral outposts - I was shopping at the mall when the call came.

    "Describe the suspect?"
    "Moustache, 6 ft tall"
    "That's a big moustache"
    "No thanks, I ate at the mall."
    "Here's his number..."

    "...Hu Yu..."
    "I'm Drank Frebbin, Police Squad, but who are you?"
    "Hu Yu"
    "I'm Drank Frebbin... Look can I speak to your husband..."

    "...Herro, I'm Mai Ning"
    "Ah so you admit it!!!

    2 - Psykokow

    Deep Core

    He had to push on, if you want the really good stuff you gotta get in there deep..
    Suddenly he panicked, it was stuck fast..
    He wiggled it, he jiggled it but it did no good... this was going to get messy.. he needed help.

    He called for assistance and Minerva arrived promptly, backed up by two young medical students..

    'Prognosis'... asked Minerva
    The first Student looked giggled and spoke 'Stuck in deep mining position'
    The Second Student offered 'Too big a finger?'
    'Some Lube and a good hard pull...that should clear the nostril'
    Minerva smiled... 'very good'

    3 - Frank

    And so it begins

    So this is the great space adventure. Defeat Pirates. Meet sexy women. Fortunes made and lost at the whim of the market. A ting indicates that the asteroid has been suitably pulverised. He scoops up the minerals. More credits in his hold.

    His first encounter with a pirate hadn't went too well. He'd decided to build up some cash at a nice steady pace. He begins lasering another asteroid and resets his timer.

    It's a boring job, and he was tired of listening to Lave Radio. He cranes over to look at the bottle of Janx clipped to the wall.

    4 - Listeri


    Months have passed since we flew past the end of the frontier, outwards into the recently discovered worlds. our ship laden down with rigs, lasers and enough food to survive. Our destination is some obscure asteroid that's supposed to shine with its gold content it's a dirty soul destroying job all around but the rewards beyond the frontier are endless, the asteroid approches we land and set up the rig, suddenly a flash of laser, Pirates lots of pirates, waiting for us to finish mining and steal our ore, were trapped in this desolate world and this is a mayday......

    5 - Darren Grey

    From a Rock I Dream of Stars

    I carefully grip the heavy laser-drill with both hands. If it slips then it’ll likely bore through my legs instead of this blasted rock.

    There’s hundreds of us here, on a 2G world, laser-drilling for whatever metals we can find. And if we find anything the corp takes it all – we just get our basic wage. It’s a hard life, but it’s the only life we’ve got.

    I glance up as a Cobra flies overhead. What a life that would be, piloting a ship, out amongst the endless stars...

    But I’ve no time for dreaming. There’s mining to be done.

    6 - Darren Grey

    Modern Methods

    I’m drilling deep, going right to the core. There’s interceptors and blocks but I can get round those. It gets hot as you mine deeper, but I’m an experienced driller, I can take the heat.

    Databanks fly past, virtual resources ignored as I head for the real scoop. If I crack the key on this corporate server it’ll be the strike of a lifetime. Encryptions countered, protections blasted through as I reach the gleaming data deposit nestled inside. 100 million credits worth – not bad for a day’s drill.

    Welcome to 24th century mining, where data is more valuable than gold.

    7 - Cathy

    Last Journal Entries

    Day 1. Six hours since tunnel collapse. Five trapped. Carrie says comms unit beyond repair. Hopeful Manticor plc rescue imminent. Must be aware.

    Day 2. No sounds of excavation in shaft beyond collapse, but could be some distance. Air stale so digging in one hour shifts. Rationing water.

    3. Second collapse. Carrie buried presumed dead. Max injured.

    4. Draco dead - said giving Max water a waste. Lucy stabbed him for it.

    5. Lucy gave me last of water, says she doesn’t care now Max dead.

    6? think Lucy dead. dark, battery low

    very weak. love you mum dad sorry

    8 - Bikky

    Mining: Minors

    'Workin' on a chaingang.' The crew chanted 'hammer and an axe in hand.'
    'Would you listen to them.'
    'Workin' on a changing, try a make the boss a grand.'
    'Will you lot shut up? It's not like you're prisoners or slaves.'
    'Ok boss,' shouts one of the crew, but it feels like slave labour for what you pay us.'
    'You lot are all paid rather well, now stop twisting'
    'Was talkin gruff wi' the big boys last night an we ain't paid half what they's on for this diggin lark.'
    'You're all paid well for minors under sixteen years old.'

    9 - Psykokow


    This is the diary extract:
    'Rarity is the key. I orbited the planet for weeks, getting complete scans of the land, whilst storms chased across the continents. My new analysis programs have really nailed it! The diggers start tomorrow. Sweet Fortune, stay smiling.'

    We found the diary at an automatic mining site on an uninhabited planet. The analysis programs had put him right on the money. The diggers had worked for years and there were TONS of opals stockpiled. But Fortune had stopped smiling for him. He was eaten by something big.

    Bidding for the analysis program is now open.

    10 - Insanephoton

    Miner's dreams

    Some of us still dream of the mother lode, most of us just struggle to get by.

    There's nothing left worth mining in the core. Even on the frontier it's getting harder.

    The corporations out compete us independants. They can strip a system in months that would take us centuries. Their labour costs are low, minimum wage for most and the Imperials just use slaves.

    So we head out further, to the edge of the frontier and beyond. It's hard, dangerous work and you never know what you will find. Every time we head out, we hope 'Maybe this time?...'

    11 - Psykokow

    A Stabler Market

    The mining laser had been burning away for weeks and the cargo hold was filling up nicely.
    All this mineral is going to make him wonderfully rich...

    He calculated the profits.. 'I mine it for 3.52 credits per tonne and I sell it for 6.89 when the market peaks'.

    The Laser fizzled out, the hold was full..

    It took a week to be docked at Lave... Excitedly he skipped to the trading floor. Trading Supervisor John Stabler stood smiling smugly, 'I have some bad news for you commander...”.
    He punched John right in his face! 'I'll give you “markets crash” '.

    12 - MadDogMurdock

    Dust from a thousand novae, aswirl in the well of a protostar.

    Brownian chaos, systemic evolution where gravity is king and biggest is best.

    Speck by speck, dust gathers, and a thousand million billion pebbles spin in the vortex.

    A spark, a flash, ignition in the central core. The stellar wind sweeps all before it, leaving empty void between the rocky dregs.

    Accretion, collision, and fiery heat separate the earths from the gases, the common from the rare.

    Orbit stabilization and the chaff collects in Langrangian formation with the dominant gassy giant.

    Somewhere out there, the rarest find of all.

    13 - Mobius

    Unknown Encounter

    “Emergency systems online, Nav Computer Rebooting, Engines entering Safety restart protocol “ the Computer calmly voiced,

    “What! the hell was that?” the Commander looked up only to see a gigantic vessel just sitting a few hundred meters away doing nothing, the Commander was a little shaken by this sudden appearance and looked at the vessel and guessed that it had to be anywhere between 5 to 8 miles long by a couple of miles Wide.

    “Systems Online, Nav Online Engines Online” the Computer calmly voiced,

    just then the Vessel jumped into hyperspace, “ Computer! Track that vessel and pursue “

    14 - The Lone Gunman

    Stiletto killers!

    London, the great city lost to the ice for a thousand years
    Ten thousand of the hardest miners in the galaxy

    He was there, but the odd one out
    Chips of ice flung everywhere as pneumatic drills dug deep

    Magnificent fines happening all over, but the gold vine had still not been found
    Till yesterday! A bottle of Coco chanel

    Ferviously he kept drilling, there, there, the prize!
    He held them up high, the colour dazzled of them

    Jimmy choo shoes!

    Fred notice the eerie quiet

    Ten thousand female eyes cast an envious glance
    Suddenly Fred didn’t feel safe anymore!

    15 - Corinthian

    Mining Rights

    Commander Tom Watt stood uncomfortably in the mining rights office. The fake wood panelled room wasn’t his environment; he was at home hundreds of metres underground, mining precious metals, just him against the planet.

    Then his business partner Sarah Yaw decided he was getting too old, that he wasn’t mining enough metal each month and had tried to take his mine away from him. He would have been less angry if she hadn’t been his wife.

    The registrar coughed and looked up apologetically at Tom.

    ‘Well according to this marriage document and registration forms,’ he said, ‘Watt’s mine is Yaw’s.’

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    *bump* Thread ends tomorrow and we have a 3-way tie!

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    Brilliant! I say we lock'em in a room. The winner is the first one to escape.

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    Can we make it a room with no exits?

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    "Fire in the hole!"

    *dons miner's hat*

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    wonder if i can get 10 people to sign up to the forums, then they can all vote for me

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    Haha, brought us back to the same 3-way tie...
    Yep, i didn't really help!! hehe....hopefully someone else will vote by tomorrow, or its Rock Scissor Paper!

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    Ooh yon poet from Corinth has snuck out in front...

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    Congrats again Corinthian! very good drabble! now can you make it three in a row!?